10 Best Video Blur Apps for iPhone in 2021

Best Video Blur App for iPhone

Whether for privacy issues or bringing awesome bokeh effects to photos and videos, blurring faces or parts of a picture is something we deal with more than often. A video blur app can be the one tool you’re looking for to blur video background or censor your videos.


Video blurring apps for iPhone are a handful in the App Store. With limited options and reviews, it’s easy to find yourself in a wobbly and indecisive situation. Don’t panic, because we did the job for you! After picking the best-performing apps and using them for a while, here are our 10 best apps to blur background on videos.

Best Video Blur App for iPhone | Top 10 Choices

A video blur app lets you blur parts of a video, add blur video effects to your streams, and more. We’ll go through the best apps with similar features offering the best service. So without further ado, let’s answer the question: How to blur a face and background in a video.

List of the Top Video Blur Apps for iPhone

  • Blur Video Background
  • Video Mosaic App
  • Blur-Video
  • MovStash
  • BlurEffect-Blur Photo & Video
  • BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video
  • KineMaster – Video Editor
  • Video Toolbox – Movie Maker
  • VLLO – Video Editor & Maker
  • Pixelify – pixelate blur video
Blur Video Background on iPhone

Blur Video Background for iPhone takes the top of this list with amazing video blurring features. It’s the best app to blur faces in videos, apply blur filters to your movies, or even blur out moving objects. For instance, you can try rectangular or radial blur shapes and resize the tool to apply perfect blurring. You can also choose from different blurry video effects like Gaussian or Pixelate blur.


In addition, this blur video editor comes with a video keyframe feature. This essentially lets you obscure moving objects in a clip, making it easier to censor videos. Choose from numerous blurred video background filters like Vignette, Fade, Matrix, Sepia, and renovate your movies. Once you’re done, easily export your edited video in both HD, Full HD, or even 4K resolution. Share your creations through social profiles seamlessly with the best video blur app on the App Store.


Key features of the Blur Video Background app

  • Choose from rectangle or radial blur shapes
  • Adjust blurring areas with a customizable blur tool
  • Gaussian, Pixelate, Mosaic blur, and more
  • Video keyframe for blurring faces and objects in a video
  • Blur filters including Matrix, Sepia, Vignette, Vibrance, Fade, etc.
  • Export films in 420p, 720p, 1080p, and Ultra HD 4K
  • Share to Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms
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Video Mosaic App

Video Mosaic App comes right in the second place because of its simplicity and super functions. Easily add mosaic effects to your videos to hide portions of a frame. You can also choose to blur a specific face and let it be obscured throughout the entire video. Furthermore, customize the shape of blurring effects to apply with perfection. Let the blurry video app take care of your security altogether.


Key features

  • Record video with blurry effects
  • Mosaic censor tool
  • Blur face in a video
  • Adjustable blur brush
Blur Video Editor

This particular blur video app can help you remove background from images in videos and hide unwanted objects. Therefore, you can easily apply various effects to your blurred video background and conceal sensitive objects. But that’s not all. Blur-Video editor app also features a multiple area blurring option for one single video, a handy tool for all.


Key features

  • Blur unwanted background, objects, and parts in a video
  • Pixelate faces and areas of YouTube, TikTok videos
  • Use an ellipse of the rectangular-shape blur brush
  • Touch blur feature applicable in multiple areas of a video

MovStash video blur app comes with 4 different types of background fading process for a video. Among Simple, Timeline, or Face Tracking modes, choose your preferred option to hide portions of your clips. Then, recreate video tracks with simple touches and several editing options.


Key features

  • Blur and mosaic effect for videos
  • 4 blur modes to choose from – Simple, Timeline, Face Tracking, Entire Video
  • Adjust blur level and size
BlurEffect-Blur Photo & Video

As the name suggests, BlurEffect-Blur Photo & Video app for iPhone can blur both photo and video pieces. Offering simple touch blur to edit videos with a fantastic resource of filters to choose from, this app is flexible, multi-purpose, and overall a true choice.


Key features

  • Touch your photos and videos to blur at will
  • Blur with soft focus, pixelate, hexagon pixelate, or prism
  • 9 assorted filters including halftone, polka dot, zoom, and motion blur
BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video

This blur background video app from the developer Kenji Hara is also capable of blurring the background of photos and videos. Bringing simplicity at your fingertips, BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video lets you pixelate an image or video seamlessly. In addition, it features basic video editing tools for you to cut and trim video, rotate, and adjust freely.


Key features

  • Select, touch, and preview video blur
  • Mosaic editor to add a censor bar to sensitive objects
  • Built-in video editor with essential functions like cut, trim, rotate, adjustments, etc.
KineMaster - Video Editor

While this video editor from KineMaster is not a straightforward video censor app, it does have a built-in option to blur video parts. So apart from powerful video editing tools, it’s also capable of hiding out parts in a running video. Make use of the integrated blur video effects with various tools that come with this app.


Key features

  • Easily blur faces in a video
  • Apply mosaic video effects
  • Hundreds of video editing features
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker

Video Toolbox – Movie Maker app is both a video editor and a video blur app. You can mask pieces of your video content using the in-app blurring feature. Additionally, it comes with free video filters and effects to apply to videos and make them even more unique.


Key features

  • Mask credit card, license plate, faces in video tracks
  • Pixelate private parts in a video with customizable blur tools
  • Reversible motion speed in videotapes
VLLO - Video Editor & Maker

VLLO comes with easy video editing tools and a practical masking feature. You can blur face and background in a video with this app and make it continue throughout the whole track. For instance, pin a blur effect to a certain portion of your VLOG and move mosaic effects as you want.


Key features

  • Zoom in and out to apply blur video effects
  • Pin pixel mosaic on videos for uninterrupted blurring
  • Background music collection with 200+ options
Pixelify – pixelate blur video

One of the simplest of all, the Pixelify app comes with easy video pixelation tools. It automatically detects faces in a video for you to choose from and mask them at will. Anonymize your favorite private moments with a flawless blurring feature and pixelate moving objects, faces, and frames in a video.


Key features

  • Fast and accurate pixelation of video parts
  • AI assistant to process multiple faces in one video
  • Blur moving objects, e.g., vehicle license place

In Short

A good video blur app can assist you greatly in terms of blurring faces, backgrounds, and regions in a video. Since you’ve checked out all ten options, now it’s for you to decide according to your preference. Finally, if you found these suggestions helpful, don’t forget to check out our recommendation for the best blur photo background apps for iPhone.

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