10 Best Free Apps to Hide Photos & Videos on iPhone

Apps to hide photos

Whether for securing sensitive photos or private videos, we all need private albums on our iPhones sometimes. Using apps to hide photos and videos can be a really handy solution in this case. You can find tons of vault apps for iPhone on the App Store. So how to choose one among the best secret apps to hide photos on your phone?


We explored the strength of security, functionality, and relevant features of the apps to find the answer. Without further delay, let’s check out the ten best apps to hide photos and videos on iPhone.

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Best Vault Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone | Top 10 Picks

iPhone vault apps to hide photos and videos essentially act as a locker to secure personal content. Here’s a brief review of some of the best photo vault apps for iPhone and iPad.

List of Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone

  • Photo Safe Vault – Private Pic
  • Secret photos KYMS
  • GalleryVault -Hide Photo Video
  • Safe Lock – secret photo album
  • Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe
  • Best Secret Folder
  • Calculator# Hide Photos Videos
  • Locker: Photo Vault & App Lock
  • HiddenVault Secret Photo Album
  • Vault – Hide photos & videos
Photo Safe Vault Private Pic

If you’re looking for the ultimate photos and videos locker for iPhone with all the features, the Photo Safe Vault app is the one. It comes with amazing tools to create secret albums and hide photos on iPhone. You can apply a picture security lock with top-notch encryption systems and secure all your photos permanently. Moreover, hide videos on iPhone in categorized private albums to protect intimate moments and sensitive clips from anyone’s reach.


Photo Safe Vault – Private Pic app also comes with an integrated break-in alert system. That is to say; the app will save information on unauthorized attempts and update you accordingly. Furthermore, it automatically takes pictures of anyone trying to break into your pic locker albums and shows them afterward. How cool is that?

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Last but not least, this incredible secret vault app also features a private browser with touch ID verification. Along with hiding photos and videos to maximum security, intruder alert, and a browser, there’s also a Fake PIN feature. Meaning you can set a false password to misdirect unwanted attempts and keep your actual data safe. All these qualities and more, clearly make the Photo Safe Vault app one of the best apps to hide photos on iPhone.


Key features of the Photo Safe Vault app for iPhone

  • Create hidden albums within the iPhone library
  • Hide private photos and videos
  • Set custom covers for different albums
  • State of the art encryption system for the best security
  • Break-in alert for unauthorized attempts
  • Intuitive app feature to snap pictures of intruders trying to access private albums
  • Inbuilt private web browser secured with Touch ID
  • Set up Fake PIN passcode
  • Import photos and videos from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox into private photo albums
Secret photos KYMS

KYMS secret vault app comes next in this list of best apps to hide photos and videos on iPhone. Using KYMS, you can hide pictures on iPhone, encrypt censored videos, and protect valuable documents of any form. Its incredible AES Encryption provides ultimate security against unauthorized access to your iPhone library with powerful PIN and passcode features.


Key features

  • Super-security to protect your personal media
  • Hide personal photographs, videos, and documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Import media from iTunes
  • Save PIN and passwords within the app
GalleryVault Hide Photo Video

GalleryVault is one of the best secret folder apps for iPhone, offering privacy safety for your iPhone library. It’s a versatile app to lock photos on iPhone with various security options. For instance, you can put a pattern, passcode, or PIN to protect your hidden folders on iPhone. In addition, this free vault app comes with an integrated private browser to safeguard your tours on the internet.


Key features

  • Store photos and videos in a private photo vault
  • Advanced security system with Pattern and Passcode lock
  • Disguised hidden albums within the existing ones
  • In-app incognito web browser
Safe Lock secret photo album

Safe Lock is another powerful app to hide pictures on iPhone. Featuring all kinds of picture security locks, you can safely keep your photos and videos hidden within your gallery. Also, it features a secret camera to take pictures and instantly hide them in your personal albums.


Key features

  • Lock images, videos, and notes on iPhone private vault
  • Protect important documents
  • Built-in secret photo camera
  • Fake passcode feature
Secret Photo Vault Keepsafe app

Keepsafe is known as one of the most popular apps to hide videos and photos on the iPhone. The simple and straightforward security system with robust encryption makes it an ideal photo locker app for all purposes. So you can store private videos, special memories, family photos, and even sensitive documents in one place.


Key features

  • Easy PIN passcode to secure media files
  • Custom hidden albums on iPhone
  • Backup hidden photos and videos
  • Simple and intuitive interface
Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder app is as straightforward as it sounds; it comes with custom secure folders to secretly store photos, videos, and all kinds of media files. This free app to hide photos disguises itself among your iPhone applications so effectively that it’s barely noticeable. On top of that, its robust password protection makes it impossible for intruders to access your albums.


Key features

  • Lock photos, videos, media files in a secret folder on iPhone
  • Advance security lock with Passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, and Pattern
  • Break-in alert for unwanted intruder attempts
Calculator Hide Photos Videos

Calculator is a well-known photo vault app and one of the most unique secret apps to hide photos on iPhone. It essentially looks like a simple calculator, but in reality, it discreetly keeps your most private contents secure. This fake calculator app is rich with fantastic features to hide photos, videos, and anything on your iPhone.


Key features

  • Hide photos, videos, audio files, notes, and documents on the iPhone
  • Private gallery disguised as a secret calculator app
  • Create passwords to protect content and save them within the app
Locker Photo Vault & App Lock

Locker is one of the best vault apps for iPhone with distinctive functionalities regarding your iOS version. Similar to other free vault apps, it creates a private pic locker to store all your images, videos, files, and notes in one place. But unlike some of the best apps to hide photos, it also acts as an app locker for iPhone.


Key features

  • Lock hidden images, films, notes, and apps on your iPhone
  • Touch ID, Face ID, or PIN passcode to protect your files
  • Change app icon to conceal its presence on the home screen
HiddenVault Secret Photo Album

Hidden Vault app takes pride in storing your personal photos, movies, apps, and passwords without having access of their own. In other words, your private albums are only yours to see. It alone makes this one of the best secret folder apps for your iPhone. In addition, the app comes with a built-in password manager and a private web browser.


Key features

  • Private photos app to hide pictures on iPhone
  • Store unlimited private videos and files
  • Password manager to save and autofill passcodes
Vault Hide photos & videos

This iPhone photo vault app offers convenient privacy protection similar to its associates in this list of the best apps to lock photos and videos. Lock your hidden albums with photographs, sensitive videos, personal data effortlessly and secure them from anyone’s reach. So you can encrypt your favorite media files with digital passcodes and access those anytime.


Key features

  • Free app to hide photos & videos in a safe vault
  • Space encryption with passcodes
  • Back up data in a private cloud space

In Summary

Preserving intimate photos and exclusive videos in a secure vault app is a super convenient way to maintain privacy. Therefore, sorting the best apps to hide photos and videos on iPhone makes it easier to choose that trustworthy app. Explore the best vault apps for iPhone, consider convenience, and boost the overall security of your files.

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