13 Best Audio Book Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2022

Article By: Hess Brown - April 17, 2022
13 Best Audio Book Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2022

A busy routine is not an excuse for bookworms. Real readers squeeze time from their busy schedule for reading. Seeing this, mobile app developers thought about even more optimized ways for booklovers. They developed apps that help bibliomaniacs spend maximum time with their favorite books. Now users can enjoy eBook apps with an integrated book residing option. This makes text contents even more enticing and imaginative. This article will deal with relevant apps. A catalog that brings up some of the best audiobook apps for iPhone & iPad you can get on the App Store.


Listing 13 best audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022


Bringing you a list of the best audiobooks for iPhone and iPad and explaining the specifications of each app is what this article focuses on. But now, let’s look at the list of our chosen audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad. Keeping away some


13 best audio book apps for iPhone & iPad


  • Google Play Books
  • Audible audiobooks & podcasts
  • Apple Books
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Libby, by OverDrive
  • Kobo Books
  • LibriVox Audio Books Pro
  • Scribd – audiobooks & ebooks
  • iReader
  • Audiobooks
  • Chirp Audiobooks
  • SimplyE
  • 50000 Books & Audiobooks 

    1. Google Play Books 

    Google Play Books

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    Price : Free


    Google Play Books is a powerful audiobook reader app from Google LLC. With 4.5 stars on App Store, this application brings to the table one of the best audiobook apps for iPhone & iPad for book readers. The app comes ready with millions of eBooks and audiobooks of different niches and categories. It gives you scope to choose and shuffle your favorite books from your own customized library.


    Moreover, Google Play Books offers an extensive collection of free audio as well as eBooks to its readers. The scheduled updates of top sellers, recommendations and books reviews are readily available once you start using this app. Moreover, all audiobooks on iPhone available on the app are flawless without any glitches or audio quality issues.


    Key Features


  • Millions of audiobooks and eBooks are available
  • No monthly subscriptions for users
  • Easy and reliable page navigations while reading an eBook
  • Supports CarPlay and picks from where you left off with Siri shortcuts
  • Numerous freebies and free samples, reviews, and book summaries
  • Bubble zoom feature that puts life to comic books you are reading
  • Read books, comics, articles, or content even when offline
  • Google drive collaboration function

    2. Audible audiobooks & podcasts

    Audible audiobooks & podcasts

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    Price : Offers In-App Purchases


    With a 4.9 rating and immense popularity comes the Audible audiobooks & podcasts. This app brings in line exclusive content and top-quality eBooks frequently searched by most readers. This is the best tool to listen to audiobooks on iPhone, and its offers to regularly listen to podcasts on current interests.


    Audible also offers Audible Originals, especially recommended books by authors, publishers, and top readers. The app comes with best-selling books on various occasions and at international events. This app offers unlimited book reading, downloading, and podcast streaming opportunities equally.


    Key Features


  • Mammoth collection of books, and the library is still growing
  • Enjoy Audible originals, which are exclusive Audiobooks on demand
  • Unlimited listening, browsing, and downloading of audiobooks
  • Regular updates of fresh content and podcasts every week
  • Create your own library of favorite books and podcasts
  • Listen to AudioBooks when offline. Thanks to the download feature
  • Cross-device listening that goes hand-to-hand with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

    3. Apple Books

    Apple Books

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    Price : Free


    When you own an iPhone or iPad, one of the best audiobook apps you can effort is Apple Books. It is specially designed and optimized for your iPhone. It is undoubtedly the best audiobook app for iPhone. Keeping aside some occasional bugs, it gives an overall fluid performance.


    Apple Books contain millions of eBooks and Audiobooks. The book store on the app also gets regular updates for top charts. Users also get freebies and free samples that entice regular book lovers. Apple Books also support Apple Watch and iCloud access for user convenience on the go.


