10 Best Translation Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2021

Best translation apps for iPhone

With the ever-evolving iPhones in our pockets, traveling, speaking, and understanding a foreign language is not the hardest anymore. Using the best translation apps for iPhone and iPad, you can easily translate any language into your native one and vice versa. The only question remains: how to choose the perfect language translator app among hundreds of options?


We had the same question, so we went on to answer it. A translate app may come with various useful features but must include the basic options. For one, they must have tons of languages installed. Also, the apps should have a speech to text and text to speech translator to become a practical solution. Considering all these and more, here are our choice of 10 translator apps for iPhone and iPad.

Best Translation Apps for iPhone & iPad | Top 10 to Explore

Whether you are traveling, translating a sign or some menu, or just conversing with your foreign friend, a portable language translator can come in handy. Here’s a brief review of the best translation apps for iPhone in the following.

List of 10 Best Translation Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

  • Translator
  • Dialog – Translate Speech
  • Microsoft Translator
  • SayHi Translate
  • iTranslate Translator
  • Speak & Translate – Translator
  • Scan & Translate+ Text grabber
  • iHandy Translator Pro
  • Voice Translator-Speech Trans
  • Reverso translate and learn
Best translation app for iPhone

Translator App for iPhone is the most versatile and accurate translator in this list, making it the number one choice. It can work both as a voice translator device and a natural reader to convert text to speech. This auto translation app lets you convert languages whether you speak or write in words. Interpret your sentences instantly and effortlessly with this best translation app for travel.


Unlike similar apps, Translator for iPhone is also one of the few offline apps for translating language. If you are in a different country or region, you might not have access to the internet, and it’s understandable. Install this iOS translation app for free and make it easier to deal with such situations with a built-in dictionary and phrasebook. With more than 90 languages, voice translation, and numerous cool features, it is overall the best translation app for iPhone and iPad.


Key features of the Translator app

  • Supports 90+ languages
  • Supports voice translate
  • Listen to translations in your native language
  • Intuitive interface for super simple translation on the go
  • Best offline translator app
  • Offline phrasebook containing more than 15 situational conversations
  • In-app dictionary
  • One tap to copy translated texts
  • Automatically save translation history for future reference
Best translation apps for iPhone

Dialog – Translate Speech app makes the second spot on this list due to its simplicity and all-round performance. It is one of the easiest translator apps for iPhone and works flawlessly in a simple user interface. Sporting both text to text and speech to text translation, the flexibility is beyond question. You can take this quick translator app and travel comfortably around the world.


Key features

  • One tap translator for any language
  • Translation with voice feature
  • Use camera to translate pictures and signs
  • Built-in foreign words and phrases
Microsoft translator

This translator app from Microsoft is quite handy for any situation regarding a nonnative language. It comes with 70+ language translations and supports voice translation as well. Furthermore, you can use your iPhone camera to translate pages and signs in another region, making it super useful.


Key features

  • Translates more than 70 languages
  • Translates speech using the built-in voice translator
  • Listen to translation in the native language
  • Phrasebook for conversation presets
SayHi Translate - best translation app for iPhone

SayHi is a smart voice translator that is able to render any language and transform them into your own. It is a popular app and is regarded as the best translator for voice on iPhone. The functions in SayHi are easy and accurate; just speak any language, and it converts the sentences automatically.


Key features

  • Simple and modern user interface
  • Easy navigation to make translation easier
  • Translates voice to voice and voice to text
  • Copy and share translations
iTranslate translator

iTranslate is considered as one of the best translation apps for iPhone and iPad, containing nearly a hundred languages installed. You can switch between dialects, speak to transform language or write texts to translate with accuracy. It also has an inbuilt phrasebook with situational questions to help you in different countries. Therefore, it is considerably one of the few best translation apps for travel.


Key features

  • Around 100 language translation support
  • Choose different dialects and switch in between
  • iMessage keyboard extension
  • Predefined phrases for travel convenience
Speak and translate

With the Speak & Translate app, communication is made easy in any corner of the globe. Whether you are traveling or connecting with a friend from a different region, this app will help you translate your words into the other and vice versa. Alongside a voice translator device, it also has text to text translations.


Key features

  • Voice translation support for 50+ languages
  • Advanced language detection for translating text
  • iCloud integration for saving translation history
Scan and translate

This particular Scan & Translate app for iPhone is as straightforward as the name. It is able to scan any documents written in any language and translate the content instantly. It’s not always conversations, questions, or answers that need to be interpreted. Converting a piece of text paper in your own language can also be really helpful. Especially when you’re out there in another land, or even for some assignment work.


Key features

  • More than 70 language support
  • Scans documents, papers, receipts, letters to translate instantly
  • OCR technology supporting over 40 languages
iHandy translator pro

This translator app from iHandy Inc. is a powerful tool to convert foreign languages into your own language. With this handy app on your iPhone, the language barrier is no longer an issue when traveling. While the one downside is you have to buy this app for full functionalities, it’s still worth the cost.


Key features

  • Professional translator tools with a slick interface
  • Instant translation for over 50 languages
  • Translation history tracking with an integrated phrasebook
Voice translator app

Voice Translator-Speech Trans is one of the best translation apps for iPhone with instant functions for interpreting any language. This auto translation app is able to recognize your voice in one language and transform it into another one. You can also share your translated versions via text and emails messages easily within the app.


Key features

  • Accurate voice recognition
  • Supports both audio and keyboard translations
  • Supports over 30 languages
language translator app

This is one of the unique apps for translating languages that offers learning sessions and relevant training. It helps you understand a language and translate at the same time. While translating isn’t the sole feature of this app, it still does a wonderful job as a portable language translator.


Key features

  • Translates languages instantly upon selecting a text portion anywhere
  • Advanced learning tools include pronunciation, phrasebook, and translation history
  • Supports around 15 languages with natural examples

In Summary

A fun trip to another country can get tricky if you can’t communicate appropriately with the respected foreign language. A portable language and voice translator app can be your personal interpreter to assist in this case. Consider our review of the best translation apps for iPhone and iPad to install your favorite app. Solve how to convert speech to text or text to speech and converse with ease in different countries.

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