How to Blur Background on iPhone

How to blur the background on iPhone

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Want to hide any unwanted parts from your photo background? Or want to achieve the bokeh effect for your picture? Then learn all the ways on how to blur background on iPhone. Though there are ways to blur photos with default features on your iPhone, the best option would be to use a photo blurring app called the Blur Photo Editor.

Find out how to blur the background of a picture on iPhone with or without an app. They are:

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  • Blur image background with the Blur Photo Editor app.
  • Blur the background of an iPhone photo by editing in Portrait mode.

How to blur background on iPhone with the Blur Photo Editor app?

You’ll no longer need a fancy DSLR to create a striking blurred background on your photo with your iPhone camera. The best way to achieve the perfect background blur on your iPhone picture is through a blur photo background app.


Many blurred photo editor apps are available on the App Store, and most of them aren’t that good. However, the Blur Photo Editor app is the best blur photo background app for iPhone.

Before you find out how to blur background on iPhone, install the Blur Photo Editor app for free from the App Store.

The Blur Photo Editor app has several blur filters other than a normal blur like pixelate, Hexa pixel, point, etc. You can hide parts of a picture, whether it is someone photobombing or hiding someone’s face from an image. So, if you want to know how to black out something in a picture on iPhone, then the Blur Photo Editor app is what you want.

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Learn how to blur background on iPhone with the Blur Photo Editor app:

How to blur a photo background on iPhone_Blur Photo Editor app
  • Open the Blur Photo Editor app on your iPhone.
  • From the main page, select the picture you’d want to blur.
  • Under the Blur editing section, adjust the Brush slider to control the size of the blurring brush.
  • Tap on the Color Filter icon from the bottom of the page and select the blurring filters you want to apply, and tap on the Tick icon.
  • Then apply the blur on your image by touching the screen.
  • Once you have applied the blur, tap on the Arrow right icon on the top-right of the screen.
  • You can add photo filters to your picture from this screen. Tap on the Download icon once you’re ready to save.

The Blur Photo Editor can be considered as a mini-photo editing app. However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive picture editing app, then you can try the Photo Editor app for free.

Whether it is a vehicle license plate or pixellating someone’s face- the Blur Photo Editor can do this easily. With its many blurring filters and editing tools, the app itself is a mini-photo editor. Suppose you’re wondering how to blur out part of a picture on an iPhone. Then don’t worry; use the Blur Photo Editor app.

How to blur background on iPhone in the Portrait mode?

You can get simple blurred backgrounds and effects without an app using the iPhone Portrait mode. Though the portrait mode is an inbuilt feature, it isn’t available on the older iPhone models. Here we’ll discuss two methods to blur pictures using the Portrait mode on your iPhone, and they are:

  • Edit the Portrait lighting effects of Portrait mode photos.
  • Adjust Depth Control of your Portrait mode pictures.

Here’s how to blur an image by changing the portrait lighting effects of Portrait mode photos:

how to blur the background in photos_Edit portrait lighting
  • Select any picture taken in the Portrait mode and view it on full-screen.
  • Tap Edit and select the Portrait Lighting Control icon.
  • Then drag to choose your lighting effect to achieve your desired background blur. The available lighting effects are Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and High-key Light Mono.
  • To change the intensity of the lighting effect, move the slider left or right.
  • Tap on Done to save your changes.

Here’s how to blur image background on iPhone by adjusting Depth Control in Portrait mode photos:

how to blur the background of the photo on iPhone_Adjust Depth Control
  • Choose any photo taken in the Portrait mode and view it on full screen.
  • Tap on Edit and select the Depth Adjustment button. A slider appears below your picture.
  • To change the background blur effect, move the slider to the left or right.
  • Finally, tap on Done to save your changes on your iPhone.

In short

Nothing makes your family photos more striking than having stunning blurry background. Though you could apply blurring effect on iPhone through default portrait mode, you’ll get the best results with the Blur Photo Editor app. A picture is believed to be worth a thousand words. So to better express your artistic creativity, use the photo blurring app.

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