Best Photo Editor for iPhone & iPad | How Does it Stand Out?

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Photo editor apps have gradually become an essential part of our lives as we emerge more digitalized and socialized by the day. With the help of improved iPhone cameras, now it’s easy to capture day-to-day activities. Photo Editor for iPhone is one of the best photo editing apps on the App Store that houses hundreds of filters, editing, and adjustment tools to retouch your pictures to create anew.


Whether it is about experiencing the past time or savoring a favorite moment you hold dear, nothing will make those sweeter than a splash of creativity through this app.

Why Use a Photo Editor?

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First thing’s first, how does a photo editor help you create a better image? Especially when the camera quality these days is beyond excellent? Well, if you are an iPhone user, you might already know the answer. While the iPhone’s built-in camera app is amazing and has multiple editing options, it doesn’t have some rather useful features.

The Photo Editor app comes in handy when you’re not satisfied with a captured image, period. Either a high-quality landscape or a messed-up photo, you can rescale, edit, and essentially remake the whole thing.


Apply colors, crop photos, adjust saturation, use a rich collection of filters, and whatnot. Modify and improve in any way possible to make it presentable, then post it on social media to showcase your creativity.

Do you want to edit pictures on your iPhone? Then install the Photo Editor app from the App Store for free.

Best Features of Photo Editor ° All-in-One App

Photo Editor takes your image editing experience to another level as it comes with tons of valuable features. Redesign your pictures with the in-app photo editor tools while giving up nothing in terms of quality standards. Many photo editors online claim to have the necessary tools, so what makes this app so unique? Let’s take a look at the most notable traits and find out.

All-round Editing Solution

It’s no exaggeration to say this application features all the necessary photo editing tools and then some. Choreograph your captures through flexible tuning options within the app to reflect a whole new version of your creativity. Unlike a free online photo editor, this app allows you to create your own wallpapers and images with a built-in presets collection and filters.


You can design aesthetic backgrounds, blend your photos to change the looks, and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere. What’s more, you can take a picture within the app and directly access the photo edit option for a more effortless editing experience. All these features make the Photo Editor one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad.

Selective Color Effects

Probably the most exciting feature of this picture editor for iPhone is its collection of color tools and the ability to apply selective colors to images. Change the background color of photos with simple touches of the brush, or select areas to input custom shades.


Edit picture colors of different objects, recolor, retouch and try similar color correction facilities to hide unwanted fragments like skin blemishes and freckles. Enable Facetune, change your hair color, dress’s styles with distinct color tones, recolor the background; basically, anything you want on your image. The only limit is your imagination.

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Splash Greyscale

Another fantastic feature of the app is its splash color option. You can edit photos to greyscale or any other color and sprinkle a shade using the app’s splash image maker tool. Transform an image into a black & white format and use the color of your choice to a selected area. It will completely change the appearance of your photo with an elegant result. You can manually adjust the opacity of each color used in the picture, giving you absolute control over the editing journey.

Crop Image and Adjust

The app is also distinctive from most online image editors with its multiple adjustment tools. It tinkers to redefine your picture using the best photo editor and alter the dimensions with numerous modifications. If you want to crop photos on your iPhone, you can do so easily with this app.


There’s an image crop option where you can keep the frame you want and eliminate unnecessary parts. You can also rotate, correct color factors using exposure control, change contrast, brightness, sharpness, saturation, and so on. Resize, rescale, and remake your whole picture to produce standard-level photography using our app.

100+ Photo Filters

Amplify the beauty of your iPhone captures with more than a hundred filters and preset options, all in-app. Consider your taste and choose from 12 distinct categories of filters that house around ten styles each. Add a vintage filter, for example, and give your to-go picture a classic look and share it with friends.


Real-time preview helps you decide what’s best for perfection as you try out the different beauty filters. Photo retouching has never been this effortless with image enhancement choices and personalized outlook as you turn your creativity into reality.

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Magnify and Resize Brush

Zoom in and out while editing photos to customize your images flawlessly with the app’s magnifying glass feature. Touch any picture area to enlarge and make the edges more transparent to introduce a color brush with ease.


Speaking of which, the app also lets you play with your brush size as you see fit. Enlarge the brush size or make it smaller to settle on a suitable size for your specific image, and use precision through our magnifying tool.

How to Edit Pictures with Photo Editor?

Make use of the best photo editing tools with super easy navigation and operation. The app’s intuitive design will help you achieve the desired editing style and outcome while being so simple in application. To edit:

Select a Photo: Either select an image from your library or take a snapshot using the camera directly from the app to start.

Color Splash: Apply a greyscale or recolor with the color splash tool to give your photos a classy look. Use the brush size as necessary for edge perfection.

Apply Filter: Choose from vintage to different filter options among a collection of hundreds. Customize your social profile, cover page with aesthetic filters, color filters, and so on.

Adjust: Use the built-in adjustment tools to rotate and crop your image to create the perfect frame. Tweak saturation, contrast, brightness at will and make it even more appealing altogether.

Save and Share: The app has an autosave feature that saves your projects instantly after editing. You can modify it anytime you want and share it directly to social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Final Statement

Photo Editor ° for iPhone and iPad is an all-in-one solution for your image editing needs with incredibly useful customizations. Retouch your photos, rescale, stylize, and apply a splash of hue to edit an image to perfection. Flourish your creativity with this app and share the best moments with your friends and family.

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