10 Best Free Apps to Record iPhone Screen in 2021

Apps to record iPhone screen

Recording iPhone screens have become easier when Apple introduced a built-in screen recorder with the iOS 11 release. However, it only has native features and isn’t enough if you really want to utilize the idea of screen recording. To make videos, tutorials, game recordings, and such, you still need the best apps to record iPhone screen.


Why? Because iPhone screen recording apps offer more than just recording the display of your smartphone. There are tons of them in the App Store. So in the quest to find the best screen recorder app for iPhone, we’ve gathered the top 10 apps to record iPhone screen for free. Let’s check out their features and brief reviews.

Best Apps to Record iPhone Screen | Top 10 Selection

Unlike the inbuilt iOS screen recorder, third-party apps to record iPhone screen come with custom recording options and editing tools. So, best functionalities and qualities are taken into consideration for the preferred iPhone screen recorder apps in the following.

Here’s the List of 10 Best Apps to Record iPhone Screen

  • Screen Recorder for iPhone
  • Screen Recorder +
  • TechSmith Capture
  • Screen Recorder, Video Editor
  • DU Recorder – Screen Recorder
  • Screen Recorder °
  • Screen Recorder Z – Livestream
  • Rec. Screen Recorder
  • Game Rec Games Screen Recorder
  • Screen Recorder – Record 321
Screen Recorder for iPhone

Top of the list is the Screen Recorder for iPhone, a versatile app with tons of powerful tools. Featuring a one-tap record button, it starts capturing your screen immediately upon initiating. On the other hand, you can set the recording quality before starting the display capture. Easily set resolution from HD or Full HD, change bit rate and adjust frame rate per second (FPS).


This iPhone screen recorder goes far beyond traditional screen capture and offers multiple video editing tools. It falls nothing short of the best video editing apps for iPhone with cool features like video trimming, video filters, and face cam reactions. Screen Recorder for iPhone also lets you increase or decrease the volume, alter the playback speed of your recording. In addition, there’s Add Audio to Video, where you can record your voice or insert background music.


Last but not least, convert video to GIF files with this incredible screen recording app. Design and share your creation, gameplay recordings, tutorials instantly with the best free screen recorder for iPhone.


Key features of the Screen Recorder for iPhone

  • Start to record display with a single touch and stop recording with the same button
  • Adjust video recording resolution, bit rate, FPS
  • Recording microphone sound to insert voiceover to videos
  • Record gameplay, tutorials, how-to videos, using an app, and much more
  • Make reaction videos with recordings and YouTube using facecam overlay
  • Edit recorded copies with a smart video editor
  • Add audio commentary and voiceovers
  • Create GIF from videos and share on social media
  • Easily manage recording projects within the app to edit anytime

Wondering how to screen record on iPhone?

Screen Recorder + app

The Screen Recorder + app is simultaneously an iOS game recorder, video maker, and iPhone home screen recorder. Its HD screen recording, video editing options, and an additional Face cam tool let you create videos on the go. Furthermore, it has a voice recorder where you can add audio commentary to recordings and make them even more lively.


Key features

  • Record iPhone display with HD quality
  • Face cam for live reactions
  • Audio commentary recording
  • Crop, trim and adjust recording clips with the video editor feature
TechSmith Capture iPhone screen

This screen recorder for iPhone is from the popular video editor “Camtasia” developer, Techsmith. Much like the parent software, their screen recording app promises quality and accuracy altogether. You can record your screen with simple navigation and organize them in the integrated library. Moreover, you can also transfer your videos to Camtasia for quick editing and corrections.


Key features

  • Record one or more full screens
  • Record app demos and tutorials
  • Import recorded videos within the app
  • Share videos to the desktop app for customization
Screen Recorder, Video Editor

This is one of the best apps to record iPhone screen and edit them afterward. It’s essentially a game screen recorder for iOS, video tutorial maker, and versatile editor. Easy navigation with a user-friendly interface makes this a top choice among screen recorders. For instance, you can record your screen and go to the inbuilt editor to select format, change background color, and insert texts.


Key features

  • Record gameplay on iPhone
  • Record iOS display
  • 3D touch for better navigation
  • Edit recorded videos
DU Recorder - Screen Recorder

DU Recorder stands out in this list of the best apps to record iPhone screen. It’s a reliable, widely popular screen recorder for iPhone with both audio and videotaping. You can also edit your recorded copies to trim, crop, add music to video, insert text, and more. In addition, it has a Livestream feature where you can share your real-time screen on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc.


Key features

  • Capture mobile screen
  • Record audio to video
  • Live recording using the Livestream feature
  • Powerful video editing tools
Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder ° is a customizable app to record iPhone screen with resolutions, FPS, and more. It automatically records the entire screen with audio, making it easier to create gameplay and walkthroughs. You can also add facecam overlay to videos and resize thumbnails to suit the best outcome.


Key features

  • Set video quality before starting to capture screen
  • Supports Game and App demo
  • Import and edit any videos, not just recordings
Screen Recorder Z Livestream

Screen Recorder Z is both a recording and Livestream app designed to broadcast your iPhone screen with ease. Record and edit screen, and add commentary immediately to share with friends through just a couple of touches. You can also add facecam reactions to your videos to personalize them even more.


Key features

  • iPhone screen recorder and video editor
  • Record and go live on social profiles
  • Insert audio commentary
Rec. Screen Recorder

Similar to other apps to record iPhone screen, this app also lets you capture your phone screen with multiple adjustabilities. Moving on from the basics, it allows full-fledged editing with trimming, rotating and cropping your videos. Additionally, the facecam overlay option and audio commentary make this a preferable choice overall.


Key features

  • Record full-screen videos on iPhone
  • Trim, flip, crop, or rotate videos
  • React with Facecam and live audio
Game Rec Games Screen Recorder

As the name implies, this app is specifically designed to record live gameplay on your iPhone. This game recording app is efficient in creating gaming videos, customizing, and sharing with audiences. Consequently, you can add facecam reactions and voice to imply commentary while you record.


Key features

  • High-quality mobile game recorder
  • One-tap record button to start and stop recording
  • Combine multiple gameplay clips to convert into one
  • Live reaction and audio expressions
Screen Recorder - Record 321

Screen Recorder – Record 321 is a simple app to record iPhone screen, make reviews, and how-to videos. It has a built-in video editor with sound effects that allow you to add background music to recordings. You can also insert reactions and funny GIF stickers to make the videos more interesting and instantly share them on social media.


Key features

  • Screen recorder with video editor
  • Mix music and sound effects with recorded videos
  • Add Facecam overlay reactions

Final Words

The best screen recorder for iPhone has its own perks and features to impress, but it all comes down to personal taste. Our recommendation of the apps to record iPhone screen is an effort to make that decision easier. If you’d like an advanced video editor coupled with your screen recorder, check out this video editing app.

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