11 Best Motion Detector Apps for iPhone in 2022

Article By: Hess Brown - June 30, 2022, Last Modified: June 30, 2022
11 Best Motion Detector Apps for iPhone in 2022

We’ve all been considering the security of our own homes. For your personal protection, installing cameras outside your house or land, at the entrance to your flat, or immediately inside your residence is a terrific idea. Therefore, we will mention the best motion detector app you can find for iPhone.


The best motion detector app for iPhone | Top 11


Motion detectors and installations are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. You may have tiny children to look after all the time, or you may leave the house alone for an extended period. We’ve come up with the best motion detector apps for you.


Below are the 11 best motion detector apps for iPhone

  • Presence Video Security Camera
  • Motion Sensor
  • Motion Detector Cam Free
  • Motion Detector LIVE
  • Motion Detector
  • Cambush – Motion Detector Video Camera – Surveillance, Detection, Security, Spy Cam App
  • IP Camera Pro
  • Flow Shot
  • IP Cam Pro
  • Motion Detector Camera
  • Motion Log Cam

Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or later


This motion detector app is impressive because it lets you customize motion perception sensitivity. Furthermore, you will receive notifications and alerts about any movement with the included Presence Video Security Camera. You’ll need to point the camera in the appropriate direction, and you’ll need to allow the program to utilize the flash to improve accuracy in the dark.


The application also provides additional functionality. For instance, you’ll be able to record sound, upload video to the cloud, and record for extended periods like most motion sensing apps.


Key features:

  • Live streaming audio and video
  • Recording videos on demand
  • Notified through push, in-app, or email alerts

Price: $4.99
Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or later


This motion detector app starts recording videos whenever it sees movement. Perfect for recording what your pet does when you’re not home, motion detection, security, pranks, and surveillance. It can rival the best motion sensor app with its accurate camera function and clean user interface.


Key features:

  • The area of the camera that the motion detection algorithm utilizes is defined
  • Watch videos right in the app
  • Defines the motion detection’s start and stop times

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS 14.0 or later


This motion detector app turns your iPhone into a motion-detecting camera with a live stream to your PC whether you want to watch animals in your yard or safeguard your property. Motion Detector Cam Free detects movement and takes several pictures using a sophisticated mathematical technique. Start the app, then set the smartphone in a stable position.


Key features:

  • Sophisticated motion detection with a single user-defined tolerance parameter
  • Live streaming to your computer. Bonjour is supported with a live feed for convenience
  • Set timings to activate or deactivate motion detection at predetermined intervals

Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or later


When it senses movement, this motion detector app instantly starts recording videos. This motion detector app acts as a surveillance camera for your yard or lawn. It can also be handy for monitoring pesky predators or intruders. This app makes it easy to adjust recorded videos after saving them.


Key features:

  • Real-time stream of a motion picture
  • With your finger, draw motions on surfaces
  • Send an email, export to a gallery, and upload videos easily

Price: $2.99
Compatibility: iOS 9.1 or later


For your iOS devices, Motion Detector is a standalone surveillance tool. Motion Detector utilizes complex mathematics to detect motion while automatically taking a series of photographs using the device’s camera. Motion Detector can begin automatic recording and send email notifications when motion is detected, providing you with tangible evidence of what transpired.


Key features:

  • Employing complex mathematical algorithms to identify motion
  • Detection of sound
  • Automatically start capturing upcoming photographs

Price: $4.99
Compatibility: iOS 8.3 or later


When this app senses movement, the motion detector and spy camera featured will record it instantly. As a result, it is perfect for recording what your pet does when you’re not home, motion detection, security, pranks, and surveillance.


Key features:

  • Movement detector
  • Full HD video resolution
  • Conserves power and enables covert recording with a blank screen

Price: $2.99
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later


You may use your browser to see “IP Camera,” and it can communicate with the “IP Camera for Mac” via AirDrop. IP Camera Pro can transform your iOS device into a wireless IP Camera via built-in RTSP and HTTP Server for security monitoring. Furthermore, WITH Bi-directional audio capability. It also allows for automatic video recording based on motion detection, which can automatically be uploaded to an FTP server or OneDrive with email notification.


Key features:

  • With a built-in QR Code, simply install another device’s IP Camera Server
  • You can upload the music and video to an RTMP media server
  • Full IPv6 functionality is provided

Price: $2.99
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later


This is one of the best motion detector apps. Flow Shot captures pictures as you just set your phone down. With Live Photos, Flow Shot will automatically take images in full resolution at a rate of more than ten frames per second. Amazing action pictures of you, your friends, pets, motorsports, action sports, or anything else you can think of will be the ultimate result.


Key features:

  • Sensitivity controls for motion detectors
  • High shutter speeds are prioritized by the custom Intelligent Exposure (IE) setting
  • There are integrated and fully functional manual camera controls

Price: $7.99
Compatibility: iOS 9.1 or later


Your iPhone can be converted into a mobile IP surveillance camera with IP Cam (audio). You can see live video and audio recorded by your iPhone on a web browser from any computer by running IP Cam on your iOS-based device and connecting to a WiFi network. You can use the Safari browser to see IP Cam footage from a different iPhone. IP Cam Pro expands on IP Cam’s features by including motion detection, sound detection, remote recording, motion-triggered email, and motion-triggered recording.


Key features:

  • Motion and sound detection are built-in
  • An email notice is sent automatically when motion or sound is detected
  • Customizable motion detection zone

Price: $3.99
Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later

This motion detector app employs an innovative motion detection algorithm to use the built-in camera to find motion in the immediate vicinity. It can beep to let you know if it notices any movement. The motion detection camera immediately begins recording when it notices changes. Any moving item seen by the camera will be detected. This application can turn your iPhone into a remote surveillance camera with motion detection.


Key features:

  • Human, cat, or dog detection
  • Beeps when motion is detected
  • Option to choose a difference between a motion-detecting tone of a sound

Price: $3.99
Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later


Once you download this app, you will easily record videos with relevant information using Motion Log Cam. Location Map, Speedometer, G-Force Indicator, Time, Date, Distance, Altitude, and Elevation Gain are information embedded in this application. It is undoubtedly possible to employ a speed camera while driving and display data about vehicle movements.


Key features:

  • Track the speed and G-Force of the vehicle (car or bike) when cornering
  • Supports both portrait and landscape modes
  • Tracking distance and speed when walking or running

To conclude


We hope you have become familiar with the best motion detector app. A movement detection app can help us all with our daily lives. With any of the mentioned motion detector apps, you will enhance your security and surveillance to another level.


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