11 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on iPhone Without Deleting

Article By: Hess Brown - April 20, 2022
11 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on iPhone Without Deleting

Sometimes text messages are too confidential and important. You don’t want them to be shared publicly or with specific people, neither you want to delete them permanently. So, the solution lies in looking for the best apps to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting them. This listicle has brought you the 11 best apps to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting them.


Best apps to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting


So, what do we have on our plates? We have brought into focus some of the most reliable apps compatible with the iPhone that specializes in hiding text messages. They do this function without deleting any messages. Some of these apps even provide additional facilities. For instance, if you like to hide photos and secure them, you may find some of these apps useful. Therefore, with no more delay, let’s get into our list of the best apps to hide text messages on iPhone.


List of 11 best apps to hide text messages on iPhone


  • Safe Text
  • KeeperChat Encrypted Messenger
  • Fingerprint Lock Hide Message
  • Message Lock – Hide Messages
  • Secret Text – Send Private SMS
  • Private Texting by Texter
  • Private Texting – Phone Number for Anonymous Text
  • Private Message Box
  • Send Safe Message
  • Off The Record Texting & Pics
  • Ciphered iMessages

    1. Safe Text

    Safe Text-apps to hide text messages on iPhone

    We will begin with the Safe Text. It is a powerful and secured app for your iPhone that keeps your confidential messages safe and private. The app does it in two ways; either save the message and encrypt it using a password or erase the message from all recipient’s devices you have sent. We don’t want to delete the message, so let’s skip it now.


    Next, the app serves security gateway for further protection of your text messages. Although no messages in this app last longer than 24 hours to keep up with the safety measure, you can save high-priority texts over Wifi for future usage. You can add a pin for extra security of your texts.


    Main Features


  • Secures text using strong authentication measures
  • Notifies if text screen capture takes place
  • Secured texting worldwide
  • Pin to access text
  • Save text over Wifi and regular cellular provider
  • Remove confidential text from your device, and it gets removed from all recipients worldwide
  • Text deletes automatically after 24 hours to maintain security

    2. KeeperChat Encrypted Messenger

    KeeperChatEncrypted Messenger-apps to hide text messages on iPhone

    With touch ID as the primary security measure for your secret texts comes the KeeprtChat Encrypted Messenger. This app provides a highly secured encryption facility not just for your texts but also for media content.


    KeeperChat allows message retraction anytime you want. It also gives you a private group messaging facility with a two-factor authentication function. When using this amazing app, you can also tweak different theme colors depending on your mood.


    Main Features


  • Secured vault for text messages and media content
  • Content remains encrypted and blurred for extra security
  • Biometric login and message retraction whenever you want
  • Security measures include two-factor authentication
  • Text can be stored and synced securely on the cloud
  • Secured group chat function
  • Customizable themes for superior user experience

    3. Fingerprint Lock Hide Message 

    Fingerprint Lock Hide Message

    On the third of our list is the Fingerprint Lock Hide Message. It is one of the best apps to hide text messages on iPhone to Keep your text and chat conversation private. It uses a reliable and fast fingerprint lock technology. You can ensure content security and keep a backup of the text messages and chat conversations instantly with this app.


    Main Features


  • Lock text messages using fingerprint or password
  • Keep backup of your IM conversations
  • Easy to use interface
  • Make text conversation in a private mode

    4. Message Lock – Hide Messages

    Message Lock - HideMessages

    Message Lock is a simple and easy-to-use message locking and saving app. It uses a simple password locking gateway to authenticate access. The app also integrates a touch ID access facility to secure content added to it. Users can save and backup their message conversations and media content with this app.


    Main Features


  • Two-way authentication; Finger ID and Password
  • Export chats from instant messengers and secure them
  • Save and secure text and media content
  • Keep backup of your secured content when syncing

    5. Secret Text – Send Private SMS

    Secret Text - SendPrivate -apps to hide text messages on iPhoneSMS

    If you want to send anonymous messages to keep your identity undetected for some ethical stance, then the Secret Text app is your app. It boasts identity safety and no message lost technology. On top of that, this app helps you keep your number secret, especially when dating strangers that you don’t want to talk about with anyone else.


