10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

best live wallpaper apps for iPhone

It is now simple to personalize the iPhone home screen. Try using the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone to replace your monotonous flat appearance with a lively new wallpaper. You might use live wallpaper to make your already stunning iPhone even more appealing.


These beautiful live visuals will undoubtedly distinguish your iPhone and wow your friends. Live wallpapers bring striking dynamic patterns, mesmerizing time-lapse naturalistic scenes, and much more to the screen.

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When searching the internet for the best wallpaper app for iPhone, you will come across various HD and 4K wallpapers. Regrettably, not all wallpaper pictures on the internet are properly suited for your iPhone screen. This is where high-quality live wallpaper applications enter the picture. Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a list and reviews for the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone.

Best live wallpaper apps for iPhone | Top 10 picks

Live wallpaper apps come with a massive collection of free wallpapers from multiple categories. Continue with this blog for in-depth reviews on the best live wallpaper app for your iPhone.

Here is the list of 10 best live wallpaper apps for iPhone:

  • Live Wallpaper 3D
  • Black Lite – Live Wallpapers
  • Everpix Cool Live Wallpaper 4K
  • Live Wallpaper Launcher: Maker
  • ZEDGE™ Wallpapers
  • Live Wallpapers & HD Themes
  • Kappboom – Live Wallpapers
  • WOW Pixel – Live Wallpapers
  • Wallpapers Central
  • Live Wallpapers X
Live Wallpaper 3D

The Live Wallpaper 3D app is our first choice among the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone. You can customize your iPhone home screen and lock screen with amazing wallpapers from different categories. Not only live wallpapers but there is also an extensive collection of HD and 3D dynamic wallpapers available on the Live Wallpaper app. Cool wallpaper designs and themes ideas from Abstract, Animal, Cities, Sports, Art, Fortnite, and many more.

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With each successive update, you get a fresh assortment of new wallpapers on your Live Wallpaper 3D app for iPhone. So whenever you browse the app, you will have access to new and trendy wallpapers.

Key features:

  • Create live wallpapers from videos with the Live Wallpaper Maker feature.
  • A massive collection of HD & 4K wallpapers.
  • Before downloading a wallpaper or a theme, use the preview option.
  • Every week, you’ll receive auto-updates of trending wallpapers.
  • Cool gaming wallpapers from various popular games.
  • It has well-categorized wallpapers for easy finding.
  • It includes lock screen savers as well as themes.
  • Popular live wallpaper categories such as Abstract, natural, animal, cities, Fortnite, and many more.
  • Choose and save your favorite wallpapers in the app.
Black Lite Live Wallpapers app

Our next top choice for the best live wallpaper app is the Black Lite app. It is free and has a good collection of live wallpapers. As the name suggests, the app offers black wallpapers with a live morphing gem in the centre. Black colored wallpapers mean that it would consume less battery power, and it looks really good.

Key features:

  • It contains a large collection of animated wallpapers.
  • Black colored gorgeous live wallpapers.
  • It offers power-saving wallpapers.
Everpix Cool LiveWallpaper 4K

Everpix offers a quality selection of wallpapers. This wallpaper application provides standard HD and 4K wallpapers and a variety of themes and screen savers for your iPhone. The application’s complex operation prevents it from being at the top of this list of best wallpaper app for iPhone.


Aside from that, this app is rather remarkable in terms of its wallpaper content. The Everpix app has wallpapers and themes developed especially for iPhone devices.

Key features:

  • Live wallpapers of exceptional quality.
  • The app provides wallpapers and high-quality themes.
  • New and trendy wallpapers are added regularly.
Live Wallpaper Launcher Maker

The Live Wallpaper Launcher app focuses on quality over quantity which means there are fewer live wallpapers. However, each and every piece of wallpaper are of very high quality. Additionally, the Live Wallpaper Launcher app has a clean user interface with wallpapers sorted by various categories.


A distinguishing feature of this app is that it also allows you to add stickers to live photos. Unfortunately, the variety offered by the app is few and not that interesting.

