11 Best Apps to Add Music to Videos on Your iPhone

Best Apps to Add Music to Videos

Adding music to a video certainly ups the game in post-production, not to mention how it makes videos more engaging. Fortunately, you can use apps to add music to videos right on your iPhone these days. All you need is a simple feature and a touch of music, and your movies will be made new.


There are a lot of apps where you can add music to videos. So the road to settling for a suitable music video app is not easy. We took the liberty and researched to find the best app to add music to video for your iPhone. Let’s check out some of their brief reviews in the following.

Best Free Apps to Add Music to Videos on iPhone | Top 11 Picks

iPhone apps to add music to videos can usually attach any type of audio to a video clip. Beyond that, they pack some other relevant and useful video editing features as well. So we explored some of the best video editing apps for iPhone and came up with the following list of music video editors.

Here are the best apps to add music to videos on iPhone

  • Video Editor
  • VideoSound – Music to Video
  • Clipper – Instant Video Editor
  • Background Music For Video +
  • Add Music to Video‎‎‏‏‎
  • Slideshow Add Music To Video
  • InstaVideo Add music to videos
  • FilmoraGo-Video Editor & Maker
  • iMovie
  • Add Music to Video Voice Over
  • Add Music to Video, Maker
Video Editor - app to add music to video

Coming up on top, Video Editor is the best app you can download for free to add music to video in this list. Adding sound to video with this app is effortless as it lets you insert any songs from your library. In addition, you can record voice and essentially add commentary to videos on your iPhone. So whether you want to add audio to YouTube video before posting or simply share a family film, this Video Editor app has got you covered.


On the other hand, it also brings a set of inbuilt video editing tools. Features like a video trimmer, audio trimmer and editor, etc. are super convenient for both beginners and professionals. Combining all those with excellent music-over tools makes this one of the best apps to add music to videos on iPhone.


Key features of Video Editor

  • Add music to video
  • Record voice and add to videos
  • Imports sounds from iTunes
  • Trim video tracks
  • In-app soundtrack collection
  • Export and share music videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, etc.
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VideoSound - Music to Video

VideoSound is a specialized app to add music to video on iPhone and generate background audio. For example, you can add a song to videos with this app to remake a boring old movie. Loved by the users, the VideoSound app helps you achieve the perfect post-production for films. What’s more, you can create slideshows using photos and music right on your iPhone.


Key features

  • Easily put music over video
  • Add music from iTunes
  • Create photo slideshows with audio
Clipper - Instant Video Editor and apps to add music to videos

Clipper lets you edit videos effortlessly with super-easy features. For example, you can arrange and insert audio clips into your iPhone videos instantly. Import a clip from the gallery or shoot one with the camera, your choice. Then easily apply sound effects and music to make mini-movies on your iPhone.


Key features

  • Instantly create movies with background music
  • Apply sound effects
  • Arrange and enhance video clips on iPhone
Background Music For Video

When it comes to the simplest apps that add music to your videos, this particular app is a contender. You can easily add audio to video using this app following a straightforward process. Just select a video, then select the audio or music you want to add. Choose a start time for the audio and merge them; it’s as simple as that.


Key features

  • Add sound to video on iPhone
  • Manually choose audio start and end time
  • Share to Instagram, Facebook, or any social platforms
App to Add Music to Video

This particular app lets you add music on video and contains more than 60,000 prebuilt sounds. You can also import songs from your Apple Music. Add Music to Video allows you to combine videos on iPhone, trim audio, and add filters to your movies. What’s more, you are able to apply filters, add fonts and emojis to videos and remake your project.


Key features

  • 60,000+ free background music
  • Insert voiceovers to video
  • Merge multiple videos
  • Cools fonts and filters to use in movies
Slideshow Add Music To Video

Slideshow is a fantastic app to create movies from photos and videos with music in the background. How to add music to a video on iPhone or make a short film simply from pictures? It’s convenient when you have the option to edit both photos and videos with songs. With Slideshow, you can do all of that to create movies on your iPhone with a simple procedure.


Key features

  • Add music to iPhone video
  • Create slideshow from photos
  • Adjust video playback speed
InstaVideo Add music to videos

Similar to the previous apps to add music to videos, InstaVideo also lets you place background sounds over iPhone films. Easily make music videos with this app and export them in high quality. What’s more, you can record commentary and give voiceovers to your video clips as well.


Key features

  • Add background music to create movies
  • Adjust audio volume and trim to keep specific portions
  • Fade-in and fade-out feature to improve film quality
FilmoraGo - apps to add music to videos

FilmoraGo is the popular video editing app from Wondersahre Technology. Approved by thousands of users, it has most of the editing tools, including music-over. In other words, you can put music on video straight from your iPhone and share them online. Additionally, you get the coolest of film editing features to play with.


Key features

  • Add music to video with the app
  • Trim, split and merge videos
  • Adjust playback speed, alignment, and many more
iMovie - apps to add music to videos

It’s the very native movie-making app from Apple itself. iMovie covers most of the basic editing features you may need for your iPhone. For instance, you can add music over videos using this app and apply filters. Moreover, change and adjust your video playback speed, length, title, and so on.


Key features

  • Add music to video for free
  • Video filters and transitions inbuilt
  • Adjust focus point, picture in picture, split screen, etc.
Add Music to Video Voice Over

Here’s another one of the best apps to add music to videos on iPhone with simple tools. Make your own music videos right from the iPhone by adding background music or voiceover. You can also generate slideshows with photos and make still pictures come to life with this app.


Key features

  • Insert music or voice recording into videos
  • In-app collection of music tracks
  • Edit audio and video
Add music to video maker

Coming up on the list of best apps to add music to videos, this Maker app is also good at merging audios with videos. You can trim and cut your clips, control sound level, and create perfect music videos effortlessly. But that’s not all. You can also add multiple music to videos with this app for free. Choose multiple layers of music, voice recordings, etc., and create stunning movies in moments.


Key features

  • Simple app to add music to videos for free
  • 24 inbuilt soundtracks
  • Add multiple music and voiceovers


Adding music to videos using iPhone apps makes short videos and movies appealing, not to mention how it helps with possible background noise. Check out our suggestions for the best apps to add music to videos and take your pick. Explore similar blogs if you’re interested in more iPhone and iPad app reviews and updates.

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