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Article By: Nasim Usman - April 19, 2021, Last Modified: February 25, 2022
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Perhaps the most relaxing sessions of your day might spend listening to music. So, why not playing that with the best-in-class Equalizer app on the market? Download Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster from the Apple App Store and treat your iPhone and iPad with the premium music player and music editor.

A music player? A music editor? A bass booster?

Mobile screenshot of all features in Equalizer FX app

The perpetual trend of listening to music has evolved over time. Many of you in your late 30s must have used iPods and Walkman, but those gadgets were simply used for listening to music. You needed to rely entirely on professional music studios or audio software on your desktop to improve and enhance a piece of music.

Days have changed. Now new mobile phones are far more advanced. The new iPhone and iPad devices are much robust in processing multi-tasks. The breeze of innovation has swiped through the music industries as well.

Now you don’t have to bother cornering yourself music edit at your desktop. A powerful sound editing and enhancing tool on your mobile phone can do it all. Equalizer Fx is a compact yet powerful application built specifically for iPhone and iPad.

This innovative application can play music in almost all audible file formats. So, say farewell to all typical third-party music players online. When you have all-in-one music in hand, why bother tuck-in just another regular music player onboard.

Fine-tune your music

User tuning music with equalizer feature

Cranking your favorite melody to the next level is now much easier with Equalizer Fx. The music enhancer onboards a compelling set of equalizer tuners. The seven-band equalizer module gives you an exciting pack of preset tuners that provides a vast collection of melody modes.

Here you get eighteen distinct music genres in precise. From classical to R&B, from rock to pop, you can get all equalizer tuner modes readily available in the current music industry. Next, all you have to do is select the tuner that goes best with your music and entice your ears with the best sound outcomes.

Pre-loaded genres might not be enough for some music editing gurus in the market. So what Equalizer Fx has introduced in line is a fully customizable seven-band tuner.

That’s right! Go pro and experience Equalizer Fx’s full-fledged custom equalizer function. Configure music whenever or wherever you like and listen to your creative work on Dolby surround sound. Therefore, it’s time for you to get set and go creative with Equalizer Fx’s mind-boggling My Presets feature.

The feature of the equalizer app doesn’t end up right there. From here onward, the prominent feature comes wrapped-up with more excitement. It is the bass boosting & music player features. The amazing bass booster is genuinely excellent.

You can feel every little rumble and judder that denotes every melodic note during the music. Wrapping it short, listening to music is simply typical. With the bass booster, you can now feel your music.

Equalizer Fx brought up few Easter eggs

Equalizer Fx has some extra cookies in its pouch. For instance, this iOS app integrates a standard music library to organize your existing music tracks. The dedicated playlist section of Equalizer Fx allows you to create a custom list of preferred songs.

Another fun-filled functionality the music enhancer app brought to the market is its music frequency visualizer. Give some party vibes to your device with the constant tango of dazzling bars when listening to your music. You can choose among multiple frequency styles, ready to boost-up your jamboree to the next level.

Can your music player create a story?

Equalizer Fx might sound like a mere application for your iPhone and iPad, but it is more than that in reality. Sounds inordinate? You can ask Lora and John about Equalizer Fx, and they can justify the statement well.

Lora and John used to work in the same company for quite some time, yet they were just acquaintances to each other. John, however, had a pretty good crush on her. He used to check her out every now and then in the office and was looking for a solid moment to ask her out for probably a coffee date.

When all it needed was a trigger to push things one step further, Equalizer Fx came to the rescue. Eventually, John came to know that Lora loves music. The ear pods are always seemed to have tugged into her ears.

John even saw her swirl out of joy once or twice when listening to probably her favorite music track. On a specific occasion in the workplace, John managed to take a short gaze at the music tracks Lora is playing on her phone.

The guy needed something to put impressions on Lora, so he decided to share a lovely song with her. Perhaps her favorite number would be great. John took the chance. He picked up his iPhone and started Equalizer Fx.

John then selected the music he was looking for from the app library. He then enhanced the song using a wide variety of fine tuner and enhancer tools in the app and, of course, some creativity and expertise of his.

Next, John also added some bass to the music and voilà! It’s not a flat song anymore; the sound enhancements were noticeable—more prominent bass. Once done with the music enhancement, he immediately shared the song with Lora.

The end result

John had confidence that the upgraded music will put some great impressions on his crush, and he was absolutely right! From acquaintance to a coffee date, and now the couple is looking for a big dinner date any time sooner. John gladly admitted that some creativity from his pallet, along with a whole lot of Equalizer Fx app made the entire hook-up possible between him and Lora.

Long story short

Female user showing many feature screens of the app

The story doesn’t build up instantly. It needs moments and an initiator. Equalizer not only made a story with John and Lora but bought many close with the power of the music. The bass-booster, eye-catchy music visualizer, a stable music playlist, effective search console, and a fine set of audio tuners in Equalizer Fx are truly amazing.

In other words, the music improving process wasn’t this easy until this exemplary audio enhancer appeared in the market. It indeed is an all-in-one audio enhancement solution for your Apple mobile devices. You can also make your iPhone sound louder using the Equalizer Fx app.

If you like the blog this far and want to try this fantastic audio-boosting tool for your iPhone and iPad, simply download Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster from the App Store. Besides, we also recommend you to go through our other blogs to stay tuned with more awesome apps like Ringtone Maker and Blur Photo Editor that are going bananas in the market.

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