Key features:

  • It has a large collection of high-quality static and animated wallpapers.
  • There are multiple live wallpaper categories to choose from.
  • Can add stickers to live photos.
ZEDGE Wallpapers

Zedge has been around for a long time, and so it has one of the best collections of wallpapers. This app offers custom icons, live and HD wallpapers. A great thing about Zedge is that they have certified designers that contributed to its huge collection.


The app is free; however, the live wallpapers are not. Each Live Wallpaper costs 10 Zedge credits. You can purchase these credits through in-app purchases or earn by watching an ad.

Key features:

  • You can browse categories with thousands of HD and live wallpapers.
  • The wallpapers are specifically designed for iPhone home screens and lock screens.
  • Verified designers create the wallpapers.
Live Wallpapers & HD Themes

Live Backgrounds & HD Themes is another fantastic live wallpaper app for your iPhone that offers a variety of fascinating wallpapers. Most of the live wallpapers you’ll discover here are exclusive to this app, and you won’t find them anywhere else.


Though the app offers many wallpapers across various categories, it can only be applied to your iPhone lock screen. You will have access to unique wallpaper contents from categories such as abstract, nature, space, religion, etc.

Key features:

  • Huge collection of unique live wallpaper designs.
  • It has multiple wallpaper categories.
  • Frequent new wallpaper updates.
Kappboom Live Wallpapers

Kappboom is another great wallpaper app for the iPhone, with more than 200,000 HD wallpapers to choose from. As stated, the content quality of the Kappboom app was excellent. This is a very well-maintained app collection, with well-defined categories and genres of apps.


No matter what you’re searching for, Kappboom has a live wallpaper for you. Additionally, you may download motivational and inspirational wallpapers for your iPhone, which you can use to keep yourself motivated.

Key features:

  • Massive collection of HD and live wallpapers.
  • Advanced app-based tools for creating custom wallpapers.
  • Easy selection process to drag and apply the wallpaper on the screen.
WOW Pixel Live Wallpapers

You’ll love this live wallpaper app if you like vintage pictures. The live wallpapers from the WOW Pixel app are all about showing emotions. More than one wallpaper exists to represent your emotions, whether angry, sad, or happy.


The WOW Pixel app also features live wallpapers with 8-bit designs. Some characters have their own story arcs, which are presented on live wallpapers.

Key features:

  • It contains a collection of retro live wallpaper designs.
  • You can add 8-bit designs to your wallpapers.
  • It has perfect iPhone wallpapers of anime, superheroes, or galaxy.
Wallpapers Central

Wallpapers Central app offers an exclusive collection of live and HD wallpapers for iPhone users. There are unique live wallpaper designs for each and every iPhone model. Additionally, Wallpaper Central users are able to download one free wallpaper every 24 hours.


Though the Wallpapers Central app is free to download, its collection of live wallpapers can only be accessed through a subscription.

Key features:

  • Large collection of HD and live wallpapers.
  • Daily new wallpapers updates.
  • Upload wallpaper designs to Wallpapers Central as a contributor.
Live Wallpapers X

In the Live Wallpapers X app, you may choose from a wide variety of stunning wallpaper backgrounds and themes to use. For example, if you’re looking for eye-catching night cities or natural backgrounds, you’ll find them here.


Out of all the wallpapers, the Live Wallpapers X app has a clean layout that makes it easy to use. As a result, you may store all the beautiful wallpapers that grab your eye and access them at any time.

Key features:

  • It has a ton of live wallpaper designs.
  • It offers daily new wallpaper updates.
  • It is fully optimized for the latest iPhone series.

In Short

There is no doubt that applying live wallpapers is a great way to customize you’re iPhone. Only a live wallpaper app can offer you with amazing collection to enhance your iPhone home and lock screen aesthetics. Here in this blog, we’ve shared a list of the best live wallpapers apps for your iPhone. Hopefully, this will help you to decide to choose your own live wallpapers.

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