How to Blur out Part of a Picture on iPhone

Article By: admin - March 23, 2021, Last Modified: May 23, 2022
How to blur out part of a picture on iPhone

Photobomb is unwelcoming, so are some personal attributes that often need to be blurred before publishing. Instances like unwelcoming entities, unwanted backgrounds often call for image retouch-ups. You must be wondering how to blur out part of a picture on iPhone.


Whether for mere image beautification purposes or omitting unwanted entities, you need a good app for your Apple mobile devices. Even blurring out sensitive segments of an image also demands a tool. Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad can be the perfect tool for you especially when you need a professional blur effect on your image.


Let’s check out the step-by-step guide on how to blur out part of a picture on iPhone.

How to blur out part of a picture on iPhone – Easy guide

Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have any prominent default photo blurring features. All you can get is portrait bokeh, which is typical among mid-to-high-end phone camera features. However, those are not customizable and definitely cannot smudge away particular attributes such as credit card number and car number plate on the photo.


So what’s the solution? A well-optimized image blurring process is the solution, just like the app that Bob used when he found himself in trouble. When you got an iPhone and love to take pictures, a quality image blurring application is necessary. Having such an app on your iPhone device means you are ready to roll with all the smudging, censoring, and pixelating businesses for your photos in the gallery.


When seeking an app that gives you flawless customization in the field of bokeh effects to your photos, you can put trust in the Blur photo editor app for your iPhone. Now you must be wondering what makes Blur photo editor so proficiently distinct from other similar apps in the market?

Before start reading the guide on how to blur out part of a picture on iPhone, install the Blur Photo Editor app on your iPhone for free.

Here is the step by step guide to blur out part of a picture on iPhone

Blurring out any part of a picture on the iPhone is very easy with the Blur Photo Editor app. Follow the simple steps given bellow to blur out part of a picture on your iPhone

  • Install the Blur Photo Editor app on your iPhone
  • Open the app and choose the picture that you want to blur.
  • Using brush tool blur specific part of the picture and add blur path using the magnifying window
  • Use photo editing tools and apply photo filters if you need to enhance your photo.
  • Tap on the download button on the top right corner to save the picture on your photo library.

Here’s a tutorial video on How to blur out part of a picture on iPhone

All Image Blurring Functions Under One Umbrella

A typical image smudging option is just too mainstream. That’s why Blur photo editor came up with a vast collection of image blurring options under distinct categories. For instance, This app consists of five blurring modes; Basic, Glass, Distortion, Paint, Water. All are arranged under the apply filter banner in this app.


Each of the modes occupies multiple exquisite and unique blur filters. Therefore, If you like your background effects to resemble frosty, glassy, water drizzled, or some other opaque effects, the app delivers its best blurry background and pictures effect to your snapshot.

Another essential aspect that has set the Blur into a special product category is its smooth photo touchups.

That’s not all! Blur photo editor offers more

However, smudging is just the tip of the iceberg here. Blur offers several other exclusive functionalities that can enrich your photography. It provides a great deal of image editing and photo filtering modules. When considering photo filters, this application is an ace of its kind.


The application comes with multiple photo filter modes, which further gives you multiple mesmerizing image filters. In short, all it needs is your creativity, and you are good to go with tons of image filters ready to embellish your snapshots.


Along with the blurring goodies and comprehensive collection of photo filterers in the stash, Blur also offers a rigid image editing module. Yes! You heard it right. You get full-fledged image editing options that can readily assist you to crop, enhance, brighten, and any other typical editing functionalities you can think of.


Therefore, now you don’t have to repeatedly switch to a separate app whenever you are on the verge of retouching your photography after implementing a suitable blur effect of your preference to your selected image. Remember, the Blur has it all!

How to blur out part of a picture on iPhone using blur photo editor app

Get Set Focus!


Want a uniform portion of your image to be befogged or trying a faded background image? Try the focus option on the Blur app menu. Here you get the circle and band mode along with the standard normal mode to blur or un-blur the selected portion of an image.


You can set the radius of the blurring or un-blurring operations. During the whole image editing and enhancing process, you can always try the fantastic magnifying window at the app’s left top corner. This integrated magnifying widget will assist you with precise photo editing functionalities.

A versatile photo editor for your iPhone


Meanwhile, the integration of a full-fledged photo editor is another excellent aspect of Blur photo editor. The app profoundly flaunts this module, and it indeed is one of the most useful features for tweaking and enhancing the image.


The editing option comes equipped with a range of features starting from image cropping tools to various fine image tuners such as exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, sharpness adjusters, etc. In short, the user can get a wide range of supplements to embellish their favorite images on iPhone.

Related information about blurring out part of a picture on iPhone


Here you will learn more relevant information about blurring our part of a picture on iPhone. We will answer some important questions related to photo blurring on iPhone.


How to unblur an image on iPhone?


You cannot fully unblur a blurred photo on your iPhone. With a photo blurring app, you can only undo the blur you might have just applied to your picture. The best outcome you can achieve on your iPhone is sharpening the blurry photo to make it clearer.


How to blur part of a picture on an iPhone?


You can blur part of a picture on an iPhone by using a photo blurring app, like the Blur Photo Editor. First, you’d need to launch the app and select the photo you’d want to blur. Then, use your fingers to apply the blurring effect on the part of your picture. Once you’ve finished blurring, save or share your photo. For more information, check out our article on how to blur out part of a picture on an iPhone.


How to blur the background of a picture on an iPhone?


It is easy to blur the background of a photo on your iPhone. You can use portrait lighting effects or adjust depth control on your portrait mode pictures on your Photos app to blur its background. However, if you want to blur the background of any picture on your iPhone, then try the Blur Photo Editor app. Explore this related article: How to Blur Background on iPhone.


How to blur a screenshot on iPhone?


With the Blur Photo Editor app, you can easily blur a screenshot on your iPhone. You can hide embarrassing or private parts from your screenshot with just a few simple taps. All you have to do is launch the app, select the screenshot, apply the blur and save the changes.

How to blur text on iPhone?


Want to know how to mask information from a picture on iPhone? The best option is to use the Blur Photo Editor app. Here are the steps to blur text on iPhone.

  • Install the blur photo editor app
  • Open the app and choose the image.
  • Select the blurring path on the text
  • Adjust the blurring level
  • Save the image on your iPhone.

With this app, you can hide credit card info, license plate, or other texts from pictures on your iPhone.

How to blur a face in a picture on iPhone?


Using the blur photo editor app on your iPhone, you can blur a face. Here are the steps to blur a face in a picture on iPhone.

  • Install the blur photo editor app
  • Open the app and choose the image.
  • Select the blurring path on the face
  • Adjust the blurring level
  • If you want you can also edit the photo.
  • Save the image on your iPhone.

At the End


The dilemma of shortlisting the perfect photo blurring apps that can efficiently bleach out undesirables and, at the same time, keeping the photo eye-pleasing finally seems to have come to an end.


Blur Photo Editor is a superbly built app that comes forth when you want to defocus some photo segments or blur image background. It offers not a single smudging choice but a library of excellent smudging and editing options to put your photography at the point of zenith.

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