10 Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone in 2021

Fax apps for iPhone

The days of using fax machines to fax a document over the air are long gone. Like so many things nowadays, you can use your iPhone to send faxes around the world. Fax apps for iPhone let you forward digital copies of documents and papers just like the old-fashioned system, only in a better and much easier way.


There are plenty of iOS fax apps on the App Store. While the common task is to send fax from iPhone, they also feature other special and handy tools. Let’s explore the best fax apps for iPhone you can use to send fax without a fax machine.

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Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone | Top 10 Selection

With fax apps for iPhone, you don’t even need a dedicated fax number to telefax your papers. Simply install a free fax app for iPhone, scan your document, and send it to anyone with simple touches.

Here’s a List of the Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone

  • Fax App – Fax from iPhone
  • FAX.PLUS – Receive & Send Fax
  • JotNot Fax – Send Receive Fax
  • eFax App–Send Fax from iPhone
  • FAX for iPhone – send fax app
  • Fax Burner: Send & Receive Fax
  • Fax from iPhone – Tiny Fax
  • MyFax App
  • Fax from iPhone. Send receive
  • Fax from iPhone-Speedy Fax App
Fax App Fax from iPhone

Fax App for iPhone takes the number one spot deservedly with its fast and accurate faxing from iPhone. You can send fax for free to more than 80 countries around the world with this app. It also allows you to source documents in different ways. For instance, scan to fax, or import your fax documents from the iPhone library or personal cloud storage.


In addition, this free fax app for iPhone comes with a built-in editor. You can compose fax, apply filters, add a custom cover page, or draft a fax at will to edit later. Moreover, add an electronic signature to your important documents to validate them before sending free fax from iPhone. To ensure security, it also comes with a Passcode and Face ID feature to lock your faxes. Install this iPhone fax app for free and enjoy convenience from one of the best mobile fax apps for iPhone.

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Key features of the Fax App

  • Send and receive unlimited fax from iPhone
  • Supports over 80 countries
  • Scan to fax free using the iPhone camera
  • Source document from Gallery or import from cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud)
  • Inbuilt editor to compose fax on iPhone
  • Apply filters
  • Adjust frame and borders
  • Add electronic signatures
  • Draft fax to edit anytime
  • Passcode and Face ID security

How to Send an Online Fax from Your iPhone

FAX PLUS Receive & Send Fax

Featuring one of the best online fax services, the FAX PLUS app turns your iPhone into a virtual fax machine. Its secure and reliable operation lets you send a fax from iPhone effortlessly to any country. Simply scan documents with the iPhone camera, edit as necessary, and send a fax online for free.


Key features

  • Send and receive online faxes
  • Send electronic fax from email
  • Insert signature and cover page
  • Organized fax archives
JotNot Fax Send Receive Fax

JotNot is undoubtedly one of the most reliable apps for faxing from iPhone. With this app, you can forward any documents from the device, the cloud, or even email accounts. Send and keep track of your faxes using the inbuilt organizer. In addition, JotNot lets you generate your own virtual fax number for easy access to anyone for faxing.


Key features

  • Send fax from iPhone with customized fax number
  • Built-in cover pages for free
  • Send fax as PDF, JPG, docs, etc.
  • Source document from emails and cloud
eFax App SendFax from iPhone

eFax is the official fax app for iPhone from the eFAX company. Featuring top-notch functionalities and incredible tools for faxing, it has earned the popularity of users. So if you were wondering how to fax from iPhone with the maximum reach, eFax would serve you well. To clarify, you can receive and send faxes to around 200 countries, edit and sign before sending, and save your projects for future use.


Key features

  • Support for nearly 200 countries
  • Receive and send fax from iPhones
  • Choose from a local or toll-free fax number
  • Sign and edit faxes on the go
FAX for iPhone Send fax app

The Send Fax App comes with versatility with online faxing by letting you post documents of different formats and sources. That is to say; you can send your fax as PDF or Word directly from the iPhone, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. It’s as easy as selecting your documents and entering the fax number, and you’re good to go!


Key features

  • Fax multiple files simultaneously
  • Send fax to any numbers
  • Source papers from the iPhone and cloud storage
Fax Burner Send & Receive Fax

Fax Burner is one of the most trusted and efficient fax apps for iPhone because of its powerful features. Turning your iPhone and iPad into an iOS fax machine, you can easily sign and send documents over the air. Fax Burner also comes with a quick scanning feature that allows you to send faxes in urgency.


Key features

  • Send and receive fax with iPhone
  • Scan and take photos with the camera to send a fax
  • Save faxes as PDFs for further use
Fax from iPhone Tiny Fax

Tiny Fax is another free fax app for iPhone with fantastic on-the-go fax solutions. Send your documents with high-quality PDF formats using this app to literally anywhere. It also lets you send single or multiple papers in one fax. Moreover, the Tiny Fax app allows you to input sender information, save faxes, and organize to use anytime.


Key features

  • Scan to fax documents
  • Support over 50 countries
  • Attach sender and recipient information
My Fax App Send and Receive Fax

MyFax app lets you send a fax from iPhone and iPad in PDF formats with personalized cover pages. Upload your files from Dropbox and Google Drive, or scan with camera to create a fax; it supports both. Furthermore, you can send from a single to around 300 pages via the MyFax app.


Key features

  • Send, receive, and view faxes directly from the iPhone
  • Fax PDFs with customized cover pages
  • Fax from the app, website, or email
Fax from iPhone Send receive

Fax from iPhone is a straightforward iOS fax app with simple telefax solutions. Similar to the other free fax apps, it lets you send fax without a fax machine worldwide. In addition, though, you can create fax formats from any documents with this app. You can also scan, correct your fax copies, edit and merge papers before sending them in the air.


Key features

  • Easy scan to fax app
  • Generate fax formats from any file types
  • Built-in editor for image correction
Fax from iPhone Speedy Fax App

The Speedy Fax App is another significant pick in this list of best free fax apps for iPhone. Similar to the name, it can send fax copies quickly and without a lot of steps. It also comes with in-app professional cover pages to attach with your documents.


Key features

  • Support over 30 countries
  • Scan documents and process images for faxing from iPhone
  • Send PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC, etc.

In Conclusion

A fax app is the most preferable, convenient, and effortless means to send faxes for more than enough reasons. Choose your pick among the best fax apps for iPhone and transmit your professional documents by sending faxes from phones.

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