How to Change Keyboard Color on iPhone

Article By: Minhaz H - July 5, 2021, Last Modified: November 21, 2021
How to change keyboard color on iPhone

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Have you been using the same keyboard theme for iPhone? Want to learn how to change keyboard color on iPhone? Don’t worry; we’ve come up with an amazing app for you. Download the Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app for an amazing collection of colorful keyboard background themes.


The classic, straightforward design of the iPhone is well-known. Regardless of the iPhone model you use, their interface is nearly identical. So we understand if you want your iPhone to have a more personal touch.


Follow this article on how to change the color of your keyboard on your iPhone.

Learn how to change keyboard color on iPhone

In this article, we’ve covered two methods on how to change keyboard color on iPhone. One method uses your iPhone’s default feature and changes your keyboard color from white to black. In comparison, the other method includes the use of a dedicated keyboard changer app on your iPhone. The two methods are as follows:

  • Switching to your iPhone’s Dark Mode
  • Use the Fontix app, a specialized fonts and keyboard app

Let’s discover how to change keyboard color on iPhone without the aid of an app

If you want to change your keyboard colors of the iPhone without the help of an app, switch to the Dark Mode. This changes the color of your keyboard from the default white to black. So you can only have either a white or black colored keyboard on your iPhone.

Here’s how to change keyboard settings of iPhone to the Dark Mode

how to change keyboard color on iPhone | change iPhone keyboard color
  • On your iPhone, tap on “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and click on “Display & Brightness.”
  • Finally, select the Dark mode.
  • Your iPhone’s keyboard color theme changes from white to black, along with all the other apps.

A key thing to note is that Apple only introduced the Dark Mode with the release of the iOS 13. So if you’re using an older iPhone model, it should be updated to version iOS 13 or later to change your keyboard color.

How to change the keyboard color on your iPhone with the Fontix app?

If you’re looking for a simple way to add different colored keyboard themes to your iPhone, then Fontix is your best choice. The Fontix app enables users to utilize a different selection of keyboards to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of their friends and peers.


In addition, this app’s custom color keyboard themes will improve your user experience by allowing you to express your creativity while also personalizing your iPhone. Fontix app is a free iOS app; in addition to keyboard themes, this app offers impressive collections of fonts and emojis.

Install the Fontix app on your iPhone if you want to change the color of your keyboard background.

Here’s how to change keyboard color on iPhone using the Fontix app

Here's how to change keyboard color on iPhone using the Fontix app
  • Launch the Fontix app and tap on “Add Keyboard,” and this will automatically take you to the keyboards section in the “Settings.”
  • Select the Fontix app from the list by moving the slider right until it becomes green.
  • You could now select a keyboard color theme either through the Fontix app or just by clicking on the theme icon on the keyboard on your iPhone

Let’s check out the video on how to change fonts and keyboards on iPhone using the Fontix app

Why should you change your keyboard color on iPhone?

Sometimes the iPhone’s minimalist design can seem so monotonous. Even switching from white keyboard to black keyboard as in the Dark Mode is not that much appealing. So, users have tried to customize their devices and express their creativity through the device they like so much.


With the third-party iOS free custom color keyboards and theme apps like the Fontix, users have found ways to personalize their iPhone devices.


Suppose you’re still curious as to why color changing keyboards are so appealing to iPhone users. Here’s a brief rundown of why it’s so great.

  • You’ll probably want to personalize your iPhone with a fun background, a stylish phone cover, or different color keyboards that you enjoy.
  • A change in keyboard color might help you see things more clearly if you have difficulties seeing objects in poor light or color blindness.


Suppose you’re looking for how to change the keyboard color of your iPhone using apps. Then the Fontix app is your best option. This app provides far more and better options for keyboard color themes. Additionally, it gives a ton of font styles and emojis along with color keyboards.


If you’d like to customize your iPhone more, you could also check out our Color Widget and Live Wallpaper 3D app. With these two apps and the Fontix app, you can give a personalized makeover to your iPhone.

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