10 Best Sleep Apps for iPhone in 2021

Best Sleep Apps for iPhone

Struggling to get a deep sleep after a long day of work? Waking up tired and dizzy because you couldn’t sleep enough? To be honest, that makes most of us. Among everyday schedules, work, and responsibilities, we find it hard to rest easy more than often. Best sleep apps for iPhone help you achieve that much-desired daily slumber through a series of remedies.


It’s a no-brainer that good and routine sleep is essential for the mind and body altogether. And like everything, there are apps to help you sleep better. These sleep apps for iPhone comprises deep sleep music, calm meditation sounds, and ambient sounds to fall asleep fast. In the following, let’s explore some of the best sleep apps for iPhone with brief reviews.

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Best Sleep Apps for iPhone | Top 10 Selection

Using the best sleep apps for iPhone and trendy features, users can acquire sound sleep more easily than ever. Features like natural sounds, ambient music, white noise, and sleep trackers work collectively to ease the mind and relieve stress.

Here’s a list of the Best Sleep Apps for iPhone

  • Sleep Sounds & White Noise
  • Relax And Sleep Well Hypnosis
  • Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus
  • Slumber: Fall Asleep, Insomnia
  • Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds
  • Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker
  • Moshi Kids: Sleep & Meditation
  • Sleepiest Sleep Sounds Stories
  • Soothing Sleep Sounds
  • Deep Relax Sleep Music
Sleep Sounds White Noise

Sleep Sounds & White Noise app is the best sleep app for iPhone with its all-round sleep solutions for everyone. This app has it all, from guided meditation to all kinds of sleep sounds. So you can play hundreds of meditation sleep music, ambient noise, and relaxing music to fall asleep to. What’s more, play bedtime stories for your children to help them doze off with this amazing sleeping app for iPhone.


Sleep Sounds app for iPhone comes with a fantastic tool to create your own version of sleep music. For instance, you can compose your own mix of sounds to help you sleep, combining different white noise and ambiance music. It’s also one of the best free meditation apps to calm your mind, relax your body, and essentially prepare yourself for healthy sleep.

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Key features of the Sleep Sounds & White Noise app

  • Best sleep sounds app with hundreds of deep sleep music
  • Bedtime lullaby music and stories
  • Ambiance music and white noise
  • Collection of meditation music for sleep
  • Soothing background themes
  • Compose own audio with unlimited sound effects from the app
  • Set bedtime reminders and wake up to relaxing melodies
Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis

The Relax and Sleep Well app comes with sleep music, guided meditations, and self-hypnosis courses. Meaning you can choose either of the methods to help with a sound sleep. Cure insomnia and anxiety issues by getting a goodnight’s sleep every day. You can also track your sleep performance in real-time with this best meditation app for iPhone.


Key features

  • Deep sleep music collection
  • Hypnosis tracks and meditational courses
  • One of the best insomnia apps to cure sleeplessness
Pzizz Sleep Nap Focus

Pzizz helps you focus on sleep by tracking your sleep cycle, providing a wake-up routine and reminders. Quiet your mind with a mix of soothing music and sound effects created just for you. You can also customize volume, 3D effects, and duration with this unique sleep app for iPhone.


Key features

  • Quickly relieve stress and calm the mind to fall asleep
  • Distinctive Focus module and Sleep module
  • Listen to unique sound sessions every time
Slumber Fall Asleep, Cure Insomnia

Slumber is another one of the best free sleep apps for iPhone designed to calm you into sleeping. With its collection of super relaxing music to fall asleep to, bedtime stories, and meditation guides, Slumber will help you achieve a sound sleep faster than ever. Among hundreds of music and nature sounds, you can also customize your own soundtrack and play it anytime.


Key features

  • Extensive library of meditation sleep music
  • Suggestive hypnosis guides
  • Personalized nature sound composition
Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies is undoubtedly one of the most popular sleep music apps for iPhone. With over 200 sound collections containing nature sounds, ambiance music, white noise, and meditation music, Relax Melodies puts you to sleep by creating a personalized environment. So get the sound sleep you deserve and make use of the amazing collection of this melody app.


Key features

  • 200+ sounds and music collection
  • Contains stories and meditation music for sleep
  • Water sounds, white noise, healing music, and many more
  • In-app bedtime reminder and custom sound composition
Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker

Sleep Cycle is the ideal app to achieve a routine sleep order for better health. In essence, this app gently puts you to sleep every night, consistent with a schedule personalized for you. Furthermore, you can fully track and analyze your sleep pattern, see results on the app dashboard, and improve sleep quality.


Key features

  • Best sleep cycle tracker for iPhone
  • Daily sleep statistics and data
  • Unique sound technology that catches noise during sleep for future improvement
Moshi Kids Sleep Meditation

As the name suggests, Moshi Kids is ideally designed to ensure your children’s goodnight’s sleep. The app comes with sleep solutions for babies, toddlers, and children alike. Featuring sleep meditation for kids, bedtime stories, and lullaby choruses, Moshi Kids can easily be the perfect partner for your baby’s sleep routine.


Key features

  • Numerous sleep stories for kids
  • Meditation sleep music for children and toddlers
  • Customize playlists and tag stories for personalized calming sessions
Sleepiest Sleep Sounds Stories

The Sleepiest Sleep Sounds app is much awake when it comes to helping you fall asleep fast. It has an amazing collection of bedtime stories, short stories, popular tales, etc. So you can go to bed and listen to calming narrations and gradually doze off. Sleepiest also comes with stories and lullabies for babies. For instance, you can play a children’s chronicle, track your kids’ responses, and help them sleep better.


Key features

  • Bedtime stories for kids and adults
  • Popular tales with calming narratives
  • Natures sounds and white noise collection
Soothing Sleep Sounds

Soothing Sleep Sounds takes place in this list of best sleep apps for iPhone with its quality nature sounds collection. It contains rain sounds, ocean sounds, river streams, wind chimes, birds, and basically anything natural. Soothing natural sounds will consequently put you to sleep more efficiently than your previous struggles. You can also use a sleep timer and track your sleep for a better outcome.


Key features

  • 25 categories of themes containing numerous nature sounds
  • Create a personalized mix of sounds easily
  • Beautiful HD background images
Deep Relax Sleep Music apps

Similar to the other apps to help fall asleep, the Deep Relax app lets users experience soothing sounds. You can also create your personal mix of music from a collection of relaxing tones with this sound effects app. Moreover, save favorite sounds and set alarms for controlled sleep patterns for improved sleep performance overall.


Key features

  • Wire variety of natural sounds
  • Mix and match different sounds to create the perfect tune
  • Set alarms and use timers for sleep music playback

Closing Remarks

Best sleep apps for iPhone can be the digital solution you’re looking for to relax and sleep well. Learn how to fall asleep fast and choose your guided partner among the best apps to help you sleep.

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