11 Best Memory Cleaner for Mac to Boost Up Performance in 2022

11 best memory cleaner for Mac to boost up performance in 2022

Your Mac should be one of the most-optimized machines you would ever possess. If that’s not true for you, we got news for you. Mac OS-based devices usually outperform other OS in the market. However, even this machine comes to its knees when deals with heavy usage. Aside from that, Using process-hungry app, excess cache accumulation, malware attack, or system junks are some of the factors you can blame. This blog gives you the 11 best memory cleaners for Mac to boost performance.

Download Mackeeper on your Mac. Let this powerful utility software handle all the hassles of space cleaning and system optimizing on your Mac. So that you stay worry-free all year long.

Best memory cleaner for Mac


We had a tough time listing some of the best memory cleaners for Mac among tons of other similar apps. This is because, almost all had similar memory cleaning modules, and all seemed efficient after our test. Nevertheless, we have sieved out only those with true memory cleaning facilities as well as with useful OS maintenance kits. Here is the list of the 11 best memory cleaner for Mac before we go deep into each memory cleaner app.


11 best memory cleaner for Mac to speed up performance

  • CleanMyMac X
  • Mackeeper
  • Gemini 2
  • Avast Cleanup Premium
  • IObit MacBooster 8
  • Nektony Mac Cleaner
  • CCleaner
  • AVG Cleaner
  • Disc Doctor
  • Clean Me
  • Parallels Toolbox
CleanMyMac X

We will begin our app evaluation with CleanMyMac X by MacPaw. It is, by far, one of the most tuned and intuitive software that can provide full maintenance to your Mac. Although being function-rich, the app is intuitive and not too cluttery.


Apart from the powerful memory cleaning module, this app, at the same time, gives you fine disk management and virus-removing options. In addition to that, The CleanMyMac X  helps you protect personal data, optimize OS as well as eliminate unnecessary apps and tasks.


Key Features:

  • Dedicated function to free-up disk space
  • Remove malware and other harmful programs
  • Detect and remove unnecessary apps and extensions
  • Scan and repair broken apps on the system
  • Automatically monitor Mac health status
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use app interface

Mackeeper is an amazing memory cleaner as well as virus remover app for your Mac. It comes as one of the highest recommended apps for Mac users. The reason is that the powerful software has amazing UX and functionalities. In addition to that, you can get an effective memory cleaner option under their performance banner.


Moreover, what we loved about this app was its organized toolbar at the left. Here you get functions under security, cleaning, performance, and privacy. All are functional in keeping your Mac well-tuned, blazing-fast, and well protected.


Key Features:

  • Find and fix disk space-related issues instantly
  • Scan and remove the virus and other harmful programs
  • Safe-clean and automated junk management functions
  • Dedicated duplicate finder and remover
  • Mac performance diagnostic processes
  • Privacy checker and manager
Gemini 2The Duplicate Finder

Next comes another amazing app from MacPaw. Gemini 2 is exclusively for tracking down and removing duplicate files that are making clutters on your Mac. Gemini 2 uses its smart scanner to track down the system. It gives a total count of duplicate files occupying your Mac device’s extra space.

This app helps you manage your space more efficiently. It also assists in minimizing clutters from external storage connected with your Mac. It automatically notifies when you have redundant files. Moreover, the smart learning algorithm makes Gemini more adaptive when running on a Mac OS.


Key Features:

  • Free up spaces by tracking and clearing duplicate files
  • Organize and manage photos and music
  • Automatically tracks duplicate content, saving time
  • Keep file management effective and loss-free
  • Easy to use and clean user interface
Avast CleanupPremium

Junk files and duplicate media content are filling up your Mac disk space? Worry no more. Use a specialized app like Avast Cleanup Premium, the best memory cleaner for Mac. Using this well-known app, you can manage tons of redundant photos and media content with just one click. Additionally, if you are wondering how to neutralize malware and harmful programs, this is the answer for you.


