13 Best Ad Blockers for Mac Browsers in 2022

Best Ad Blockers for Mac

Having ads on a site is an acceptable trade-off as the content would most likely be free. However, it is entirely unacceptable if the publisher covers the empty space on the site with ads and pop-ups. As doing so, will affect the overall user experience. The best option in such cases would be to use an Ad blocker, and for Mac users, we’ve put together the list of the 13 best Ad blockers for Mac browsers.


Best Ad blocker for Mac browsers | Top 13 selections


While compiling our list of the best ad blockers for Mac, we didn’t just focus only on dedicated adblocker applications. Our list also comprises anti-virus, VPN, junk, or malware, and adware cleaner for Mac with ad blocker functionalities.


List of the 13 best Ad blockers for Mac browsers

  • MacKeeper StopAd
  • Adblock Plus for Safari ABP
  • Ad Block by Magic Lasso
  • NordVPN CyberSec
  • AdGuard for Safari
  • AdBlock One: Tube Ad Blocker
  • Avast AntiTrack
  • Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker
  • Wipr
  • Clario
  • AdLock for Mac
  • AdBlock for Safari
  • 1Blocker
MacKeeper StopAd

MacKeeper is all-out utility software for Mac, and StopAd is one of its many features. Though StopAd is a built-in function for MacKeeper, it works separately as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari browsers for Mac. You need to enable and turn on the StopAd extensions for Safari or Chrome browsers from the MacKeeper application.


StopAd does an amazing job blocking all advertisements, browser pop-up alerts, and site trackers. Without these ads and trackers, your user activity would enhance significantly, and you can safely browse the internet.


However, suppose you want to support a website and don’t mind the advertisements posted by them. In that case, you can disable the ad blocker for them. You need to turn off the Block on this website toggle for Safari and click on the Turn Off for This Site for Chrome on the StopAd extension.


Key features:

  • Blocks ads and browser alerts
  • Prevents tracking of your browsing activity
  • Disable adblocking for specific sites
Adblock Plus for Safari ABP

Adblock Plus is a free ad blocker app for Mac and works with your Safari browser. With this application, you can block not only standard ads but also pop-up ads, video ads, and content disguised as ads. Also, this app boasts of preventing site trackers and malware from infecting your device.


Adblock Plus offers a special feature called Acceptable Ads, which will show acceptable ads when enabled. This feature is mainly to support content creators whose work you like. If you choose, you can easily disable this function.


If safety and privacy are what you’re seeking for browsing the internet. In that case, Adblock Plus is the best Safari ad blocker for Mac users. This application offers a simple user interface and easy-to-use settings.


Key features:

  • Blocks pop-up ads and video ads
  • Allows you to disable ad blocking for chosen sites
  • Takes up less storage space
Ad Block by Magic Lasso

 Another best pop-up ad blocker for Safari in this list is Ad Block by Magic Lasso. It is regarded as the most efficient ad blocker for Mac, which also works for other Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. Many ad blockers claim to provide fast browsing capability, but with Ad Block by Magic Lasso, you’ll actually experience it.


With regular automated daily updates and blocking of JavaScripts that might cause slowdowns, this app boosts the browser speed and save power. One of its most remarkable features includes the ability to block YouTube ads along with basic site ads, popup ads, and site trackers.


When it comes to your privacy, there are few applications more serious about it than Ad Block. Its employees don’t have access to your browsing history. Unlike other ad blockers, it doesn’t take money from advertisers to allow certain ads.


Key features:

  • Blocks all ads, including YouTube ads popups ads
  • Allows disabling of ad blockers for selected sites and those in the Community Allowlist
  • Regular Ad Blocker rule updates

NordVPN is a popular VPN app that works with a variety of devices, including your Mac. Of the many features offered by NordVPN, cybersecurity is a key part of their software. Also known as Threat Protection, it protects your device from anything that threatens it. A cool part of this function is that it will even work even when you are not connected to a VPN server. With this feature, you can block malicious ads, prevent site tracking, and protect your Mac from malware attacks.


If you only use one browser for your online activity, you could get a browser extension for NordVPN. Otherwise, use the NordVPN software, and it will cover all the browsers on your Mac. Also, you can easily enable Threat Protection. Simply start the NordVPN software, pick Threat Protection, and toggle the Threat Protection switch on. Overall, NordVPN can also be regarded as one of the best ad blockers for Mac.


Key features:

  • Blocks malicious ads
  • Stops intrusive web trackers
  • Blocks access to malware-hosting sites
  • Automatically deleted malware-infected files
AdGuard for Safari

With millions of global users, AdGuard is one of the best ad blockers for Safari out there. Although it blocks all ads on Safari and prevents web trackers like any other ad-blocking application, it also offers some additional features.


You can easily manage your Safari browser’s ad blocking protection, which is one of its most outstanding features. Some ads are designed to behave as content to fool ad blockers. So, AdGuard uses several ad-blocking rules to filter out any ads. Now you can create your own rules for filtering out ads.


Key features:

  • 50+ ad-blocking filters
  • Ability to remove any element on any site
  • Create your own ad block rules
AdBlock One Tube Ad Blocker

Another best Mac ad blocker for a Safari browser is AdBlock One. Like other ad blockers, you can easily stop intrusive video, popup, and banner ads. Like AdGuard, you can also customize what you want to see on a site by removing suspicious elements. This feature allows you to remove certain ads that the ad blocker isn’t easily detected.


