10 Best Firewall for Mac to Secure Your Device in 2022

10 Best Firewall for Mac to Secure your Device in 2022

Before choosing the best firewall on Mac, you must first determine whether you require a Mac firewall before purchasing one. You might think so instinctively. However, macOS has a firewall, which is turned off by default. Therefore, we will mention the best firewall for Mac available today.


The best firewall for Mac | Top 10 picks


The firewall on Mac is one of the most essential tools in your device’s security arsenal. Firewalls are used to block inbound and outbound network access. They are often configured to be as strict or mellow as you like.


Below are the 10 best firewall for Mac

  • Little Snitch
  • Radio Silence
  • Murus 2
  • Scudo
  • ESET
  • Vallum Mac Firewall
  • LuLu
  • IceFloor
  • WaterRoof
  • DNS Firewall by KeepSolid
Little Snitch

Price: $ 45.00

Compatibilty: macOS


Little Snitch is undoubtedly the first best firewall for Mac. Little Snitch had been around for much longer than macOS. Its main goal is to prohibit apps from establishing inbound internet connections unless you explicitly permit it. This would be advantageous for several reasons. Everything simply blocks foreign applications from talking with a server or transferring information about you. This will then alert you to any application that shouldn’t have been installed on your Mac. Such include things like malware and any attempts to reach a server machine.



  • When a database-accessing program tries to access the database, Little Snitch alerts users and gives them a choice to approve or reject the transaction. This gathers information about your decisions and creates policies based on them.
  • There is a brilliant silent option that hides warnings, so you won’t be bombarded with them.
Radio Silence

Price: $ 9.00

Compatibility: macOS


Radio Silence is a little firewall package that allows you to prevent any program from connecting to the internet. It, at the same time, works for folks who don’t want to mess with typical firewall configurations while working on their workstation.



  • Radio Silence is considerate of your focus. As a result, you will never be bothered by pop-up windows or notifications.
  • Radio Silence is light as a feather. It doesn’t waste any time or resources, making it incredibly quick.
  • Anyone may use it – This firewall can be used by anyone who isn’t a network specialist. It manages all of the technical aspects for you.
Murus 2

Price: $10-$55
Compatibility: macOS


Murus 2 is a firewall front-end for beginners. It has inbound filtering and logging capabilities. Additionally, this can be used to safeguard Mac services. A full-featured program is an excellent place to start for newcomers making it a top choice when on the market for the best firewall for Mac.



  • Filtering of inbound traffic
  • Logging from the outside
  • PF Config can be expanded
  • Management of Ports

Price: $ 10.00
Compatibility: macOS


Scudo is a Mac-based hybrid firewall that combines an outgoing application-layer firewall with an inward network-layer packet filter. The app improves the security of Mac’s network services by blocking any unwanted connections. On the other hand, it protects you against distant computers attempting to access your data via the network.



  • Network services and shared documents are protected
  • Limit the number of applications that may download or upload data
  • Verify an app’s legitimacy and integrity



Price: $ 39.99Compatibility: macOS


When seeking the best firewall for Mac, Cyber Security Pro is a complete security program that will safeguard your Mac from harmful assaults and malfunctions. Manufacturers such as Canon, Honda, and Toshiba use this app. It comes with a personal firewall as well as parental controls. Thus, making it on this best firewall for Mac list.



  • Defends against phishing websites
  • Prevents children from accessing the potentially harmful website
  • Advanced security setups are possible thanks to the ability to specify advanced configurations
Vallum 4

Price: $ 15.00
Compatibility: macOS


This is a macOS Firewall that monitors application connections. This mac firewall can store app connections as well as determine whether to keep, pass, or block the connection later. It’s, at the same time, an icon-based interface. Moreover, it does not need any prior experience in networking. To disable an app, just drag its icon into the Vallum’s main window.



  • For inbound connections, inbound filtering and pop-up notifications are available
  • Compile a list of connections based on their hostname or domain
  • Current network parameters, such as SSID and interface, are used to create rules

7. LuLu


Price: Free
Compatibility: macOS


For macOS, LuLu is a free, open-source firewall. Its objective is straightforward: it blocks all unknown outbound connections unless the user approves them.


While LuLu was created to identify malware by detecting unwanted network connections, it may also be used to prevent OS components or third-party apps from sending data to distant sites. Apart from that, LuLu is an excellent option if you are looking for the best firewall for Mac.



  • Outbound connections are restricted
  • By default, all connection requests are disabled.
  • Examination of open-source code

Price: Free
Compatibility: macOS


IceFloor is a PF firewall with a visual interface. It is well-known for controlling PF setups, logging, bandwidth, several types of filtering, and various other connections. However, its operation is a little complicated for some because it forms multiple groups that block or pass connections, assign parameters, addresses, etc.



  • Free and open-source graphical application for the PF network firewall
  • To pass or stop connections, it creates groups and assigns addresses, services, and parameters
  • IceFloor uses its own PF configuration files

Price: Free
Compatibility: macOS


WaterRoof is a front-end firewall management tool that lets you do bandwidth tuning, NAT configuration, port redirection, dynamic rule tracking, live connections blocking, as well as predetermined rule sets. It’s design is suitable for rapidly interfacing with most firewalls. Thus making configuration and management a breeze. Moreover,  WaterRoof also allows you to fine-tune your internet connection if you share it with someone. These are some of the many reasons why you should pick this application when searching for the best firewall for Mac.



  • Allows for the creation of rules and the control of bandwidth
  • Facilitates firewall management
  • Allows you to rapidly create, change, remove, and transfer ipfw, ipv4, and ipv6 rules
DNS Firewall by KeepSolid

Price: Free (Offers In-App purchases)
Compatibility: macOS


With DNS Firewall, you can stay secure online! This network security solution protects you from known harmful websites, phishing attempts, as well as unwanted material. This lets you have the most extraordinary browsing experience possible. DNS Firewall is a high-security firewall with cutting-edge technology designed with your safety and quality in mind.



  • Block websites that are harmful
  • When accessing the web, keep your Mac safe
  • Filter traffic and protect yourself from phishing scams

What is the procedure to turn on Mac firewall?


Head over to System Preferences and choose Security & Privacy to enable the macOS firewall. Then click the padlock towards the bottom of the Firewall tab. To make changes in System Preferences, enter your login and password. Finally, select Turn On Firewall from the drop-down menu.


Do Mac users require the usage of a firewall?


No, most of the time. As a result, the built-in firewall comes as inactive in default form. Most people have a firewall activated on their router, so macOS isn’t particularly vulnerable to rogue inbound connections.




The Mac Firewall protects Apple-based PCs from illegal network access requests and grants. It protects the Mac from adware, malware, spyware, viruses, worms, and Trojans, all of which can cause serious damage to the computer and privacy and the abuse of personally identifiable information. Therefore, it is always advisable to install the best firewall for Mac. It is quite simple to operate and does not need any special abilities.


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