Key Features:

  • Powerful duplicate cleaner
  • Effective junk file manager
  • Tracks and neutralize malware
  • Automatic optimize Mac performance
  • Innovative sleep mode and disk cleaner
MacBooster 8

MacBooster 8 is a wise choice if you need both cleaner, optimizer, as well as security features. When installed and in action, this app brings you deep system cleanup and Mac performance-boosting facilities. Moreover, the app comes with a total Mac protection option to protect the system from potentially dangerous programs.


Key Features:

  • Deep system junk cleaner
  • Redundant and duplicate file remover
  • Effective Mac OS optimizer
  • 360-degree security for macOS
  • Powerful privacy protection

Nektony brings into the market the Cleaner-App. A strong candidate in the OS cleaning business. Cleaner App brings forward excellent and quick HDD cleaning service, that also in a graphically attractive package. The software provides thorough disk analysis and a focused cleaning service. It can detect screenshots and duplicate files and help get rid of redundant content easily.


Key Features:

  • Strong analyzer and deep junk cleaner
  • Detect screenshots and duplicate files quickly
  • Remove redundant, old, and unnecessary files from Mac
  • Graphically attractive hard drive cleaner
  • Built-in disk analyzer and optimizer

When reviewing the best memory cleaner for Mac, you cannot ignore CCleaner. This particular app for Mac boasts a reliable clutter cleaner function. Along with this comes an integrated browser optimizer, duplicate remover, as well as a precise analyzer module. All these and more functions in line make CCleaner one of the best on our list.


Key Features:

  • Reliable clutter managing function
  • Integrated browser and system optimizer
  • Integrated disk analyzer with accurate data
  • Manages and minimizes duplicates and junks in minutes
AVG Cleaner

When computer security is the priority, AVG comes in the front line. Now the company brings another robust cleaner software for Mac. Meet AVG Cleaner. It has a state-of-the-art disk as well as a browser optimizer. In addition to that, you get a file declutterer that manages duplicate files in a blink. Additionally, the app handles fragmented files and apps smartly for better OS performance.


Key Features:

  • Quick disk and browser optimizer
  • Clean up disk for faster OS response
  • Powerful media file declutterer
  • Resolves fragmented files and redundancies
Disk Doctor System Cleaner

Disk Doctor is a premium cleaner app for Mac, and this is our next app in the listicle. The capability to clean as well as optimize Mac storage makes this app one of the best memory cleaners for Mac. In addition to that, the app has fine-tuned cleaning functions. The software, at the same time, acts on application caches, fragmented files, junks, partial downloads, and large unused files on Mac.


Key Features:

  • Displays live storage status
  • Clean and optimize system performance
  • Acts on caches, fragmented files, extensions, etc
  • New and improved UI for easier usage
Clean Me Media Cleaner

Up next is the Clean Me. This software is a top dog in the Mac cleaning and optimizing industry. Apart from other functions, you can remove duplicate media files as well as conveniently finds and deletes screenshots from the system with this app. Additionally, this app has large and unnecessary file detection and removal options.


Key Features:

  • Scan large and redundant files and remove them
  • Delete duplicate files and screenshots from the disk
  • Organize and manage junk files to optimize the OS
  • Analyze and clean unnecessary and hidden content

Our list of the best memory cleaner for Mac ends with the Parallels Toolbox app. Forget clutters and junk files when you have this app on your Mac. Additionally, it helps save disk space and gives you a break from laggy Mac responses. This application enables you to eliminate duplicate media content. Lastly, the app has a powerful compressor to squeeze up files to release disk space on your Mac.


Key Features:

  • Powerful declutter function to free-up clogs
  • Effective and focused memory cleaner
  • The intelligent junk management process
  • Powerful compressor to free up an extra bit of space on disk



We believe this article gives you resourceful information on some of the best memory cleaner for Mac. Now, it is your turn to choose one. Install it on your Mac and start optimizing your Mac. Nevertheless, to learn more about the easy memory cleaning process, check out our dedicated blog on how to clear memory on Mac. Additionally, you can also check out our blog on the 13 best Mac cleaner and optimizer software in 2022, all these and more only on Applavia.

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