AdBlock One is known for its easy-to-use interface, enabling its users to become proficient with the application quickly. Another great aspect of this sofwater is the support it offers its customers. AdBlock One boasts of providing a 24/7 customer support service, which is essential for an adblocking service.


Key features:

  • Adblock for YouTube or any other videos
  • Blocks banner and popup ads
  • Customize which elements should not appear on a site
Avast AntiTrack

As the name suggests, it is an anti-tracking software by Avast which also offers ad blocking features. What this software does is stop targeted ads by hiding your online activity. Also, it will find out who is tracking you and send you an alert.


One main advantage Avast AntiTrack has over ad blocker applications is that it doesn’t break any sites. Unless the ad blocker that you are using is updated regularly, it is of no use. You’ll constantly be bombarded with new types of ads that would eventually circumvent your ad blocker. With this software, you’ll be able to safely browse using any browsers –  Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.


Key features:

  • Doesn’t break any sites
  • Identifies and alerts web trackers
  • Blocks targeted ads
Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

Ghostery is designed to enhance your Safari web browsing experience by blocking ads and trackers. It stops intrusive web trackers from accessing your online data and blocks targeted ads. This, in turn, reduces the data required to load a website and thus boosts your browsing speed.


In addition, Ghostery displays its ad and tracker blocking performances in intuitive graphics. The app identifies and lists all the elements it has blocked and displays the page load time of the site you are currently in. Overall, Ghostery can be regarded as one of the best ad blockers for Mac Safari browser.


Key features:

  • Blocks ad and web trackers
  • Loads your webpage faster
  • Protects your online privacy

9. Wipr


If you are a Safari user, then Wipr is counted as one of the best ad blockers for Mac. Unlike other ad blocker apps that are either completely free or free to install, Wipr is a premium app. It doesn’t just block the usual ads and web trackers and stops cryptocurrency miners, cookies, GDPR notifications, and other annoyances.


Wipr uses Content Blocking Extensions, which allows it to block ads and trackers without slowing down Safari for you. In addition, it updates its blocklist twice a week to counter new threats on the web.


Key features:

  • Uses Content Blocking Extensions to boost webpage speed
  • Updates twice a week
  • Requires no configuration to start working

10. Clario


Works with Chrome and Safari web browsers, Clario is the next best ad blocker for Mac browsers. Its browser extensions block all kinds of ads, flag phishing scams and fraud links, and stop trackers. In addition, the application itself stops malware, provides VPN, and protects your privacy.


So, you can use Clario’s ad blocker to stop ads and web tracker and at the same time use its VPN feature to browse anonymously. What is even more impressive, Clario ensures that your  browsing experience doesn’t get affected.


Key features:

  • Built-in VPN service
  • Prevents ads, trackers, scams & fraud links
  • Stops malware attacks
  • Provides 24/7 expert support
AdLock for Mac

Boasting to be the best ad blocker for Mac, AdLock works with any web browser. It also claims to be the first dedicated ad blocker application for Mac. Its advanced and clean user interface makes it very easier for users to get familiar with. Also, it uses up-to-date filtering rules to block those annoying ads, popups, autoplay video ads, and banner ads.


When it comes to stopping those sneaky and obnoxious site trackers, bugs, analytical systems, and scammers, AdLock provides reliable protection. In addition, other annoyances such as online chats or callback forms popping out when visiting a webpage can be blocked with this application.


Key features:

  • Stops cryptocurrency mining ads
  • Stops popup and video ads
  • Advanced UI & flexible functionality
AdBlock for Safari

Another free ad blocker for the Safari browser is AdBlock. Downloaded by millions worldwide and available as a Mac application, AdBlock can be ranked among some of the best ad blockers for Mac. With this app, not only can you stop the standard popup, autoplay video, and audio ads, but also ads from sites such as Facebook and YouTube.


AdBlock gives its users complete control over what they want to see on their sites. This flexibility enhances your overall user experience. In addition, you can create an allowlist, where you can add sites for whom you’d want to disable the adblocking feature.


Key features:

  • Block ads on Facebook and YouTube
  • Control over your ad-blocking features
  • Offers 24/7 customer support

The final application in this list for the best ad blocker for Mac is 1Blocker. It is designed to give you the best Safari web browsing experience. You can block intrusive and unwanted content on Safari without even slowing down your site loading speed. Also, your online web activity is hidden even from 1Blocker, let alone any hackers.


With 1Blocker, you can block content from multiple categories, such as the usual ads and web trackers. In addition, you can stop cookie notices, crypto-currency mining ads, social media widgets, unnecessary chats, and many more. 1Block also has a children’s protection feature that lets you block adult sites.


Key features:

  • Blocks Adult websites & social media widgets
  • Blocks crypto mining ads and other annoyances
  • Detects and blocks cookies and web trackers

Finishing remarks


Many of the ad blockers in this list are either completely free, free to install, or offer a free trial except for Wipr. Most of them are standalone ad blockers that work as a Safari browser extension. However, you’ll also find a VPN, anti-virus, and utility software that offers an ad blocker as a side feature and will work on any browser on Mac. So, you can now decide which one you would choose with our detailed review of the 13 best ad blockers for Mac browsers.


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