AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery: Everything You Need to Know

Article By: Hess Brown - September 5, 2022, Last Modified: September 7, 2022
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Everyone keeps some critical data on their smartphones, whether it be some text, media, or files. While we use these smartphones to keep the data safe and readily available, sometimes we can be in a situation where we cannot access that or lose it. In such a case, you need some recovery software. You are lucky if you have an iPhone because AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery brings all the features you need. Whether you need to recover the lost data or you want a tool that offers the most accessible and most versatile experience, AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is the answer to all your questions. So, in this review, we will explore some of its most important things.


The User Interface of AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery


The best way to start with a software review is to discuss the user interface and the user experience offered by the software. When we talk about the interface you get here, there are discrete sections with all the user-interface elements strategically placed. Here you will always discover everything you need at hand. The first part of the process provides three options for data backup. In the next phase, the same left pane contains all the options for files and apps from where you can recover your data. The overall experience with its user interface is pretty straightforward, and the interface uses intuitive designing techniques for elements like buttons with text and logos for easier getting started.


Features and Functionalities You Get


Here you can expect a lot of features; most importantly, these features are rarely found in most other tools. So, listed below are the top 5 features you will enjoy while using the Fone Keeper.


Recover More Than 30 Types of Files From iOS Devices


You will come across many tools that offer data recovery from iOS devices. However, the unique thing about Fone Keeper is that it offers data recovery like no other tool. Here you can recover your data in more than 30 file types. It means that there will hardly be anything present on your iOS device that you will lose. From your camera roll images to the application files, media, audio, calendar files, contacts, voice memos, notes, browser files, and everything else, There is nothing you will miss out on when you recover data with Fone Keeper.


Works on Different iOS Devices


While most iOS recovery tools provide services for iPhone devices only, Fone Keeper focuses on all iOS devices. Thus, it works on iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices to help you recover all of your lost data. Some devices it supports are:

  • iPhone 13 series, XS, XR, and X
  • iPad Pro, Air, Mini
  • iPod Touch 6, 5, and many others.

Thus, it does not count which device you are on. As long as the tool supports your device, you will be safely able to recover all of your lost data.


Multiple Modes to Recover iOS Data


AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is not only about recovering your data from the device that is currently present with you. At the same time, it works on your available devices. It also supports data recovery in 2 other ways, which are helpful if you lost your device, got stoles, or were highly damaged. Listed below are the three main ways you can recover your data with Fone Keeper:

  • Data recovery from your iOS device that you currently have with you
  • Data recovery from the iTunes backup file that you made on your PC, and you have that present as an offline backup
  • Online backup recovery from iCloud is automatically created depending on your preferences.

This way, the chances of recovering most of your lost data are higher.


Get the Files of Your Device Back if Your Device is Stolen


If your iOS device was stolen and is not currently available, you can still use Fone Keeper to recover your data. A prerequisite for this condition is that you should have an offline or online backup made. In that case, you can use the iTunes or iCloud backup method available at Fone Keeper.


Works on Every PC


When you want to use Fone Keeper, you do not need to worry about your PC’s specifications. It works on Windows and Mac computers. In terms of hardware specifications, the minimum requirements are a 1GHz process with 1GB or ram, which is way less than what most PCs come today. In terms of its operating system support, it supports:

  • Windows: 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista
  • Mac OS X and above

How Easy AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is to Use


Interface makes using Fone Keeper from AceThinker pretty easy, but that’s only the first half. The remaining half is made easier with its simple procedure that only takes three steps for you to use its features. Below are the details of your journey from start to finish when you recover your data.


1. Device Connection


As you download and install the tool on your PC, you must connect your iOS device to the PC with a USB data cable. Just start the tool and connect your devices, and the tool will automatically detect your device, and you can proceed with the process.


2. Scanning and Preview


Next, you need to select your preferred files and data that you need to recover. The tool brings scanning and previewing features that bring up all the data you need to recover so you can quickly select and preview it to ensure that you get the correct data from your device.


3. File Recovery


After you are done with file selection, the last thing you need to do is recover, and you will get all the lost data recovered within a few seconds without any additional efforts from your end.


Final Remarks:


The overall experience with  AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is pretty straightforward, and there are no features that you will miss her. It offers quick data access and recovery from different ways like your device, online, and offline backups. With its support of a long list of iOS devices, it is a complete package for you to recover any lost data.

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