13 Best Battery Saving Apps for iPhone in 2022

13 Best Battery saving apps for iPhone

When talking about battery life, iPhone undoubtedly bits most mobile devices in the industry. This is not because iPhone has the highest battery capacity but because they have the most optimized battery among other mobile phone brands in the industry. However, even the most optimized battery setup of newer iPhone models falls to their knees due to a lack of task management. This is where some of the best battery saving apps for iPhone come into the scenario.


Best Battery saving apps for iPhone


Now the question lies, what is a battery saving app, and how to optimize battery capacity to maximum on an iPhone? There is a myth among users who think battery-saving apps increase battery capacity. The fact, however, is a little different from this. The capacity of an iPhone battery doesn’t increase a bit, no matter what software you use. It, instead, depreciates faster than expected if ill-maintained.


A good battery-saving app manages app usage on the device in the most optimized way possible. They monitor excess drainage of your battery juice throughout the day. Apps in this genre usually alert you about too much battery wastage due to unnecessary app activities, if any.


Instead of increasing battery capacity, battery savers optimize cell charge by removing unnecessary running tasks that take up extra juice. This reduces battery stress and optimizes the overall potential of your iPhone power unit. Now, as we know what battery saver does, let’s look at the list of apps we have narrowed down for you.


13 best battery saving apps for iPhone you can try today

  • Battery HD+
  • Battery Life Doctor Pro
  • E.C. Smart Battery
  • Battery Life – check runtimes
  • Amperes Lite battery charging
  • Battery Life checker
  • Charge – Your iPhone’s battery life on your wrist
  • Battery Monitor App
  • iStats
  • Battery saver – wifi analyzer
  • Full Power Battery+
  • Zen Battery
  • Battery Fixit
Battery HD+

The first app we will talk about is the Battery HD+. This app works perfectly on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to give a precise report of your daily device battery usage. The app provides an accurate count of battery remainings during iPhone usage as well as total battery capacity. What’s more intuitive is its voice alert once the battery is low. Enjoy the battery HD+ app for analyzing daily battery usage on an easy-to-understand graphical interface along with theme customizing facilities.


Features at a glance

  • Shows an accurate count of your battery usage
  • Displays total and remaining battery percentage
  • Voice alarm when the battery is low
  • Graphical interface for easy battery usage analysis
  • Customizable themes
Battery Life Doctor Pro

Second, on the list of the best battery saving apps for iPhone is the Battery Life Doctor Pro. It is developed for iPhone and iPad only, and once installed, it provides multiple iPhone battery optimization features. The 3D animated battery status is fun to monitor on this app. Apart from this, it also gives useful suggestions to optimize your battery when in use. Additionally, the app provides precise memory status and free space on your iPhone.


Features at a glance

  • Multiple iPhone battery optimization functions
  • 3D animated intuitive battery meter
  • Prov ide tips to optimize battery life
  • Active memory and RAM analyzer
SEC Smart Battery-Best Battery saving apps for iPhone

If you are looking for an advanced-level app to monitor the lithium-ion battery of your iPhone, then this is the stuff. The app may get too complex for a regular user. However, this can be a resourceful tool for an enthusiast or engineer in a relevant field. S.E.C. Smart Battery offers basic battery info, U.I.T.C data, and other lithium battery monitoring functions.


Features at a glance

  • Built for more technical usage
  • In-depth battery analysis functions
  • I.T.C data, along with other battery monitoring features
  • Show the voltage and capacity of your iPhone battery
  • You can purchase lithium-ion batteries if needed
Battery Life - check runtimes-Best Battery saving apps for iPhone

Battery Life-check runtimes come next on the list. It is one of the best battery saving apps for iPhone due to its amazing features. Starting with battery runtime monitoring to getting suggestions to optimize battery life. The app customizes the notification process of your device to save battery juice and displays battery health both on iPhone, iPad as well as Apple Watch.


Features at a glance

  • Monitor battery runtime
  • Shows battery status and charge percentage
  • Suggest tips that optimize battery life
  • Customizable notification that saves battery capacity
Amperes Lite battery charging

If you want accurate counts of your charging capacity throughout its life cycle, Amperes Lite Battery charging is the right app. This app scores every battery charging event, detect the quality of different charging cables and power sources. Next, the app gives a comparison table for all the last charges you have carried out. This helps you detect the best cable and power outlet for your iPhone charging.


Features at a glance

  • Detect and score iPhone charging event
  • Detect and score Charging cable quality
  • Compare and score the quality of the different power outlets
  • Figures out the most optimum cable and power brick for your device
  • Alarm notification when the battery is full
Battery Life checker

When listing the best battery saving apps for iPhone, we couldn’t ignore the Battery Life checker. The well-animated battery info gives you an in-depth overview of which apps are taking maximum juice of your iPhone battery. The app also analyzes your wireless network status, storage, and RAM condition in an impressive statistical interface.


