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Article By: admin - April 18, 2021, Last Modified: November 18, 2021
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A Brief Intro

Are you searching for the best call recorder app for iPhone? Picking the right recording app can be a daunting task from the  hundreds of other options available. Don’t spill your sweat, because we did the job for you.


Download Call Recorder for Phone app. It is undoubtedly one of the best call recording apps out there with multiple useful features like call recording, voice memo, audio editing, direct share, and much more.

Let’s clear this right off the bat; recording calls on iPhone is not something Apple deliberately allows for its users. But whether it’s personal or business communication, we need to make use of recordings to remember and track details of previous conversations every now and then. So how to record a phone call on iPhone or tape conferences, study sessions, and meetings for future needs? The answer lies in this Call Recorder app which boasts impressive features, making it one of the best call recorder apps for iPhone.

Top Assets of Call Recorder for Phone | Easy and Powerful

Amid online voice recorders and App Store resources, Call Recorder for Phone is unique for a number of reasons. Its state-of-the-art features portray relevancy and usefulness to provide the best possible service. Let’s dive down to some of its tools for advanced utilization.

Record Incoming and Outgoing Calls

incoming and outgoing call recording on iPhone

This phone recorder app lets you tape both incoming and outgoing calls an unlimited number of times. Its design and maneuverability make the usage easier and effortless.


To record incoming calls, just tap the “add call” button after receiving and merge the call right away to start the recording. The process is quite similar to outgoing calls. After you make a phone call, add the dialed number to the conference by tapping on merge as soon as the recipient receives your call.


Preserving important conversations, business discussions, classes, etc., has never been easier. Install the application for free, allow necessary permissions required by the app, and that’s it! Record phone calls on the fly, save them on your device and access the files directly from the app.

Record Voice Memo

record voice on your iPhone

This Call Recorder for iPhone app is not limited to taping phone calls as it comes with a built-in feature for recording voices as well. Yes, you can tape-record important notes and reminders using the audio recorder tool and save them for later purposes. Create voice memos with just a single “tap to start” option and never lose your valuable statements.


The sound recorder is accurate, efficient, and produces high-quality recordings. Sing your favorite songs, recite a poem, send recorded messages to friends, or even leverage pieces of information using this amazing app. You can also apply this to support legal issues, record official assertions, and many more.

Device and Cloud-storage

Save recording on the device

Another useful component of this app is its cloud storage system. Call Recorder for iPhone offers its users to record calls on iPhone and store them both on-device and on cloud. The storage option comes free with the app. Its spontaneous action makes it easier to save recordings and simple to download.


Save all calls on your iPhone, access directly within the app and cloud simultaneously. It’s an incredibly helpful option that backs up all your critical files for recovery. It also enables you to download past recordings from storage, making it safe and absolutely impossible to lose valuable files in the future.

Edit Recordings

edit recorded tracks

You can never have enough with this iPhone voice recorder pro when it comes to versatility and convenience. Using the app’s audio editor feature, you can edit, trim, and size your recorded tracks anytime. Keep the critical portion of a class lecture, allow yourself to study over a specific session, remind yourself of a business meeting’s details by rescaling the saved files.


Drag and trim with ease to remove unwanted sections of a course and preserve the parts you want for future use. The benefit of this component is unrivaled as it’s not a common feature among most of the similar apps out there.

Check out this recording app for your iPhone. With the Screen Recorder app, you can not only record your iPhone screen but also make reaction videos, make a GIF from a video, and many other things. Also, this app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Share and Export Recorded Files

share recordings with friends

Finally, this auto calls recorder for iPhone allows you to share your recordings instantly after saving them. Use this conversation and conference recorder to tape meetings, brainstorming sessions, phone calls, and edit as necessary with the voice editor tool. Once your file is ready, tap on the recorded track’s menu and navigate to the share option.


A list of available applications and channels is shown on the page from where you can easily choose and send your files. Either AirDrop, mail, message is a recommended channel, as well as social media shares like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or anything according to your preferred platform.

Wrapping Up

Call Recorder for Phone is an all-rounder utility app that comes with numerous features relating to call records and more. Along with the smart design and intuitive interface, navigating and using the app is super easy. Download and install Call Recorder for Phone; a versatile all-in-one app that can record phone calls on iPhone, edit tracks, and save files on demand. Share with friends and peers for better communication and ease through your personal and professional life.

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