    Key Features


  • Millions of books are available
  • Get book store updates, top charts, recommendations, etc.
  • Audiobooks resided by professionals
  • Free sample of books, previews, and book reviews
  • Audiobooks are compatible with Apple Watch
  • Customizable reading preferences; fonts, bookmarks, etc.
  • iCloud synchronization and personalized library

    4. Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    Price : Offers In-App Purchases


    Amazon Kindle has 1000 exclusive content. This app includes books, comics, magazines, journals, etc. The app supports most iPhone and iPad models but doesn’t support Apple Watch yet. However, that couldn’t keep it from being one of the best audiobook apps for iPhone & iPad.


    Enjoy unlimited reads when you are a premium member. Next, you can explore words, people, or places as you play audiobooks on iPhone. Additionally, bookmark, skip, track, highlight, and conduct various other activities with your content on the Amazon Kindle app.


    Key Features


  • More than 1000 exclusive audiobooks for readers
  • Unlimited content once you are a premium user
  • Pick a note for words, places, or people while reading
  • Bookmark, highlight, skim or jump pages while reading a book
  • Zoom in for a clearer view of HD color content
  • Easy sync of reads across various devices
  • Regular notification and updates from your favorite authors

    5. Libby, by OverDrive

    Libby, by OverDrive

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    Price : Free


    Libby is a much-appreciated app recommended by libraries around the world. It is brought to you by OneDrive. The app has a clean interface with no excess functional clutters. The content is curated by local librarians and book experts. With this app on your iPhone, you can browse online ebooks, magazines, and Audiobooks.


    Key Features


  • Browse among thousands of books across various libraries around the world
  • Enjoy eBooks, magazines, comics, and Audiobooks you can borrow from other readers
  • Apple CarPlay Support; listen to your favorite Audiobook while in your car
  • Create your own must-read list and customized library
  • Sound configuring feature to best enjoy the audiobooks
  • Zoom in function for comic content
  • Add bookmark, highlights, notes, and easy swiping for page and menu shuffle.

    6. Kobo Books

    Kobo Books

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    Price : Free


    It is a free audiobook and eBook app compatible with both iPhone and iPad. What makes this app one of the best audio book apps for iPhone & iPad is its one-tap toggle option to convert eBook to Audiobook. This app on your device adds notes and bookmarks and even looks up words unknown to you.


    Key Features


  • Connect with millions of readers and book enthusiasts across the world
  • Thousands of free eBooks to shuffle, select and read
  • One tap toggle option to convert eBook to Audiobook
  • Quick sync allows reading across multiple devices without any issue
  • Share your reviews on book across social sites straight from the app
  • Multi-language support

    7. LibriVox Audio Books Pro 

    LibriVox Audio Books Pro

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Mac
    Price : $2.99


    LibriVox Audio Books Pro is a premium audiobook app that contains over 50,000 books of various niches and categories. This app builds up a platform for readers where you can browse reviews about any books before reading them for real. The library is well-sorted according to title, ratings, authors, etc. The audiobooks are high-end and provide a robust stand for readers using this app.


    Key Features


  • Over 50000 books available for readers
  • Browse reviews of books and find audiobooks on iPad or iPhone
  • Configure and speed control for the best reading experience
  • Customizable bookmark adding facility
  • Create a customizable library of favorite books
  • Better accessibility with dark mode and easy search options

    8. Scribd – audiobooks & ebooks

    Scribd - audiobooks & ebooks

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Mac/Apple Watch
    Price : Offers In-App Purchases


    Scribd is one of the best audio book apps for iPhone & iPad in 2022. It offers millions of eBooks and podcasts. You can enjoy unlimited access to ebooks and play popular music with just a one-time subscription. Moreover, a user can access original content recommended by experts and book enthusiasts. Other facility includes cross-device usage and an offline reading facility.


