How to Add Widgets on iPhone

Article By: Minhaz H - July 31, 2021
How to add widgets on iPhone

Before we begin

With the release of iOS 14, your iPhone home screen customization ideas are now a reality. So, suppose you’re wondering how to add widgets on iPhone. In that case, you can easily add default widgets on your iPhone, or you could try the Color Widget app for custom widgets.


In the past, the iPhone home screen was considered non-customizable. You couldn’t put widgets on your home screen. Now with iOS 14, you can customize your iPhone home screen with amazing widgets. Here is how to add widgets on the iOS 14 home screen of your iPhone.

How to add widgets on iPhone using the Color Widget app?

Your iPhone home display is no longer limited to a standard grid of square applications and app folders. You may replace the boring widgets of the past and add some color to your home screen.


It’s worth noting that adding widgets to the iPhone home screen is only available on devices that run iOS 14. So, you’re using iPhone 6s or later models. Then you can definitely add widgets. Additionally, if you’re still using an older version of iOS, then you should definitely update to the latest version of iOS 14 for customizing your home screen.


With an iPhone widget app, you can personalize your widgets on the iPhone home screen. You may make widgets for wallpaper, calendar, clock, and quotes with the Color Widgets app. You must first understand how to use widgets before starting to be creative and customizing the look of your iPhone’s main screen.


The Color Widget for iPhone app allows you to choose your custom iOS widgets directly from the app. Before we proceed on how to add widgets on iPhone, download the Color Widget app if you haven’t already.

Here’s how to add custom widgets to the iPhone home screen using the Color Widget app

how to add a widget | widget iPhone
  • Launch the Color Widget app on your iPhone.
  • Select the widget type you want to add, like calendar, clock, wallpaper, or quote.
  • Choose from the vast collection of widgets,
  • Then select the size of your chosen widget; it can be either small, medium, or large.
  • Finally, tap on Set Widget and then proceed to add it to your iPhone home screen.
how to add custom widgets ios 14| iPhone home screen ideas
  • Long-press on your iPhone screen until the apps appear to jiggle with a minus sign on it. It means you are now on the editing option.
  • In the top-right corner of your screen, tap on the (+) icon to pull up a list of widgets.
  • From this list, choose your widgets from the Color Widget app and tap Add Widget.
  • Once you have finished adding your widget, either tap anywhere on the screen or tap Done to exit the edit mode.

Here are the types of cool widgets offered by the Color Widget app

iPhone widget ideas | wallpaper, calendar, clock, and Quote widget

Wallpaper widget

The Color Widget app includes hundreds of iPhone home screen wallpaper widgets for your main display. Experiment with a large variety of widgets and choose the most aesthetically attractive designs of your preferred widget type. There are several options of high-resolution photos in categories such as nature, portrait, abstract, aesthetic, and much more available for you.

Calendar widget

Keeping track of everything on your schedule might be challenging at times. We all lead busy lives filled with social events, meetings, and work obligations. Add a beautiful daily calendar widget to your iPhone’s home screen. Choose from a variety of vivid calendars with a variety of theme packs, depending on your mood.

Clock Widget

Your iPhone already has clock widgets, but let’s be honest: they’re boring. With the capability of displaying time and date across various time zones, the Color Widget app has the best clock widget themes. You may select your beautiful digital clock from different style options to enhance the appearance of your iPhone display.

Quote Widget

The Color Widget app includes a daily quote widget, which is lovely to have on your iPhone. It’s essentially a motivating widget that allows you to choose between playing a random inspiring, relevant quotation on your home screen and viewing widgets on your lock screen. The widgets feature excerpts from renowned and important individuals, such as lines, quotes, and examples.

Learn how to add widgets on iPhone home screen in iOS 14

Even if you don’t want to use a third-party widget app, there are still many default widgets on your iPhone. The steps of adding these widgets are almost similar to the ones mentioned above. Here’s how to customize your iPhone with the new iOS home screen widgets.

Here’s how to add widgets on iPhone home screen from Today view

how to customize home screen ios 14 | widgets iPhone
  • Open the Today view by swiping right from your iPhone home screen.
  • Then tap and hold the widget you want to add to your home screen on your iPhone
  • Drag the widget from Today view to your home screen and release the widget in your desired position.

Here’s how to add new widgets to your iPhone home screen

how to add a widget to the home screen
  • Press and hold on the empty area of your screen until the apps are in the jiggly mode
  • Then tap on the + sign from the top-left corner of your iPhone screen
  • From the widgets that are presented to you, select your widget
  • Swipe right or left on the widget sizes to choose your desired size
  • Once you have selected all the options for your widget, then tap Add Widget.
  • The widget appears on your home screen; drag it to your desired location and tap Done.

Here’s how to add a widget to create a Smart Stack on your iPhone

A Smart Stack is a widget that is effectively made up of other widgets. It rotates the information it presents during the day to reveal the most helpful information.

how to edit home screen on ios 14| smart stack
  • Touch and hold onto a widget you want to add to a stack
  • Drag the widget to an existing Smart Stack and release it. Or drag the widget to another widget to create a new Smart Stack.

Here’s how to edit Smart Stack widgets

how to edit home screen on ios 14| edit smart stack
  • Long press on the Smart Stack widget until the context menu appears
  • Click on Edit Stack.
  • To alter the order of the content shown in the stack, press and drag the arrangement bars.
  • Swipe to the left to remove a content source from the stack.
  • Select Delete.
  • Toggle the switch next to Smart Rotate to turn it on or off.

Here’s how to remove widgets from the iPhone home screen Alt-text: how to edit widgets on an iphone| removing a widget
  • Long press on the widget you want to get rid of.
  • On the context menu that appears, tap on Remove Widget.
  • Then Tap Remove on the confirmation dialog box.

Closing remarks

Ever since iOS 14, Apple has opened the doors wide open for personalizing your iPhone. You may easily customize your home screen with fun widget ideas. Its amazing collection from various categories makes the Color Widget app the best choice for iPhone home screen customization.


If you want to further personalize your iPhone, you may also check out the Fontix and Live Wallpaper 3D apps. You can give your iPhone a unique makeover with these two applications and the Color Widget app.

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