11 Best Free Weight Loss Tracker Apps for iPhone

11 best free weight loss tracker apps for iPhone

Who doesn’t like to own a perfect figure? I bet everyone does. But acquiring such a level of body perfection is not a cup of tea. It needs consistency, a good diet habit, and one of the best weight loss tracker apps available on the market.

There are plenty on the App Store when looking for the best weight loss tracker apps for iPhones. However, we can assure you that not all of them are up to the mark. We have solutions for you if you are determined to lose those ugly body carbs you have gained over time. This article gives you the 11 best free weight loss tracker apps for iPhone and features out their key functions.

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11 best free weight loss tracker apps for iPhone

We have carefully sieved out the 11 most effective apps that can track your diet and regular weight loss progress. These apps include proper diet suggestions, healthy water intake schedules, fasting, daily weight loss records, and other relevant features.

Here are our chosen free weight loss tracker apps that run on your iPhone

  • Fasting App – Weight Loss
  • YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker
  • Calories Counter & Calculator
  • WW Weight Watchers Reimagined
  • Lose It! – Calorie Counter
  • Dieta Melarossa
  • Happy Scale
  • My Diet Diary
  • Monitor Your Weight
  • Calorie Counter by FatSecret
  • Diet Recipes & Plans
Fasting App - Weight Loss-weight loss tracker apps for iPhone

Make way for probably one of the finest weight loss tracker apps on the App Store. The Fasting App – Weight Loss is an intermittent fasting tracker with a state-of-the-art UI design and intuitive functionalities. Get the best nutrition assistant that also provides a water drinking tracker. It produces precise reports and data charts for your weight loss programs. Forget the Keto diet or other extreme measures; set a customizable intermittent fasting schedule with this excellent app on iPhone.

Key Features

Sound Booster App
  • Plan custom fasting regime
  • Promotes intermittent fasting for a safer weight loss
  • Set weight loss targets through customizable diet plans
  • Get reminders of the start and end of your fasting
  • Scheduled water drinking tracker and reminders
  • Track your weight loss progress through intuitive reports
  • Visualize your fasting performance with graph-based reports
  • Set age, gender, and current bodyweight for precise weight loss fasting suggestions
YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker

With the YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker app, you can effectively manage a healthy food log, track your diet, and lose weight. With its dynamic range of functionalities, you can carry on fasting, track calorie intakes, and a steady weight loss process. You get various mouth-watering but healthy food recipes and meal plans, multiple fasting programs, and goal settings for weight loss features.

Key Features

  • Personalized weight loss program with diet logs
  • A list of healthy diet recipes which are customizable
  • A proper calorie, carbs, and protein tracker
  • Keep track of calorie diet, workout, and weight progress
  • Sync with health apps and other weight loss tracking apps
  • Assess and document your weight log on the in-app diary
Calories Counter & Calculator-weight loss tracker apps for iPhone

It is a diet app that analyzes your daily food routine and counts the food value. Along with these food evaluation functions, it also comes up with a database of over 4000 foods.  The app keeps regular track of your calorie intakes using HealthKit APIs and helps to bring down extra carbs. Thanks to the tips and recommendations that this app provides using its various algorithmic functions.

Key Features

  • Keep logs of your daily meal
  • Calculate food calories of your diet
  • Comes with a database containing over 4000 food items
  • Sync data other health and calorie counter apps and software
  • Integrates HealthKit APIs for counting diet calories precisely
  • Informs nutritional diet to help reduces your current body mass
WW WeightWatchers Reimagined

This is one of the iPhone’s best free weight loss tracker apps that provides the best-in-class weight loss programs. This app works on iPad, iPhone, and even Apple Watches. It is one of the best weight loss assisting app. Starting with the weight loss motivations, activity tracking, weight-reducing process, or 24/7 diet suggestions, this specialized app offers them all.

Key Features

  • Precise weight loss and calorie tracker features
  • Integrates SmartPoints® Budget and ZeroPoint™ for food lists
  • Supports multiple smart health wearables, including Apple Watch
  • Comes with a mammoth size of a food database
  • Comes with motivational programs, an activity tracking function
  • 24/7 suggestions from experts in the app community
Lose It! – Calorie Counter-weight loss tracker apps for iPhone

Lose It focus exclusively focuses on diet tracking and weight loss programs. If you seek a reliable and free weight loss tracker app for your iPhone, then this is it. This featured app brings you the right motivations and training programs for the easiest calorie-burning processes. It quickly identifies your food items for the meal and gives you suggestions and advice based on their nutritional value.

