How to Add Audio to YouTube Videos on iPhone

Add audio to a youtube video on iPhone

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Without a piece of background music or a commentary, a YouTube video may feel unfinished. So, you need to know how to add audio to YouTube video on your iPhone. The best way to go on about this is using video editing apps that let you add music to your videos on the go.


Luckily for you, in this article, we’re going to discuss how to add voiceovers or background music to a YouTube video on iPhone. Here we’ve listed the three apps that we’re going to follow:

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  • Screen Recorder app.
  • Video Editor app.
  • iMovie app.

Learn how to add audio to YouTube video on iPhone with the Screen Recorder app

For shooting a clip for your YouTube channel, your iPhone is more than adequate. Before uploading your videos to YouTube, you must, however, make some changes.  For instance, if you’re shooting a documentary or a film, you would need to add commentaries and voiceovers.

What is the best way to add audio to YouTube video? By installing the Screen Recorder app for free on your iPhone from the App Store.

Screen Recorder is the best app for making reactions, walkthroughs, tutorials, and many more types of content. Which makes this app very popular among YouTube content makers. Though it’s a screen recording app, the Screen Recorder for iPhone has numerous additional features.


If you know how to make a reaction video or add commentaries, the Screen Recorder app is the best choice. The app also comes with its built-in video editing tool. So you can record your video on the Screen Recorder and edit them with its built-in video editor.

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Here’s how to add audio to YouTube video with the Screen Recorder app:

how to add audio for youtube videos- Screen Recorder app
  • Launch the Screen Recorder app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Commentary button from the bottom of the screen.
  • Select either My Recordings or Camera Roll for the location of your video clips.
  • To add your voiceovers to the video, tap the Record button once to begin recording and again to stop recording.
how to add audio for youtube videos- Screen Recorder app 02
  • Then tap Done.
  • Make any necessary edits to the video using the built-in Video Editor.
  • Tap Next and a built-in video editor section appears.
  • After that, tap Export.

After you have tapped on Export, you can then save or share your final video.

  • Tap Save to Camera Roll or Save to My Recordings for the location of your video.
  • Share your video with your peers on platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and many more.

Explore how to add audio to YouTube video on iPhone with the Video Editor app

For any YouTuber, it is essential to at least be familiar with one video editing apps. This will ensure you produce fine works regularly. Most YouTube trends and popular videos contain some form of songs in the background. So if you want an app to add music to your video, then look no further.


There are numerous video editing apps available for iPhone on the App Store. Finding the best video editing apps for iPhone can be a challenging task. Luckily for you, we know that the Video Editor app is the best among them.

Want to add audio to YouTube video on iPhone? Download the Free Video Editor app for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

Here’s how to add background music to YouTube video with the Video Editor app:

how to add background music to a video clip – Video Editor app
  • Open the Video Editor app on your iPhone.
  • Gallery, Camera, & Videos: The location of your video where you’d want to add your audio.
  • Tracks, iTunes Music & Record Audio: Choose one of the options to add background music or audio commentaries to your video.
  • Finally, tap on the Save icon.

Find out how to add audio to YouTube video on iPhone with the iMovie app

Another way to add sound to your YouTube video is using the iMovie app. It is Apple’s native video editing app with some useful features. Keep following the steps mentioned below on how to add background music to a video clip.

how to add song to a Youtube video on iPhone - iMovie 01
  • Open the iMovie app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Plus + button and select Movie.
  • Choose your video from the library, and tap Create Movie.
  • Then tap the Plus + icon and choose Audio. Or choose Voiceover to record your sound.
how to add song to a Youtube video on iPhone - iMovie 02
  • Under the Audio option, you can select Soundtracks, My Music, or Sound Effects.
  • Tap the music you’d want to add and select the Plus (+) icon next to the track.
  • On your project’s timeline, you could change the duration of the audio file, or make other changes.
  • Finally, tap Done to save your video.

In Short


We’ve shared with you a detailed process on how to add audio to YouTube video on iPhone with 3 different apps. Both Screen Recorder and Video Editor are professional apps with awesome video editing features. You could use these apps to create stunning videos for your YouTube channel.


If you’ve found this guide helpful and learning more about video editing, then check out how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone.

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