How to Black out Something in a Picture on iPhone

How to Black out Something in a Picture on iPhone

Suppose you are a photo lover or active social bee. In that case, you most probably like to take photos of almost all events happening in you. In some cases, an unwanted photo background or object on the picture can ruin a good photo. So, you need to black out that part of the image. This article will cover how to black out something in a picture on iPhone


Using the Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad, you can easily black out something in a picture. So no worries about how to black out something in a picture on iPhone

How to black out something in a picture on iPhone


You can’t claim that all the photos you take every day are fit to upload. If you click ten pictures, only two of them will be perfect for uploading. The other eight will be faulty due to focus, unwanted photo background, or object on the photo! On the other hand, sometimes you need to send photos ensuring privacy. For that reason, you should know how to black out something in a picture on iPhone.


Someone could appear in the photo background while doing inappropriate behavior. Any sticky notes could reveal the password or the personal kinds of stuff, or anyone may complain about you for not taking permission before taking the pictures.


Disclaimer: Note that while blacking out something and blurring something mean two different things, they serve the same purpose; hiding unwanted objects or parts of an image. The following guide features how to blur out a specific portion of photos, which essentially blacks out or obscures sensitive stuff.  In short, you can use the Blur Photo Editor app to black out parts of a picture.

Install the Blur Photo Editor app for free to black out something in a picture on iPhone.

How to black out something in a picture on iPhone – Easy step-by-step guide

  • Install the Blur Photo Editor app on your iPhone for free to black out something in a picture on iPhone.
  • Open the app and choose the picture that you want to black out.
  • Choose the brush tool and select the specific part of the picture using finger touch and watch the blur path on the magnifying glass. The brush tool works to black out photo background, face, text, license plate, or any other unwanted parts of a picture.
  • You can use photo editing tools and apply photo filters.
  • Tap on the download button on the top right corner to save the picture on your photo library.

Overview – Blur Photo Editor app to blackout parts of pictures


Blur Photo Editor is an excellent app to blackout something in a picture on iPhone. It works continuously to blackout faces, background images, texts, and other elements and contains many photo filters. It offers powerful photo blur tools to hide or pixelated photos you don’t want to expose publicly. The app comes with a built-in photo editor, an extensive collection of photo filters and effects, and some enchanting photo editing tools. Don’t worry about blurring a picture anymore while you have this app installed on your phone.

Blur features template

User guide on how to use the Blur Photo Editor app


Blur Photo developer team believes that simplicity is the best way to be unique and rich. That is why they designed a neat and comfortable app interface. Follow these steps to tweak any photo manipulation offered by the app.

Step 1.
Open the app and access all of your photos from your iPhone or iPad. Select the desired image you want to apply the blur to blackout things. Install the Blur photo editor for iPhone if you don’t have that app installed on your device.

Step 2.
Touch on any point and zoom with the magnifying tool. After zooming, observe the edge and corner to draw a tight path.

Step 3.
Use Undo, Redo, Brush tools for ease of access. Quickly go to any period of editing. Use the help of size adjustment tools. Brush the blur and blackout the parts of a picture or area you want to hide from the viewers.

Step 4.
Browsing the tabs at the bottom side, adjust the focus of the photo from the focus tab. Besides that, you will find the preset menu. Choose your favorite photo filter among hundreds of presets. Edit your photos using cropping, rotating, and adjusting the tones of color, hue, saturation, RGB, etc.

Step 5.
Save and share your edited photos instantly on any social media. The app saves a copy of the edited picture in enhanced quality.

blur effects

Blur Modes


Firstly, our concern was to blur the photos. But one major thing to let you know, not every photos or screenshot need the same opacity of blurriness. Depending on the types, Blur Photo Editor launched several different modes to blur the image depending on its nature. Those are:

  • Basic blur
  • Pixelate
  • Hexa Pixel
  • Point Blur
  • Motion Blur
  • Position Blur

It also features the blurriness scale. You can choose among standard, rectangular, or circular shapes to blur, unblur or focus a photo. Create a tilt-shift effect where your subject stays in focus, and everything else gets blurry.

Additional features


As we are covering how to black out something in a picture on iPhone. We should obviously focus on the app that has the ability to back out something in a picture on iPhone. Blur Photo Editor does not imply one purpose only. It enriches with more than ten core functionalities. It’s a multi-functional app, so you need to fix everything else in a photo that the app can provide. Some key feature of the app is below:

An App to Blur Background


This photo blurring app is ideal for blurring any photo background. No matter wherever you snap your photos or download them from. It works in all environments. The application can efficiently mask water, light, glassy, or even painted background. Such sensational artificial blackout smoothly blends with your photos and makes them much attractive.

Pixelate Image


A pixelated image is an attraction to all ‘photoholic’ individuals. If snapping photos lie in your passion list, you might have used pixelate image background on any instances to glamorize your image. Remember the last time you couldn’t pixelate any sensitive part of the picture, and it got banned from Facebook? This app is the solution for keeping any photos, including violent graphic properties, by pixelating or mosaic.

Erase Sensitive Information


Anyone can peek into your digital information nowadays. Having any significant social or financial account number open may cause trouble by hackers or frauds. Use Blur Photo Editor and erase any texts containing the credit card number, car number plate number, contact numbers, or addresses.

Focus and Bokeh


Focusing your face is an impossible task for mobile cameras. With a small sensor, the phone cannot create that much aperture and field of depth in a photo. Blur Photo editor can make a camera blur effect called bokeh. You can focus on your face among a bunch of people using the app.

blur part of face

Photo Effects and Filters


A tremendous amount of photo filters gives the app considerable value in the market. More than 150+ photo filters are available in the app. More presets and filters will be coming soon. Existing presets can give a photo retro, aesthetic, cinematic, and various other dramatic attires.

Exclusive features


Its unique features give you more flexibilities and options to work with images. Use Blur Photo Editor and get:

  • 150+ photo filters for any types of look
  • Elegant design and iOS optimization
  • Edit and effect compilation
  • Social media sharing without losing quality
  • Brush and magnifier adjustment for clarity
  • Support portrait, landscape, macro, painting, reflections, shadow, and others

Importance of blurring an Image


The Internet plays an essential role in this modern era. Whether you are a student, job holder, or businessman, your life depends on the Internet. Nowadays, we spend most of our leisure time on different social media. Mistakenly, leaked confidential information may arrive at the lousy hand, and as a result, we can get a penalty. Scammers may harass you using your personal information. So, stay safe and make your cyber activity safe. Recheck a photo several times, inspect the elements that are not relevant to the picture and blur it to avoid complications.

blur credit card photo

How to download the app?


If the details above convulse you a little bit to use Blur Photo Editor for the first time, you can download it free from the app store. Enjoy the app and its premium features to create shiny photos and wallpapers.



A good picture represents the personality and primary test profile of a person. Only a good app like Blur Photo Editor can preserve that taste. So, if you are wondering how to blur an iPhone photo, remember that this app is the ultimate solution. Use the app and don’t forget to share your precious snapshots with your friends and families, no matter where they reside in.

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