    Main Features


  • Keep identity secret while calling
  • Store messages safely and securely
  • Keep confidential conversations and phone numbers secret
  • Keep your message encrypted and secret

    6. Private Texting by Texter

    Private Texting by Texter

    Create an anonymous phone number and be untraceable when making a call or simply sending a secret message to your crush. The Private Texting by Texter app on your iPhone has several useful functions, including an anonymous phone number and a secret vault for securing message options. All you need to do is buy a disposable number and use that to call or message your desired person.


    Main Features


  • Use the disposable number to keep your identity anonymous
  • Keep the text message secret and be an unknown sender
  • Send the text to keep the message confidential and keep it secret
  • No AD while using the functions of this app

    7. Private Texting – Phone Number for Anonymous Text 

    Private Texting - Phone Number for Anonymous Text

    Send secret texts and media content to your receiver and be anonymous; all is possible when you have the Private Texting app installed on your iPhone. Keep your private messages safe and protected against unauthorized hands, and create as many anonymous numbers for connecting with the recipient. For an update, this app now supports the Apple Watch app icon.


    Main Features


  • Create as many unknown numbers for anonymous calling and texting
  • Keep text messages and images safe using the app vault
  • Get free phone numbers from any country
  • Send and receive texts and photos using your anonymous number

    8. Private Message Box

    Private Message Box-apps to hide text messages on iPhone

    The Private message box is one of the best apps to hide text messages on iPhone without deleting them. You can chat with an individual and add contacts to the integrated app phonebook but keep it secured from scrutiny. The app includes messaging space with plenty of emojis. The chat between you and the recipient in this app is assured of having complete privacy.


    Main Features


  • Make private conversation with the integrated messenger
  • The dedicated messenger has a full set of emoji support
  • Messenger supports both text and multimedia content
  • Your texts are fully password protected and anonymous

    9. Send Safe Message

    Send Safe Message

    Count Send Safe Message as one of the best apps to hide text messages on iPhone. Although the message gets deleted after seeing the content once, this is entirely for security purposes and makes it very difficult to share, copy, and save the content. The app supports both texts and multimedia content. It can be used with all the popular messengers, including the default messages.


    Main Features


  • Used with WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, message, email, etc.
  • Recipients don’t need to install the app and get secured messages on their messaging app
  • Messages are confidential and get removed once it has been seen for security purpose
  • Supports both text and multimedia messages and provides encryption for security

    10. Off The Record Texting & Pics

    Off The Record Texting & Pics

    With superb end-to-end message encryption and dynamic message editing facilities comes the Off the Record Texting & pics app. The facility is applicable from the sender as well as the recipient’s end. The texts remain secured and encrypted if someone tries to screenshot them. The app removes Images automatically from the feed to maintain integrity.


      Main Features


  • Automatically removes media content once it has been seen
  • End to end encryption for all texts saved and stored here
  • Edit typos and all types of texts once sent, even at the recipient’s end
  • Smart encryption process that cannot be saved or screenshot

    11. Ciphered iMessages 

    Ciphered iMessages-apps to hide text messages on iPhone

    The last entry on our list is the app called Ciphered iMessages. The app is simple with its tasks, and the functions are straightforward, and that is to encrypt the message using a password or Touch ID. You can implement the text message in a ciphered form and send it from the iMessage of your iPhone. The message has to be deciphered with the password or Touch ID to reveal the text on the recipient’s end.


    Main Features


  • Send ciphered messages using this app
  • Use iMessage to encrypt or decrypt the message
  • Use Password or Touch ID to manage text privacy



    When it’s about the best apps to hide text messages on iPhone, the highlighted ones on this listicle offer reasonable functions. Although not all apps have the best reviews, most of these apps shows prompt response to users’ complaints and regularly improve and fix bugs upon clients’ suggestions. Nevertheless, we still recommend that users evaluate these apps before safely selecting the right one for texting without deleting them.

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