How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone

Article By: Minhaz H - October 5, 2021
How to add music to a video on iPhone

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To make your video interesting, you should definitely add background music. So if you’re wondering how to add music to a video on iPhone, then follow this guide. Here we’ve discussed two iPhone video editing apps that can add music to video. They are the Video Editor app and iMovie app.

Find out how to add music to a video on iPhone with the Video Editor app

You can easily shoot high-quality videos with your powerful iPhone camera. However, a video without background music or sound effects is very dull indeed. It is not just the video but also the music behind it, which makes a video amazing. So it is really important for your videos to have background music on them.


You need an iOS video editing app to add music to video. Most decent video editors have the features to add audio or commentaries to video.

Do you know how to add music to a video on iPhone? Download the Video Editor app on your iPhone and iPad for free from the App Store.

Though hundreds of video editing apps are available on the App Store, finding a good one can be a challenging task. Luckily for you, the Video Editor app is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone. Keep reading this section to learn how to add background music to a video clip on iPhone.

Here’s how to add music to a video on iPhone using the Video Editor app:

Add music to video on iPhone with the free Video Editor app
  • Launch the Video Editor app.
  • Gallery, Camera, or Videos: Find and select your video from any of these location.
  • Tap on ADD MUSIC.
  • Tracks, iTunes Music, and Record Audio: Select the location for the audio file you’d want to add.
  • In the editing section, add your song to the video. Adjust the volume and time intervals of the music to the video.
  • Once completed, tap on the Upload icon to save and share your video.

Discover how to add music to video on iPhone with the iMovie app

Another way to add sound to your video is with Apple’s very own video editor app called the iMovie. It is a decent video editing app with a fair amount of features, including adding music.


Keep reading this guide to find how to add music to a video with the iMovie app on iPhone. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select your video to add your music

Add music to videos with iMovie app 01
  • Launch the iMovie app on your iPhone.
  • Click on the Plus + symbol to start a new project and then tap on Movie. Or you could edit an existing video project.
  • Select the video or series of clips and tap Create Movie at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Adding background music to your iPhone video

Once you’ve tapped on Create Movie, an editing section appears. You may add audio to your iMovie clip two methods and these are:

Add pre-loaded theme tracks to your video:

Add music to videos with iMovie app 02
  • Tap on the Gear icon from the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • Then toggle on the Theme Soundtrack option and select from the half a dozen stock music from the THEME section.
  • Tap Done and once the music is added to the video, tap Done again to save and share your video.

Add your favorite songs instead of iMovie’s stock music:

Add music to videos with iMovie app 03
  • On the editing screen, tap on the Plus + icon.
  • Then select Audio and then tap My Music.
  • Locate and select the song you’d want to add to your video and tap the Plus (+) symbol.
  • Once the song has been added to your video, tap on the Done icon on the editing screen.
  • Your video is now saved on the iMovie projects section. Also, you can share your video with other apps.


In this guide, we’ve shared a step-by-step process on how to add music to a video on iPhone using two iPhone apps. The Video Editor app is a third-party video editing app, whereas iMovie is an iPhone native app.


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