How to Blur Part of a Video on iPhone

Article By: Minhaz H - October 5, 2021
How to blur part of a video on iPhone

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We’ve all used our iPhone devices to shoot videos and capture precious moments frequently. But sometimes, we might unintentionally also capture some embarrassing parts in a clip that should never be recorded. For this, you should know how to blur part of a video on your iPhone. Luckily for you, the Blur Video Background is the best video blurring app. However, you can also use the native iMovie app to blur parts of your video.

How to blur part of a video on iPhone using the Blur Video Background app?

Your iPhone camera is more than adequate for shooting stunning video clips. This could be a party, a concert, or a fun day with friends and family. It could even be for part of your job as a vlogger, content maker, or journalist.


Whatever the reason for making a video, there is always the possibility that some parts of your video need to be blurred. This might be because of a variety of factors. For example, you’re interviewing someone, and the interviewee demands anonymity. In this case, you’d need to learn how to blur face in the video.

Keep following this guide to learn how to blur part of a video on iPhone using a video blur app.

Step 1: Download the Blur Video Editor app to blur part of a video on an iPhone.

Want to discover how to blur part of a video on iPhone? Install the Blur Video Background app for free from the App Store for your iPhone.

Download the Blur Video Editor app for free _ App Store

Though there are many video editing apps with blurring tools out there, not all of them are worth mentioning. For blurring scenes or faces in a video, the Blur Video Background is considered one of the best video blur apps for iPhone.

Step 2: Choose the video to blur from the Blur videos app.

Once you’ve installed the Blur Video Background app on your iPhone, you can now begin editing your videos. Before you can start blurring, you’d have to launch the Blur video app. Here’s how to blur part of a picture on an iPhone with the Blur app:

Steps on how to blur video on iPhone – Blur Video Background 01
  • Gallery, Camera & My Videos: Select your video to be blurred from one of three mentioned locations from the app.
  • Blur or Pixelate: On the top of the editing page, you’ll find a toggle bar that lets you choose between blur and pixelate.
  • Rectangle or Circle: From the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, you can choose the shape of your blurring path.
  • Once you’ve selected a type and shape, apply it to the parts of your video.

Step 3: Save and share your blurred video.

Steps on how to blur video on iPhone – Blur Video Background 02

Saving the finished video or sharing it with your peers is the next step of the process. This part is simple because the hard part is done by now.

  • Once you’ve finished blurring your video, tap on the Upload icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • 4K, Full HD 1080P, HD 720P & Normal 480P: Select the desired size for your video from the given options.
  • Once your video is created to your selected size, you could Save to Camera Roll or share it with Facebook, Instagram, Drive, etc.

How to blur part of a video on iPhone with the iMovie app?

The iMovie is Apple’s native video editing app supported by your iPhone. Though it is a decent video editor tool, it doesn’t have a built-in blurring tool. So if it doesn’t have its own blur option, then why are we writing about this app?


This is because we’ve found a way to use the app’s merger feature to blur videos. The actual censorship of your video on iMovie can be achieved by superimposing a blurred picture over the video. This will create an almost similar blur video effect as that of any blurring app. The ideal size of the photo is expected to be small.

Follow these steps to find out how to blur part of a video on iPhone using the iMovie app:

How to blur part of a video on iMovie - 01
  • Download a blurred, pixelated, or black photo on your iPhone.
  • Then start the iMovie app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Plus + button and select Movie to start a new project. Or you could edit existing projects.
  • Then find and select the video you’d want to blur and tap Create Movie.

To add the blurred, pixelated, or black pictures over your video:

How to blur part of a video on iMovie - 02
  • Tap on the plus + icon to select your downloaded picture on the editing page.
  • Choose your image and tap on the three dots icon.
  • Then select the Picture in Picture option.

Once you’ve added the photo on the editing page:

  • Edit and drag the image to the part of the video that you’d want to blur.
  • Ensure that you have applied the blur for the entire length of the video.

Once that is done, play the final video to check your final work. If everything is alright:

  • Then tap Done to save your video on your iMovie Projects.
  • Or, to share your video, tap on the Upload icon.

Finishing statements


Blurring something or someone from a video is just another part of video editing. Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert editor to perform this task, and nor do you need a complex application. With the help of your iPhone and a blurring app like the Blur Video Background, you can easily achieve this.


If you’d want to blur photos instead of videos, then you could also check out the Blur Photo Editor app. Whether to blur faces or photo background – the Blur Photo app is the best choice.

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