12 Best Free Apps for Scanning Business Cards on iPhone

apps for scanning business cards on iPhone

Business cards are the good old means of communication, and it’s still practiced among professionals. However, with the digitalization that comes with smartphones nowadays, we can use apps for scanning business cards on our iPhones and lose the clutter of cards in the process. iPhone business card apps make it easy to create virtual cards and store all communications in one place.


As with many apps, there are tons of options for business card readers on the App Store. We took a few of them under review and tried to come up with the best bets. So let’s check out few of the best apps for business cards you can try with your iPhone.

Best Free Apps for Scanning Business Cards on iPhone | Top 12 Picks

iPhone apps for scanning business cards can become a go-to solution for all your business communications. Beyond simple reading and saving cards, they also work as business card organizer apps and update information as necessary. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the best of the business card scanner apps.

List of Best Apps for Scanning Business Cards on iPhone in 2021

  • Business Card Scanner HD
  • BizConnect Card Scanner
  • Business Card Scanner, Reader
  • Business card scanner-Wecard
  • Business Card Scanner +
  • Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner
  • Contacts+ | Address Book
  • Evernote – Notes Organizer
  • Business Card Reader
  • L-Card Pro Business Cards
  • SwiftScan – Document Scanner
  • Wantedly People
Business Card Scanner HD app for iPhone

Business Card Scanner HD is the complete solution for organizing all your contacts in one place. Arguably the best business card scanner app on the App Store, this feature-rich scanner comes with iOS OCR. In other words, it captures any text on cards and saves them on your iPhone. What’s more, you can edit the card info afterward to update the data anytime.


Unlike most apps for scanning business cards, this app lets you contact persons directly from the cards. You won’t have to copy-paste or type in phone numbers and emails; just open the app and make a call instantly. All the information is sorted into pre-defined fields for organizing them conveniently.


Furthermore, this card reader and scanner come with a built-in QR code reader. Meaning you can read business cards with QR codes just by placing the codes into the camera frame. Share your saved contacts on iPhone anytime with peers, and save yourself the hassle of managing visiting cards.

Key features of Business Card Scanner HD

  • Detect and scan business cards instantly
  • OCR technology
  • Turn card content into editable texts
  • Save card info into predefined fields
  • In-app call, email, messaging feature
  • Manual update of card information
  • Scan QR codes on business cards
  • Mark favorites and share virtual business cards via AirDrop and similar apps.
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BizConnect Card Scanner app for iPhone

BizConnect is a notable business card app for free with inbuilt scanning and storing features. Get your scannable cards and turn them into virtual contacts. You can also export your saved contacts to Excel and Outlook and save them for good.

Key features

  • Digitalize business cards on your iPhone
  • Inbuilt QR code reader
  • Manage and organize business contacts
  • Import and export business card info
apps for scanning business cards for iPhone

This is the simplest of business card apps for iPhone to collect and store data from papers. Whether to exchange or share a business card, this is the perfect choice for businesspersons and a true timesaver. For instance, save contact name, address, organization, phone numbers, and everything automatically with simple scanning.

Key features

  • Scan and easily store business cards on iPhone
  • Import cards from iPhone gallery
  • Update and edit card information manually
apps for scanning business cards app for iPhone

Wecard is another one of the best apps for scanning business cards on iPhone. Read and save business cards instantly with this app and add specific notes to contacts. Furthermore, you can use the iCloud backup to store your data and never worry about losing them.

Key features

  • Catch business card contents with the camera
  • Add images, texts, and notes to contacts
  • Absolute data security
  • Even synchronizes Salesforce
Business Card Scanner +

Similar to its predecessors, Business Card Scanner + is also a quality visiting card reader app. This contact management app allows you to organize business cards on your iPhone and makes them easily accessible. In short, use this smart scanner to read, acquire, and preserve info on your iPhone and update regularly.

Key features

  • Smart scan to read business cards instantly
  • List contact names, addresses, email, and phone numbers
  • Add notes and reminders to iPhone contacts
Microsoft Lens PDF Scanner - Best business card scanner app for iPhone

While Microsoft Lens is mainly a PDF scanner app, it’s also a handy business card reader as well. Networking with colleagues and professionals is made easy when you have this app in your pocket. For instance, you can read a business card and instantly save the person’s ID in your contact list. Converting pictures to PDF on iPhone can be a common task for professionals, and combining that with a visiting card scanner makes this a super convenient app.

Key features

  • Scan business cards to contacts on iPhone
  • Scan and create PDF
  • One of the best receipts apps for iPhone
Contacts+ Address Book card scanner app for iPhone

Another one of the best contact management apps for scanning business cards, it comes with a cloud-based address book to manage all your contacts in one place. Scan and save your connections using this mobile business card organizer app and make it easy to find anyone. You can also tag contacts with custom lists for better convenience with this app.

Key features

  • Scan and save business cards
  • Tag favorites and create custom groups
  • Transcribe texts into digital format
Evernote - Notes Organizer - Card scanner app for iPhone

Evernote is a popular notes app designed to keep your everyday schedules, work, and to-do lists in order. But it’s also one of the best business apps for iPhone with an inbuilt scanner. Meaning you can use the camera to scan papers, business cards, and notes to save them on your iPhone.

Key features

  • Scan business cards and organize in Contacts
  • Capture contents in papers
  • Transform handwritten notes into editable words
Business card reader app for iPhone

Business Card Reader by ABBYY is a widely popular scanner app with positive reviews. The fast-scanning and accurate data collecting ability make it a safe choice for casual to businesspersons alike. It also autocompletes addresses from business cards and keeps a backup to share across all devices.

Key features

  • Accurate reading of business contacts
  • Recognize and confirm any characters on cards
  • Sync contacts with Apple Watch and other devices
L-Card Pro Business Cards

When it’s about the best business card scanner, L-Card Pro is likely to make the cut. Its OCR card scanning is efficient in reading texts into iPhone and save them. But that’s not all; it’s also a business card maker app. Meaning you can design your own business card right on your iPhone and share it with peers, all without papers.

Key features

  • Touch-free scanning of business cards
  • Create virtual business cards on iPhone
  • Export lists to Salesforce, Outlook, and Google Contacts.
Swift Scan Document Scanner

SwiftScan is both a document scanner and a business card reader at the same time. One of the popular apps to convert JPG to PDF on iPhone, SwiftScan can read anything on paper and convert them into text. You can also upload the contacts and documents in iCloud, Dropbox, etc.

Key features

  • Scan paper business cards into contacts
  • Scan QR codes
  • Read documents to create PDF
Wantedly People - business card scanner app for iPhone

Wantedly People makes this list of best apps for scanning business cards with its unique ability to scan multiple business cards at once. Yes, you can scan up to 10 cards at once with this business app and save them. Moreover, it lets you search by name, position, and company. So you can easily find a specific contact in a heap of information.

Key features

  • Scan business cards with a single tap
  • Scan and store up to 10 cards simultaneously
  • Call and email directly from the app

Final Words

A quality business card scanner app can be a go-to solution for keeping up with numerous connections every day. Learn how to scan business cards on iPhone to ease professional activities. Make the best of business card scanners for your iPhone and continue networking in the workplace effortlessly.

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