11 Best Water Reminder Apps for iPhone in 2022

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Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for a healthy lifestyle, not to mention how it aids daily fitness. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep consuming water all the time. If you remember to drink water at regular intervals, you won’t have to worry about hydration anymore. And that’s where a water reminder app comes in.


Drink water apps for iPhone track and remind your daily water intake schedules for proper hydration. They essentially work as alarms and notifies with custom or pre-built routine for sipping water. There are hundreds of water tracker apps on the App Store. So we took the effort to find out the best free water reminder apps for iPhone in the following.

Best Water Reminder App for iPhone | Top 11 Selection


A water reminder app helps with hydration in ways like notifying, keeping tracks, or even setting up schedules. It also works as a water calculator app to keep tabs on your liquid intake. Below are the best water reminder apps for iPhone.


List of best free water reminder apps for iPhone in 2022

  • Fasting App – Weight Loss
  • Hydro Coach | Hydration App
  • Water Alert Pro
  • Waterlogged — Drink More Water
  • Daily Water Tracker Reminder
  • My Water – Daily Water Tracker
  • Daily Water – Drink Reminder
  • AQUALERT: Water Tracker Daily
  • HidrateSpark Smart Bottle
  • Drink Water tracker & alarm
  • Gulps
Fasting App - Weight Loss

The Fasting App is a complete app that reminds you to drink water on a regular basis. Adequate water intake is crucial for fitness programs, fasting, or weight loss regime. This water tracking app lets you control the schedule and intervals perfectly in sync with your daily activities.


In addition, you can set daily drinking goals with this water reminder app. Adjust custom liters of water to drink every day and update the information. You can also track drinking details in history, achieve water intake goals, and follow the progress all the way. Above all, you get combined hydration and weight loss features, making it the best of water tracker apps for iPhone.


Key features of Fasting App – Water Reminder

  • Daily hydration tracker
  • Consistent drink water reminders
  • Create custom drinking plans to ensure proper hydration
  • Monitor water intake with graphs and history
  • Create custom fasting programs
  • Inbuilt weight tracker
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Hydro Coach Hydration App

Hydro Coach app is one of the best water intake tracker apps and deservedly takes a spot on this list. They say the first thing you can do for your health is drink water. With this app for drinking water, you can learn how much to drink and initiate a plan, get reminders, and record your progress to stay motivated.


Key features

  • Efficient hydration reminder
  • Personalized water intake calculation
  • Records and stats for water drinking programs
Water Alert Pro

As the name suggests, this drinking app gives you alerts and notifications to remind you to consume water. Drinking the right quantity of water is essential for continual health, and it’s made easier with the Water Alert Pro. For instance, set daily drinking goals and choose schedules to keep up. You can also get custom reminders every day to sustain a controlled lifestyle.


Key features

  • Custom water drinking schedules
  • Keep daily drinking logs and stats
  • Best water reminder app with customizable sounds and notifications
Waterlogged — Drink More Water

In search of the best hydration app for iPhone, we found Waterlogged as one of the most adaptable solutions. The custom water intake quantity and adjusting the size of bottles or cups is a unique feature. Moreover, get personalized charts to effectively track the whole process, making it a viable drink water app.


Key features

  • Visually monitor water consumption
  • Customizable water measurement tracking with oz, mL, or L
  • Fully integrated with Apple Health
Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Another drink water reminder app with a daily tracker and goals. This daily water tracker comes with simple monitoring features to ensure a healthy drinking schedule. You can also Set reminders and log your progress with a single tap using this app.


Key features

  • Set daily drinking goals
  • View detailed log with progress
  • Simple and straightforward interface
My Water - Daily Water Tracker

My Water app lets you create drinking habits with tons of customizations. For instance, choose various types of drinks to add to your drinking goals. You can also activate reminders and ensure to drink on time every day and monitor the development.


Key features

  • Track drinks with notifications and history
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Custom drinks choices like water, juice, milk, etc.
Daily Water - Drink Reminder

This water reminder app for iPhone also lets you customize how you consume water with quantity, reminders, and tailored programs. Drinking enough amount of water is crucial for health. You can utilize this app’s features to keep on track with regular liquid intake and follow stats to get results.


Key features

  • Get drinking reminders
  • Customize water glass volumes
  • Adjust daily water amount and track it
AQUALERT Water Tracker Daily

AQUALERT is one of the best free water tracking apps for iPhone with simple and easy features. Consisting of a convenient interface, it lets you set drinking programs based on your age and gender. You also receive smart notifications, making it easy to maintain regular drinking.


Key features

  • Graphic display with hydration level and stats
  • Notifications and reminders for drinking
  • Daily water intake calculator
HidrateSpark Smart Bottle - water reminder app

HidrateSpark is a smart water bottle app designed to recommend daily water amounts and remind to keep up with it. This water drink reminder app automatically measures necessary liquid quantity and suggests hydration goals. It also keeps history and data for past water drinking statistics.


Key features

  • Integrates with Apple Health
  • Recommended hydration goals
  • Automatically measure water amount to drink daily
Drink Water tracker & alarm

Drink Water tracker & alarm is one of the simplest of water tracking apps for iPhone. Personal reminders to drink water and daily statistics come in extremely handy. Moreover, it has a collection of water animations, easily making this a go-to app.


Key features

  • Water drinking statistics
  • Fantastic collection of water animations
  • Daily water reminders
Gulps - water reminder app

The Gulps app helps you remember to drink water and follow custom goals to maintain this healthy habit. This intuitive water reminder app also lets you set unit of measure, customize portions, and adjust manual reminders. Furthermore, you can export the data to Apple Health anytime.


Key features

  • Customize drinking preferences and monitor progress
  • Get notified when it’s time to drink water
  • Create custom drinking plans



The best water drinking app for iPhone comes with flexibility, effective reminder settings, and custom plans. Take your pick from this recommendation of best water tracking apps and maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper hydration.

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