10 Best Ski Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2022

Article By: Hess Brown - April 26, 2022, Last Modified: June 20, 2022
10 Best Ski Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2022 – 4

Pack your bag early and gear up to heat the ice with your pair of Skis as Ski seasons are knocking at the corner. A ski expert carries a good pair of skis, poles, gloves, trousers, jackets, eyewear, headwear, and a reliable iPhone tracking app. Yes, one should not ignore a good Ski Tracking app or at least one of the best navigation apps for iPhone when getting ready for the A Ski holiday. It saves time locating and tracking your friends or the best possible routes for Skiing on the mountain. Now the question lies, where to search for the best Ski Tracking apps? To ease your search, we have brought in some of the best Ski tracking apps for iPhone in 2022.


Cataloging the best Ski tracking apps for iPhone


Now let’s talk about the best Ski tracking apps on the market. We have searched the entire internet and sieved only the best Ski tracking apps for iPhone. These apps provide the best possible ski track reports and include location finders on the mountain, robust weather reporting modules, and more.


10 Best Ski Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2022


  • Ski Utah Snow Report
  • bergfex/Ski – Weather & Snow
  • info – ski app
  • Slopes: Ski & Snowboard
  • FATMAP: Ski, Hike, Bike
  • Ski Tracker & Snow Forecast
  • 4riders Ski – 3D Maps / GPS
  • OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report
  • Ski Tracks
  • GPS on ski map by Maprika

    1. Ski Utah Snow Report

    Ski Utah Snow Report

    The first one we will begin with is the Ski Utah Snow Report app. If you want a powerful and undoubtedly one of the best Ski tracking apps for iPhone that provides the most updated information, then this is it. Get an account of the Powder you have skied throughout the season.


    Record the time and number of the mountains you have covered using this app. Keep an eye on the powerful and accurate weather forecasting module that never misses a degree. All up-to-date data of lifts, trail maps, webcam views, and at least 5 days forecasts are available on this app.


    Notable Features


  • Provide updates on all nearby Ski resorts
  • 5 days of powder day forecast
  • Updated snow reports for safer Skiing
  • Best trail maps
  • Accurate day trackers and webcams clips

    2. bergfex/Ski – Weather & Snow

    bergfex-Ski - Weather & Snow

    Next is the Bergfex/Ski- Weather & Snow. It is another fine Ski tracking app on our bucket, and it’s a sure try for several justifications. Firstly, It comes with all features of top-notched ski tracker apps, including weather forecasts, ski reports, snow forecasts, and webcam clips.


    Additionally, it includes Ski resort details, topography, snow thickness, schedules for open season, best ski tricking route, and optimum time of the day for Skiing in a particular location. The app offers 9 days weather forecasts, ski ticket prices, resort, hotel details, and avalanche alert services.


    Notable Features


  • Best Ski tracking routes
  • Up to date information of Ski resorts
  • Provide data on the snow height and weather forecast
  • Offers the latest report on the snow forecast
  • Includes 5000+ webcam archives

    3. Skiresort.info – ski app

    Skiresort.info – ski app

    With Skiresort. Info-Ski app, you are expected to get detailed data on over 6000 ski resorts worldwide. It is a robust app specially developed to accurately show you the ski routes in high resolutions. The up-to-date weather forecasts are reliable and get updated with every minor change.


    You can get updated snow reports and assurance of updated weather forecasts 4 times a day. Snow reports are very effective before planning your next ski trip to any resort. On the other hand, you get the latest holiday resorts and holiday Inn details to spend a splendid Ski holiday.


    Notable Features


  • Latest updates on Ski routes, slops, and snow depth
  • Over 3400 maps for the best possible Ski maps
  • Provide data on the snow height and weather forecast
  • Offers the latest report on the snow forecast
  • Includes 5000+ holiday accommodations details with webcam clips

    4. Slopes: Ski & Snowboard

    Slopes Ski & Snowboard

    Next on the list is the Slopes: Ski & Snowboard app. This app supports several iOS devices, including the Apple Watch. It tracks your skiing days and gives you live updates of your friends skiing at a nearby range. Using this innovative app on your palm, you can quickly evaluate your skiing progress over time.


    Slopes have intuitive resort maps and ski conditions that give you regular updates on Ski conditions, snow forecast, resort details, etc. What more comes next is the integrated fitness insights, quick Ski route sharing, competition function, and 3D replays of the skiing journey.


