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Article By: David Zaky - April 20, 2021, Last Modified: November 21, 2021
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Are you looking for a way to record and capture your iPhone screen? Trying to record gameplay, tutorials, or demos to create videos? Look no further!

Download Screen Recorder for iPhone from the App Store and expand your creativity level with numerous amazing features. Record your screen, react on saved videos, edit with a versatile
video editor tool, add commentary, and accomplish many more with this multifaceted application.

Whether for casual or professional purposes, recording and creating videos has become regular activity these days. We create videos of daily updates, tutorials, walk-throughs, and even when using a new application or playing a game. Screen capturing is a common and popular way of creating these kinds of videos to share with friends and audiences.

While Apple has integrated a built-in screen recording feature on iPhone since iOS 11, the tool is still at its basic level. It does not offer enough options for multipurpose usage. A third-party screen recording app is still a better choice for screen capture and video modification. Screen Recorder for iPhone is one of the best free screen recorder apps consisting of amazing in-app tools to create the perfect video directly from your iPhone screen.

Why Use Screen Recording?

Screen recorder apps help you capture a live smartphone screen and save it on the device, but why should you do it in the first place? Well, for starters, it’s a super useful aspect for creating educational videos, tutorials, and simple how-to videos. You can also record a live stream or a class, tape a meeting with peers, or simply record yourself playing a game you’re good at and
share it.


With additional features like commentary and face cam, you can personalize your videos the very way you want. Post on social media or YouTube afterward and showcase your creativity with iPhone screen recording through this incredibly useful application.

Top Features of Screen Recorder for iPhone

Screen Recorder for iPhone presents its users with multiple resources ranging from capturing and creating videos to unlimited editing features. Let’s take a look at the best bits of this video recorder app as follows.

Straightforward Recording with Adjustable Settings

This app’s robust flexibility kicks off right from the start as you can start video recording your entire iPhone screen with just a single tap. No more searching for the option to capture a valuable moment at risk of losing it. Just download and install Screen Recorder for iPhone. You’ll also have access to videotape your phone’s live display anytime, anywhere.

easy recording with adjustments

But that’s not all; you can choose from different adjustable settings while capturing your screen. Select the resolution for your video, adjust bitrate, and decide on a frame rate per second (FPS) to experience a smooth transition all the way. It’s essentially a game screen recorder as well so that you can directly start recording while you are inside the game. Compromise nothing and rescale settings before you start engineering a high-quality video recording process.

Face Cam Reactions

The very next unique feature of this app is reactions or face cam. It allows you to add responses to videos on the go and support your content through accurate responses. After the screen record part, go to the face cam option to insert your concurrent reaction.


Adjustable thumbnail and flexible face cam overlay give you complete control over your edition and assist you with instinctual suggestions to improve the overall quality.

add a reaction to videos

You can add face cam to video record with the application, existing video from the phone library, or even YouTube videos for that matter. Yes, you don’t have to download YouTube videos to do that, just copy and paste the link into the app dashboard, and you’re good to go!

Edit Recorded Videos

Unlike iPhone’s built-in or an online screen recorder, this app is simultaneously a screen recorder and editor at the same time. Meaning, you can record video and customize it to make it suitable to your taste and requirements as necessary. This app literally shows you how to record your screen and improve its quality through versatile editing tools.

edit video recording

Adjust your video length and trim to cut unwanted portions without breaking a sweat. Alter the playback speed of the whole video or specific parts, increase or decrease the volume to recreate the perfect pitch. You can also polish the videos with 10+ assorted filters that come free with the package, making it undoubtedly the best free screen recorder app.

Insert Audio Commentary

When we’re talking about how to screen record on iPhone, adding audio and commentary to recordings is essential. This app does not fall short in this case as it lets you record audio to ongoing video capture. The high-quality audio recording provides excellent opportunities to showcase your messages and create engaging videos as a result.

add audio commentary

Comment on informative videos, produce tutorials, how-to videos, and generate guides to share them with prospects and friends. It serves both your personal and professional content in designing a complete video project altogether.

Convert Video to GIF

An additional yet super handy feature of this app is the option to convert your screen capture to GIF format. GIFs are trendy in social media these days, and the usage is only increasing.

video to gif convert

Therefore, it’s an adaptable feature that enables your phone to convert your screen video captures to GIF files for easier shareability. Record shorter videos and transform into GIF to make them more appealing and effortless to absorb the information.

Share Instantly with Friends

Share your screen instantly via AirDrop and other relevant apps between smartphones or post them on social media directly from the app. Showcase your gaming moment achievements to friends, forward a meeting clip to colleagues, or post a walkthrough video on YouTube. The app goes beyond any limitations in terms of both creativity, adjustments, and distribution.


Screen Recorder for iPhone answers all your questions regarding screen capture. It continues further on to assist in so many practical ways. It has all-rounder features of recording screen, editing videos, attaching a commentary, or a face cam reaction; make it the clear champion among similar applications. Download the ultimate screen recorder app for your iPhone and make use of the most convenient tools ever offered.

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