About us

Applavia is an energetic and creative company. We are committed to building apps that will have positive impacts on people’s lives. We strive to improve our applications continuously so that our users will feel energy and happiness in the process of usage.
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Crafting beautiful apps for the next generation of creators.
Our talented designers make up 20% of the Applavia team,
and we’re involved in it all: from the very first ink drop in an
initial brainstorm session to the last pixel implementation of
a premium product.
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Transforming cutting-edge research into magical tools. We
build upon state-of-the-art academic ideas and use them to
deliver technology to our product teams, with results that
feel nothing short of magical to our users. From the classic
building blocks of image processing and computer
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Bringing brilliant ideas to life with elegant software. We’re a
combination of young & hungry developers and seasoned
engineers all working together to create premium, beautiful
software that amazes our users with its functionality, stability
and speed. We make magical things happen on mobile that
others simply don’t.
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Combining data & creative strategy to drive success. With
an eclectic team of performance analysts, content creators,
data scientists and software engineers, we integrate out-of-
the-box thinking with data-driven metrics to create
winning ad campaigns. We’ve even developed our own
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We’re business-minded and enjoy working on products lots
of people actually love using—that’s the surest way to
profits we know. It’s exceptionally exciting to know our
creations end up in the hands of millions of people all
around the world, and that our work matters to them.
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We’ll always pick the team over the individual, and we
embody the saying “One for all, and all for one.” We praise
generosity and we all take our share of the (few) painful,
boring tasks. We’re there for each other when the shit
hits the fan—inside and outside of work.