7 Best Free Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps for iPhone

Best free duplicate photo cleaner apps for iPhone

Is your phone getting cluttered with duplicate photos and screenshots? Running into “iPhone storage full” problem lately all the time? Then, probably it’s high time you start using one of those photo cleaner apps.


Thanks to the exceptional camera of the Apple devices, capturing photos is a breeze now. But that comes with its own sets of trouble. Excessive and duplicated images keep piling up periodically. Therefore, having the best duplicate photo cleaner apps for iPhone is an absolute must.

Best Duplicate Photo Cleaner Apps for iPhone | Top 7 Picks

There are plenty of iPhone cleaning apps that can delete screenshots and photos. Besides cleaning up photos, some of these apps can clear similar photos, large videos, and duplicate contacts.


In this article, we’ve gone through and tested several duplicate photo cleaner apps for iPhone. These gallery cleaner apps can help you clear camera rolls for duplicates and boost mobile performance.

Here are the 7 best duplicate photo cleaner apps

  • Cleaner for iPhone
  • Photo Cleaner – Album organizer
  • Cleen Photos
  • Cleanup: Phone Storage Cleaner
  • Remove Master for Camera Roll
  • Slidebox – Photo Manager
  • Smart Cleaner – Clean Storage
Best album cleaner and phone cleaner app

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Compatibility: iOS 12.1 or later


At the top of the list of photo cleanup apps, we have Cleaner for iPhone. Declutter your iPhone storage space with this lightning-fast duplicate photo finder and remover tool.


You can automatically scan and bulk delete iPhone duplicate photos, screenshots, and videos with the “Fast Clean” feature. Of course, you can remove them manually as well, if you want. Nevertheless, it’s fast and efficient to clean sweep similar-looking pictures from iPhone.


Thanks to Cleaner for iPhone, never get lost in the contact list again. Because this convenient contact cleaner lets you merge or delete iPhone contacts too. Whether it is duplicate or incomplete contacts, you can easily deal with them with this app.


Key Features:

  • Scan and delete duplicate photos, contacts, and videos on iPhone
  • Detect similar-looking live photos and blurry images
  • Delete or merge duplicate contacts on iPhone
  • One tap smart cleaning feature
  • Shows iPhone system storage stats

Learn how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone (Video tutorial)

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One of the best photo cleaner apps for iPhone

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later


Similar to Cleaner for iPhone, Photo Cleaner is a neat little duplicate file finder for iPhone. This album cleaner is capable of keeping your device neat and organized. Not to mention, you can hide photos and videos in the private album as well.

Apart from cleaning pictures, there’s another trick to this iOS cleaner. And that is the ability to compress images and videos. Either delete duplicate files or reduce the file size to free up storage on iPhone. The freedom is in your hands.


Key Features:

  • Find duplicate photos and videos
  • Sort photos on iPhone by their size
  • File compression option
  • Private album for keeping your media files safely
Effective image cleaner app for removing duplicates

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS 9.1 or later


Cleen Photos offers quite a fun way to clean up memory space on your iPhone. Specifically, you can delete repeated images with three innovative sweeping gestures.


For instance, sweep up to mark the pictures as favorites or sweep down to instantly delete selected junk files. Or sweep sideways to decide later on. Also, you can create stunning personalized photo books as you wish.


Key Features:

  • Create photo books from your favorite snaps
  • Flexible page layout
  • Gestures are handy for quick photo clean up
Delete temp files with the best photo cleaner app

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later


Next in the list, we have Cleanup – the best duplicate photo finder app that you can get for free. Delete pictures from your camera roll and gallery quickly with this super cleaner.


Moreover, Cleanup provides suggestions when you start the picture clean up procedure. Even if you accidentally remove an image, you can safely retrieve it from the trash folder. Although this is a handy gallery cleaner app, some of the features are locked behind a paywall.


Key Features:

  • Very fast for a duplicate file remover app
  • Has gesture controls
  • Review duplicate files that you’ve deleted in the trash folder
  • Works offline; don’t require internet connection
Remove duplicate photos on iPhone with this iOS cleaning app

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later


Thinking about cleaning the iPhone photos storage, but you keep forgetting about it? Then, this is just the right phone space cleaner app for you. That’s because its unique reminder feature reminds you to clean the phone regularly.


Also, this fast one tap cleaner quickly trashes unwanted photos from your camera roll. However, the excessive ads in the free version can be an eyesore for some.


Key Features:

  • One tap feature to quickly remove duplicate images
  • Reminder feature for regular cleaning
  • Image sorting by months
Slidebox provide a smart cleaning option as an album cleaner app

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later


Next in our list of the best iPhone cleanup apps, we have Slidebox Photo Manager. Alongside creating and organizing the photo album, you can delete photo replicas with ease.


Additionally, the app has a photo comparison feature as well. So, it’s possible to find out the difference in the images more easily with this photo duplicate finder app.


Key Features:

  • Option to create photo albums
  • Single sweep feature for removing duplicates
  • Compare function for images
  • You can mark photos as favorites
  • GIF format support and undo option
Smart cleaner is one of the best free duplicate file finders

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later


If you’re searching for how to free up space on iPhone, Smart Cleaner is the way to go. This duplicate picture finder app comes with a lot of extra features. For example, it has a duplicate contact remover and merger functionality as well.


Besides providing the fastest way to delete photos from iPhone, you can clear browser search history too. And of course, let’s not forget about the secret album. Hiding photos and contacts are only a few taps away. Despite having few features in the free version, Smart Cleaner is one of the best iPhone cleaner apps.


Key Features:

  • Search for duplicate images and contacts on iPhone
  • Delete replicated live photos, burst images, and videos
  • Clear browser cache and delete all searches
  • Effective memory cleaner
  • Private album and browser to protect privacy


It’s inevitable to run out of storage space eventually if you don’t clean up your device. With this in mind, we’ve listed some of the best duplicate photo cleaner apps for iPhone and iPad.


Altogether, those apps are quite simple and easy to use. You just need to search and delete duplicate images on your iPhone. That’s all.


But there’s always a chance that you may end up deleting some photos by mistake. And that’s exactly why we have the perfect guide on how to recover deleted photos from iPhone. You can rest assured now.

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