Key Features

  • Convenient food identifier using the integrated scanner
  • Integrates dedicated nutrition and calorie trackers
  • Most extensive food database in one app
  • App function sync options with popular health wearables
  • Sets up goals and challenges through various in-app activities
  • Provides tons of tutorials, guides, and resources to help you lose excess weight
Dieta Melarossa

Dieta Melarossa runs both on iPhone and iPad. It is a simple-to-use yet function-filled apps on the App Store. It is simple to use, yet you will get a list full of healthy recipes. This app is available for English, Italian and Spanish users only. Subsequently, you get a standard weight loss recorder, daily calorie intakes through diets and various other weight loss programs.

Key Features

  • Offers list of healthy Mediterranean food recipes
  • Calculate your BMI and measure daily calorie intakes
  • You can choose between an omnivorous and pure vegan diet
  • Gradually helps you learn to maintain a healthy diet every day
  • Alternative food menu to get rid of monotonous food habit
  • Schedules weight-loss progress reports and relevant suggestions
Happy Scale-weight loss tracker apps for iPhone

Another Weight loss tracker on our list that is specialized with lots of tables and records keeping capabilities. The happy scale will keep your diet and workout trends and deliver an accurate weight report every time. Expect effective suggestions, tips, and closer to accurate reports to supplement an ideal diet and workout regime.

Key Features

  • Elaborate reports for your diet and weight-loss progress
  • Understand the actual trend of your BMI and setup suggestive plans accordingly
  • Suggestions and tips for a true weight loss at the end of each week
  • Weight loss predictions based on health trends.
  • Successfully manage weight-loss goals
  • Effective and gradual weight improvement activities
My Diet Diary

This iPhone app exclusively offers you different food recipes that satisfy your test buds and are healthy. Whether looking for Mediterranean, protein, detox, or other healthy food, this application assists you in every way. It also counts your calories, ideal body weight, BMI and recommends diet plans accordingly.

Key Features

  • Daily diet plans that encourage weight loss
  • Choose alternative meals with the same food value
  • Calculate ideal weight and BMI
  • Calculate daily calorie intakes
  • Regular diet tips to improve your food habit
  • A Diet progress chart lets you monitor your weight loss progress
Monitor YourWeight-weight loss tracker apps for iPhone

It is an award-winning app with a simple function, showing weight loss progress against your diet habit. This motivates users to lose excess body fat by embracing a healthy diet plan daily. It also keeps in line with BMI calculators and integrates many other digital scales and wearable health kits.

Key Features

  • Track user profiles to monitor daily weight loss progresses
  • Monitors standard weight-loss rules based on your age, gender, current body weight, etc.
  • Enables you to sync with a wide range of smart wearables and digital scan apps
  • Accurate BMI and daily calorie counters
  • Overall weight loss calculator and record keeper
  • Export or share progressive records to other devices and Apple Health Apps
Calorie Counter by FatSecret

The last application on our list is the Calorie Counter by FatSecret. It is an easy-to-follow weight loss tracker app that runs on iPhone, iPad and even supports Apple Watches. The features include easy food dietary plans, daily weight tracker, health app and Fitbit integrations, the health community, and more.

Key Features

  • Maintain daily food dairy to keep the record
  • Daily diet and weight-loss tasks
  • Multiple health apps and wearables integrations
  • Daily health journal and scheduled weight tracker
  • Diet notifications and reminders
  • Share data with experts in the community for better advises
Diet Recipes & Plans-weight loss tracker apps for iPhone

Practice a healthy diet recipe with the Diet Recipes & Plans. It is an optimized app developed for iPhone and iPad users in the market. This application gives you customization scopes to set your daily diet with your food preferences and allergic reflexes. The extensive food list and recipes will positively impact maintaining healthy food regimes for weight loss missions.

Key Features

  • Customizable food recipes based on tests and allergic effects
  • Various diet plans and suggestions
  • Scheduled body weight progress after each planned session
  • BMI and body weight differentiation chart
  • Tons of healthy food recipes for better diet progress


When you have one of those weight loss tracker apps, managing body weight without hitting the gym is easy. We assure you that these apps offer medically approved advises and program that doesn’t put any ill effects on your overall health.

Besides excellent calorie-cutting apps like Fasting App – Weight Loss, you can also check out our other apps on this site that deal with your fitness and wellbeing.

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