10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best photo editing apps for iPhone

No matter the quality, setting, or the number of photos, the best photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad can enhance and improve your pictures. Sure, iPhones nowadays have amazing cameras that take beautiful pictures. But let’s be honest, you still need a splash of retouch, adjustment, and enhancement to make the photos even better.


With so many platforms for sharing images, editing photos has become an integral part of the photography process. We have apps with cool photo effects, image adjustment tools, color correction settings, and so on. How will you choose the best photo editor app for your iPhone with the correct features? So here’s to make things easier, ten of the best free photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad.

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Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad | Top 10 Choices

Among hundreds of options, choosing the best photo editing apps for iPhone requires personal preference and promised image quality. So, here are our top iPhone photo editing apps.

List of the Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2021

  • Photo Editor
  • Photoleap by Lightricks
  • Picsart Photo & Video Editor
  • Snapseed
  • Afterlight — Photo Editor
  • Photoshop Express Photo Editor
  • VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
  • Superimpose X
  • Bazaart Photo Editor & Design
  • Mextures Photo Editor
Photo Editor for iPhone

Taking the number one spot in this list, Photo Editor for iPhone and iPad is a multifaceted app to edit pictures with the best features in the market. This versatile picture editor comes with magical photo effects, rainbow and vintage photo effects, and numerous iPhone photo filters. Also, with the adjustable brush size and magnifying glass feature, it’s effortless to edit images to perfection using this app.


Wondering how to remove background from image? This photo editor app lets you change the background color of images and hide unwanted parts with ease. Combining this with hundreds of free filters, you can reinvent your image quality and presentation to a whole new level. This free photo editor also has a splash recolor feature. It means you can take specific parts of a picture and change them with the color you want. Featuring all kinds of effects and image adjustment tools, it is undoubtedly the best photo editing app for iPhone.

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Key features of the Photo Editor app

  • Splash recolor with grayscale or any color
  • Numerous photo effects ranging from vintage, beauty, nature, etc.
  • Multi-touch zoom feature with configurable brush size
  • More than 100 photo filters
  • Crop, rotate and adjust image
  • Manual control over exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, tone, and more
  • Automatically save editing projects for future use
  • Share directly to social media and via compatible apps
Photoleap photo editor by Lightricks

Photoleap is one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone that comes with digital art tools and filters. You can apply layer edit to your photos and blend them to recreate your Instagram or Facebook pictures. Other than that, the app also offers adjustment tools to tone your image saturation, color, brightness, grain, etc.


Key features

  • Artistic filters and special effects
  • Tonal adjustments to pictures
  • Easy masking and colorizing
  • Crop and resize images
Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Picsart is a popular iOS photo editor app with trendy filters and numerous photo editing tools. Bring your creativity to life with its tons of fun photo effects, background remover tool, and cute selfies editor. Furthermore, you can edit videos with the Picsart, making it easily one of the best iPhone photo editing apps.


Key features

  • Popular and trending photo effects
  • Background eraser tool
  • Retouch selfies and share to social media
  • Edit video captures with the video editor feature
Snapseed image editor

Snapseed is the renowned photo editor from Google itself. Due to its compatibility and the wide range of features, it’s a well-received app among users. You can apply selective filter brushes, change the ambiance with multiple effects, and adjust your captures for better photos. Moreover, you can blur your images using lens blur, insert vignette effects, and alter curves to achieve the perfect shot.


Key features

  • Around 30 editing tools and filters
  • Adjustable filter brush
  • Crop, rotate, white balance, curves correction tools
Afterlight — Photo Editor

The Afterlight Photo Editor has one of the largest collections of filters in this list of best photo editing apps for iPhone. Unlike other apps, it also has the option to apply textures and overlays to images. You can add borders, edit frames, and adjust your images with numerous editing tools with the Afterlight app.


Key features

  • 130+ unique filters
  • Texture and overlay function
  • Image adjustment tools with selective hue, saturation, gradients, etc.
  • Apply film frames instantly to pictures
Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express is obviously from Adobe Inc., and it is a super-compressed version of the original photoshop software. While it clearly doesn’t have all the features of Photoshop, it has enough enhancing features for a mobile app. Filters and effects collection, photo retouching, and fixation tools easily make it one of the better photo apps for iPhone.


Key features

  • Hundreds of filters ranging from portrait, charm, B&W, and more
  • Photo retouch and recolor tools
  • Inbuilt photo collage maker
VSCO Photo & Video Editor

Another one of the good editing apps for iPhone, VSCO, comes with an extensive collection of selective filters. Its creative photo editing tools and gives you complete freedom in your choice of expressions. With a rich set of presets, VSCO also has a free video editor built-in for maximum convenience.


Key features

  • 200+ preset filters
  • Advanced photo editing tools
  • Video editor and GIF maker
Superimpose X iPhone photo editing

Superimpose X made the list of best photo editing apps for iPhone because of its superior layer and artwork editing tools. Manual opacity control, masking tools, and blending modes make it a preferable option for professional photographers. You can also merge two or more photos and blend them perfectly to create one single image.


Key features

  • Up to 24 layers editing
  • Masking and blending modes
  • In-app shadow creation and Light Wrap tool
  • Advanced image adjustments
Bazaart Photo Editor & Design

Bazaart Photo Editor lets you recreate your images through professional designs and stunning filters. Adjust your photos to the ultimate level using numerous editing tools and share them on social media profiles. You can also remove background from images with this app, enhance colors, inserts text, custom shapes, and whatnot.


Key features

  • Magic background eraser tool
  • Scale, crop, rotate images
  • Adjust saturation, hue, contrast, exposure, and many more
Mextures Photo Editor

Mextures is one of the few picture editor apps for iPhone with textures and filters effects option. For instance, you can apply dust and film grain, gradient effects, and fine-tune your images with the adjustment tools. Consisting of vintage photo filters, color effects, and overlay texture edit, Mextures also lets you play with unlimited image layers.


Key features

  • More than 150 textures
  • Effect overlay editing feature
  • Customize pictures with multiple layers editing

Wrap Up

Whether for enhancing daily captures or editing professionally, the best photo editing apps for iPhone can offer unlimited possibilities. We’ve gathered the best photo editors for iPhone and iPad, but the rest is up to you. If you’d like to explore more about photo and video editing, check out the best video editing apps for iPhone.

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