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Article By: admin - April 20, 2021, Last Modified: April 3, 2022

A Quick Brief

Seeking a personal photo vault to hide away your private contents? Could use a locker to secretly store photos and videos? Say no more! Download Photo Safe Vault – Private Pic, the best-hidden photo gallery app on the App Store, and secure your privacy once and for all.

We all capture and record some moments on our iPhone that we’d like to keep safe and hidden. It could be with our partners, or some secret endeavors, or anything. Regardless of the reason, having a secret picture vault can come quite handy in this case.


Among a considerable number of secret vault apps, the unique and practical features of the Photo Safe Vault clearly make it one of a kind. Its state-of-the-art image protection and passcode lock provide complete safety to the user’s photos and secret albums. Additional tools like break-in alert, cloud support, private browsing, etc., translate convenience into a one-app solution, making it an absolute winner in this category app.

Flexible Photo Vault to Store Hidden Photos on iPhone

hide photos on iPhone

Photo Vault App – Private Pic is the number one comprehensive solution to lock images and limit access to retain uninterrupted privacy on your iPhone & iPad. Its advanced app lock protection is easy to set up and manage hidden images within the application. We’re no different when it comes to caring for privacy and safeguard our special contents captured in day-to-day life. This photo storage app ensures your exclusive pictures stay safe with a cutting-edge encryption system.


So how to lock hidden photos on iPhone? Creating private photo albums and placing a safe lock is an effortless procedure with this app. Download and install Photo Safe Vault – Private Pic, open the app, and tap the Plus(+) button below. Create a folder instantly and add images from your library to hide photos on the iPhone. What’s more, you can enrich your safe vault by importing images directly from cloud storage.

Hide Private Videos inside a Personalized Photo Vault

hide videos on iPhone

Along with photos, locking videos and preserving them for safekeeping is an unchallenged feature of this amazing app. You can take your hidden videos, most private moments, downloaded secret videos, and store them safely using the advanced safelock system. We capture intimate moments or keep confidential clips on our iPhone all the time. The app locker allows you to keep the recordings shielded from unwanted access, giving you complete control over sensitive contents.


Lock videos without breaking a sweat through the app’s intuitive interface and easy navigation. Similar to the image vault formation, create a folder and build your own locker by selecting multiple videos from the library and cloud alike. Its pan gesture selection makes sorting photos & videos even more fluent and saves your valuable time.

Versatile Photo Vault App with Private Web Browser

anonymous web browsing

This added feature is incredibly useful for people in need of confidential web browsing for professional or other purposes. With the app’s in-built private web browser, you can surf the web anonymously without having to worry about leaving any trace. That’s not all; you can protect your browsing data by setting up a fingerprint lock and retire from any worries.


To set up a touch ID, give your fingerprint at the initiation of the web browser opening page. The app will find and ask for the credentials spontaneously, so you don’t have to search for the settings. Once you have saved your touch ID, the browser will only be accessible to you, and all your browsing history will stay secured.

Break-in Alert for Added Security

break-in alert security on iPhone

Boost your photos & video security with the incredible break-in alert feature. Its automatic action goes beyond any traditional means of hiding personal or confidential files on the iPhone. When you turn this feature on, you essentially create an alarm system for unexpected tryouts for accessing your files. It means, whenever someone tries to enter your photo vault with a wrong passcode, the app will send a warning and save the information.


If you think that’s all I need to hide my pictures safe, take this. This intuitive app snaps a picture of an unauthorized intruder trying to access your hidden albums and save them within the application. You can later view the data with images and everything; how incredible is this!

Misdirect Unwanted Attempts with Fake Passcode

fake passcode feature of photo vault app for iPhone

We’ve said it, and you’ve seen it. This app is a pack of unique features, and the fake password system is another one of them. You can misdirect people with a made-up PIN and land them on an empty album with no files in it. Simply set up a dummy passcode from the app setting and share it if necessary, and still protect pictures and clips safe.

Cloud Import Directly to Photo Vault

photo vault feature of cloud import

Link your Google Drive, DropBox, or One Drive and import photos & videos directly from the cloud storage. The app’s built-in integration system provides you with swift control over your online data storage. You can easily import files and use the app’s folder lock tool to create a separate vault for your important files.

Final Words

Keeping secret photos & videos in a dedicated photo vault on iPhone is a super useful alternative to secure private content. Do you know what else is useful? Securing your passwords. Get Password Manager – Passkit and explore a world of fantastic password security and adaptability.


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