    Notable Features


  • Find your friends in the mountains while skiing
  • Live recording clips of ski trail maps
  • Latest resort details and conditions
  • Detailed statistics of your daily Skiing
  • Sync with Apple Watch and track heart rate while skiing

    5. FATMAP: Ski, Hike, Bike

    FATMAP Ski, Hike, Bike

    It is basically a 3D mountain map and tracker app that is also a good ski tracking app. The app helps you discover new terrains for the best mountain tracking experience and use the tools and topographic data recommended by the app for difficult mountain surviving situations. This app also provides map downloading facilities and best route guidebooks for hiking, tracking, or skiing activities.


    Notable Features


  • 3D outdoor maps of mountains for tracking, hiking, or Skiing
  • Get details of resorts and backcountry skiing maps with topographic overviews
  • Real-time resort status and details during the skiing season
  • Navigate the best routes during hiking, riding, or Skiing
  • Download maps so that you don’t get lost even when offline

    6. Ski Tracker & Snow Forecast

    Ski Tracker & Snow Forecast

    If you are looking for a powerful GPRS locator for your next Ski campaign and snowboarding, this is the right app for your iPhone. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch. This app can make a detailed profile of your Ski by providing various statistics and data.


    Once this app is loaded on your iPhone, you can easily share your skiing location and route with your friends. But that’s not all. It tracks and color codes your speed level for a precise evaluation of your ski run. Lastly, the app comes with the last 7-days snow forecast and easy to access weather widget.


    Notable Features


  • Accurate and clutter-free Ski tracker
  • Hourly update of Ski resorts near you
  • Tracks Ski speed and route
  • NOAA snow forecast
  • Backup and share your skiing record

    7. 4riders Ski – 3D Maps / GPS

    4riders Ski - 3D Maps - GPS

    This specialized app is designed and developed for Ski and mountain tracking enthusiasts. What made this app one of the best Ski tracking apps for iPhone is the accurate 3D location mapping feature on the mountain during Skiing or hiking.


    The app helps track your friends and group members during mountain tracking and, at the same time, keeps a detailed account of the Ski resorts near you. Other functions include daily ski tracking record-keeping, 3D rendering, statistical report of your Ski trip, Ski resort maps, etc.


    Notable Features


  • 3D rendering of your Ski map
  • Save and deliver daily Ski records
  • Track friends and group members during mountain tracking
  • Details of the nearby Ski resorts
  • 30+ Ski resort maps

    8. OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report

    OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report

    Coming up next is the OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report. It is exclusively developed for iPhone devices and comes in handy when you are a pro skier. It is a renowned app for its reliable snow reporting feature that benefits skiers, mountain trackers, and snowboarding enthusiasts.


    The app helps you compare snow conditions between different Ski resorts and gives you updates on snowfalls in current times. Users can also get the latest weather forecasts and powder alerts of different regions or Ski resorts.


    Notable Features


  • Reliable snow reports
  • Provide the latest snow updates on your resort
  • Compare snowfall between different Ski resorts
  • Get the latest weather forecasts and powder alerts
  • Statistics and snow history of the mountains

    9. Ski Tracks

    Ski Tracks

    This iOS app is compatible with both iPhone and Apple Watch. It has an elaborate data illustration for tracking the Skier. The Ski Tracks app records every move of your Ski journey and keeps the history and data of your previous ski experience.


    Using this app, you can instantly import photos of good moments on snow mountains and geotag them. Other useful functions include a powerful analysis of your Ski style, location sharing options, and images across social media. You can also enjoy 3D maps, unlimited video recording, and cloud storage options.


    Notable Features


  • Powerful Ski tracker and analysis tools
  • Keep history and stats of previous Ski schedule
  • Import photos and geotag them
  • Unlimited video records during Ski journey
  • 3D maps and map tools

    10. GPS on ski map by Maprika

    GPS on ski map by Maprika

    We will end this listicle with the last entry app; The GPS on ski map by Maprika. It is the best solution for locating Ski resorts nearby and acts like a compass and digital version of the map to navigate the mountain. The app offers 3000+ ski resorts, theme parks, and hiking trails.


    Next comes the group member and friend locating function and GPS recording in real-time. This powerful iOS app offers the latest weather forecast. Another essential function is the offline Maprika map download option that you can save on phone memory.


    Notable Features


  • Gives you 3000+ Ski resort details
  • Locate friends on the map while tracking mountains
  • Show real-time GPS map update
  • Local weather forecast
  • Downloadable Maprika maps of offline navigation

    Wrapping up


    Here you go! The 10 best Ski tracking apps for iPhone in 2022 are right before you. Now, if you are fond of Skiing, snowboarding, or Mountain hiking, install the one you find suitable for you on your iPhone and get ready for your holiday trip.


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