Features at a glance

  • Visually attractive animated Battery status
  • Detail report of power consumptions in list form
  • Wireless network connectivity status
  • Storage and RAM status of your iPhone
Charge - Your iPhone’s battery life on your wrist

This is rather a simple app that adapts to your Apple Watch. The function of this app is simple but effective. It monitors your iPhone battery usage and charge percentage and shows scheduled reports on your connected Apple Watch. This makes the process hands-free and time-saving.


Features at a glance

  • Monitors your iPhone battery status
  • Detects whether your iPhone is currently plugged into the charger
  • Detects the wifi connectivity status of your iPhone
  • Keeps the battery monitoring process hands-free and convenient
Battery Monitor App-Best Battery saving apps for iPhone

This is another simple-to-use app that is straightforward and monitors your battery status efficiently. It gives accurate data about your iPhone battery to help keep it optimized. Battery Monitor App offers +- 1-minute battery life and charging time accuracy with decimal point precision. Moreover, it comes in widget form on your iOS platform.


Features at a glance

  • +- 1-minute battery life
  • +- 1-minute charging time info
  • Decimal point precision for the charging data
  • Comes in widget form on your iPhone
  • The battery calibrates once only
  • Free product and without any ads
iStats - iPhone Batter Charger, Device & Network Info-Best Battery saving apps for iPhone

It is an all-in-one app that not only gives you a precise battery life status but also gives you scope to optimize that status. This, as a result, contributes to maximizing the battery life. The app, at the same time, provides comprehensive technical information about your iPhone. Additionally, it gives you data about storage and connectivities.


Features at a glance

  • Precise battery monitor and optimizer
  • Powerful software and hardware analyzer for your iPhone
  • iPhone storage analyzer
  • Detects and provides detailed network data
Battery saver - wifi analyzer

If you are looking for free but one of the best battery saving apps for iPhone, consider the Battery saver- wifi analyzer app. This app is intuitive, graphically impressive at the same time, and packed with just the features you need to analyze your iPhone in-depth. Here you additionally get a detailed battery usage data list, wifi connectivity details, storage, and RAM status.


Features at a glance

  • Graphical battery meter with details battery consumption data
  • Wifi connectivity status details
  • Comprehensive storage and RAM status
  • Suggestions for maintaining battery health
Full Power Battery+

If simplicity is defined in the cool battery charging app field, then this is it. Although this app doesn’t have any active battery optimizing function, what it does is passive battery health boosting. The app didn’t use RGB color or heavy and battery-hungry animations. It simply notifies in mono color and flashes the screen when the charge is complete.


Features at a glance

  • Mono color and simple design
  • Two modes for charge completed notification
  • Two modes of screen flashing charge completion indicator
  • Choose among three modes for each notification and charge completion signal
Zen Battery

A relatively simple and easy-to-understand app that gives you your iPhone battery status with detailed charge distribution data. The design is well-thought. With this, one glance and you have no trouble understanding your iPhone battery status. This app works as a battery status widget on every touch gesture. On the other hand, the gyro-sensitive animation will entertain during battery analysis.


Features at a glance

  • The app acts as a widget and works in the background when touched
  • Shows battery percentage and time remaining for the next charging
  • Gyro-sensitive animation to moves the liquid inside the battery according to your iPhone orientation
  • Color customization for a more intuitive experience
  • Battery charge notification sounds
Battery Fixit

The last app on our list of the best battery saving apps for iPhone is the battery Fixit. This app divides its task into four segments; show battery usage status, battery status, battery usage graphs, and app customization setup. It provides various graphic interfaces for a customizable app experience. Moreover, Battery Fixit shows the remaining hours of battery capacity after each charge. It additionally shows how much battery juice remains for various tasks on your iPhone.


Features at a glance

  • Shows accurate battery percentage and charge status
  • Different themes for a customizable user experience
  • Shows charge remainings against various tasks on iPhone
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand design



Now it’s time for you to choose one from this list of the best battery saving apps for iPhone that you feel right for managing and monitoring the battery of your iPhone. Of course, these are not the only ones on the internet. The web is tons of battery saver apps. However, not all are safe to use. Some contain phishing programs, and some have malware extensions. Nevertheless, our advice is to get your battery-saver apps from a reliable source. When talking malware, check out our article on how to remove malware from Mac. You might find this blog or other similar content useful. So, hop into the Applavia blog, and browse through our huge archive of articles.

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