    Key Features


  • Millions of eBooks, Audiobooks, and music files
  • Premium users can get unlimited content access
  • Get access to Scribd original content
  • Use audiobook sync to enjoy your book on multiple devices
  • Download your favorite eBook or Audiobook and read them offline
  • Customize narration speed and reading screen orientation

    9. iReader


    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Mac
    Price : Free


    If you think of the best free audiobook app for iPhone, consider iReader. It is a clean, fast-responding yet intuitive app that can impress any readers out there. The app comes with a rich library, and the page transition animations truly mimic paper books. Other facilities include zero lag layouts for texts and night mode that ease your eyes while reading an eBook on this app.


    Key Features


  • Thousands of popular books to choose from
  • Clean interface and intuitive design
  • Page turnover animation mimics real paper books
  • Download books that facilitate offline reading
  • Night mode reading that goes easy for your eyes
  • Books are hand-picked by real experts

    10. Audiobooks 


    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/ Mac/ Apple Watch
    Price : Offers In-App Purchases


    If you wonder how to listen to audiobooks on iPhone using one of the best audio book apps for iPhone, which is also simple to


    Use, consider Audiobooks. It is counted as one of the best apps that provide audiobooks for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. You can download audiobooks to iPad and iPhone and enjoy offline reading when using this app.


    Key Features


  • Thousands of free eBooks and audiobooks
  • Carefully picked podcasts for users
  • Download books for offline reading
  • Airplay enabled and background playback
  • Sleep timer and adjust the residing speed

    11. Chirp Audiobooks 

    Chirp Audiobooks

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    Price : Free


    If thinking of how to listen to books on an iPhone, then try Chirp Audiobooks for the starter. This application provides free audiobooks for iPad and iPhone and crisp, high-quality audiobooks. You can stream and download ebooks from the app, which helps you create and manage your own custom library. Other considerable facilities are easy page navigation, adjustable residing speed, Apple Carplay, and smart speaker support.


    Key Features


  • Thousands of Audiobooks in the app library
  • Stream online or download an audiobook for offline reading
  • Quick navigation and listening speed adjustment
  • Listen visa Apple Carplay or smart speakers
  • Configurable sleep timer
  • Purchase premium books from the Chirp books website

    12. SimplyE 


    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    Price : Free


    How to get audiobooks on iPhone? The answer can be SimplyE. SimplyE is one of the best audio book apps for iPhone & iPad, bringing local libraries to your pocket. The app’s own book library is packed with thousands of classics and popular best-selling collections. Here you can browse or borrow ebooks. Find a local library and download eBooks or Audiobooks for offline reading when you get the library ID.


    Key Features


  • Get access to thousands of books in your local library
  • Browse or borrow books using this app
  • Download audiobooks or eBooks when you got a library ID
  • Search local library near you to get books access
  • Read free Audiobooks from SimplyE’s own library

    13. 50000 Books & Audiobooks 

    50000 Books & Audiobooks

    Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/Mac
    Price : Offers In-App Purchases


    The concluding app on this list is the 50000 Books & Audiobooks. As the name suggests, it contains 50000 well-recommended books of all categories. With eBooks, you can enjoy 15000 high-quality audiobooks that will delight your book cravings anywhere on the go. Additionally, you get download options and an offline reading facility with this app


    Key Features


  • 500000 eBooks to choose from
  • Over 15000 audiobooks in one hub
  • Books are downloadable once purchased
  • Read books even when offline
  • Night mode for comfortable readability



    We appreciate and encourage all book readers. The encouragement reflects through our effort to hand-pick each of the high-quality audiobooks apps for the iOS platform. With that in mind, this article includes a comprehensive list of chosen best audiobook apps for iPhone.


    Each of the apps we have picked is robust and helps you get all the favorite audiobooks you wish to listen to in your comfort. Next, all you have to do is pick one and start heading for your hobby of book reading. Thinking of educational apps for your kids? Check out our article on the best educational apps for toddlers on iPhone. Let the clean learning process starts from the very beginning.

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