How to amplify sound on iPhone: Play music and add sound effects on Equalizer Fx

Article By: admin - March 28, 2021
Amplify sound on iPhone

Featuring Equalizer Fx

Equalizer Fx for iPhone and iPad helps boost your phone’s loudspeaker performance and acts as a volume booster. It also works as an audio enhancer and essentially makes your iPhone speakers louder as well. Overall an intelligent sound configuring and bass boosting tool for iPhone that can amplify sound and enhance your music listening experience quite some folds.

Features This App Offer

Equalizer Fx is built exclusively for iPhone that delivers a remarkable music editor experience. This app comes with a simplified menu that categorizes all its core functionalities—starting with the explore menu at the beginning of this application. This container shows the music library stored in your device’s internal storage. Equalizer FX ingeniously classifies and showcases all your existing music in the repository.

A true song organizer

These are parked under distinct albums, genres, and artists. Next comes the explorer option. Here your favorite collection of music is listed in an organized manner; therefore, readily selecting your favorite track is now much convenient. This music player also offers an integrated drawer for downloaded songs that you have recently imported from cloud stores. On the other hand, the search icon is used when sorting a favorite number from a large volume of music tracks in your phone storage.

Functionalities You Can’t Miss.

amplify sound with audio visualizer

Cool Music Visualizers

The list of functionalities mentioned so far might sound typical, and it is admittable that you will find those in several other audio configuring apps. However, the real goodies lie here forth. Equalizer Fx comes with several distinct visual sound level meters or music visualizers. You can choose amid several exciting variations of color and style when selecting the music visualization meters of your preference.

Bass Boosters That Emphasize Every Beat

Another emphasized module of this app is the bass boosting option. Yes! The bass bar of this app is truly amazing! You can feel the device tremble as you increase the bass when listening to your favorite sounds. The noticeable changes are more prominent when your device is plugged into your car speakers, Dolby home theatre, multi-channel home theatre, or with a pair of good quality headphones. You can configure the level of bass effects you like to experience in your music; all you need to do is adjust the bass bar according to your preference.

A Wide Range of Audio Tuners

Last but not the list. This app comes with an audio equalizer section. Tuning with a melody has its own definitions in this chapter of the app. Equalizer app comes with several pre-programmed modes for any music. The bass boosting tool brings your music to life by implementing proper surround stereo sound effects to your song. If preset is too mainstream for you, you got an alternative path in hand; It is a more customizable option. Once switched into this mode, you have a gateway to tune your own equalizer. At this point, the controller is in your hand; therefore, tuning your favorite music the way you want is now just a matter of time.

What are you getting?

A Sound Amplifier App With Superb Track Organizer

Basic options of Equalizer Fx

Collocating a large volume of songs on your iPhone and iPad is necessary. This becomes essential, especially when it is uncategorized and lying default in your phone storage. Searching for the right track at the right moment gets more challenging when you don’t have a dedicated music playlist organizer on your phone. But Equalizer Fx has changed the game. This ingenious and useful app for iPhone and iPad comes with an intelligent audio library. It organizes songs under multiple categories such as genre, artist, album, recently listened, or favorite.

A 7-Band Meter that Goes with Your Style Sense

Get ready to make your music funkier with the bedazzled dancing bars on your phone screen. The 7-band equalizer of this app offers multiple modes. You can choose and change to one that fits your style preference. Let your jamboree go wild with those catchy audio-frequency variations.

An Intuitive Bass Boosting Tuner To Bring Up The Heat

Bass-booster function

In this section of the app, you will get a single tuner bar to enhance your music bass effects efficiently. As you tune up the bass, you will instantly get better and more profound audio trembling effects at every note of the played track.

A Full-Fledged Sound Equalizer To Amplify Sound

Integrated music Equalizer

Along with other compelling features already in your pallet, the Equalizer app comes with a fully functional and wide-spectrum sound equalizer and music tuner section. This module comes in two distinct modes; the Preset and Custom mode. Preset mode offers you a comprehensive collection of pre-programmed equalizers representing almost any possible music genres imaginable in the music industry. If that is still not enough, you have a custom option where you can take over and tweak around with individual music tuners to amplify the sound of your favorite song up to your listening habit.

Key Features at a glance

Equalizer FX offers plenty of functionalities when it comes to lossless music. This app kept its footprint, starting from organizing the playlists to tinkering with favorite music. Below is the list of exciting functionalities you can experience when toying with this app:

  • Equalizer Fx offers a built-in audio playlist organizer.
  • The app integrates an intelligent playlist of favorites for frequently played music.
  • Optimized search console to conveniently sort out the song you are looking for from
    an extensive volume of playlists.
  • Choose among multiple visually appealing visualizers that flick with every
    note and beat.
  • This iOS application has a graphically attractive yet very responsive music bass tuner
  • Switch between the preset and custom sound amplify functionalities for a lossless music at the end
  • It features a dedicated music equalizer section. This adds up various enticing modes to your melody. With this app in hand, experience enriched music quality.

Final Verdict

Being a music freak, you might have searched for a perfect audio booster or songs player app. An app that goes along with you whenever and wherever you go. The chance you have found the ideal sound amplifier app is pretty narrow, especially when you are an iPhone or iPad user. The Equalizer Fx is built for this very purpose. It is a clear champ in its niche. This excellent equalizer app has this list of valuable functionalities that have clearly emphasized typical music lovers worldwide.

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