Best Cleaner for iPhone: Delete Duplicate Contacts and Photos on iPhone

swipe away junk files & boost iPhone performance

Duplicate contacts and photos are always unwelcoming. Especially when your iPhone storage is not unlimited. A sustainable solution is to delete duplicate photos and contacts on iPhone. When it comes to eliminating all the bothersome duplicate files from your iPhone memory, we have brought to you the perfect app named Cleaner for iPhone.

Does this have the capability to remove vulnerabilities from the device? It doesn’t have that, but what this Cleaner app specializes in is its similar photos and duplicate contact removal and management capabilities for your iPhone.


Therefore, a utility app for cleaning unwanted files is necessary when you are a regular iPhone user. So we recommend you download Cleaner for iPhone and say goodbye to bloated storage.

Exploring junk cleaning strategy

When you are using iPhone, we assume that you got the most optimized mobile device in hand. Nevertheless, your device needs a scheduled cleaning up too. You must be wondering why? The most optimized crown should be enough to make it maintenance-free. Why bother with scheduled cleanup?


The fact is that no matter how fast or optimized your device is, it gradually slows down due to prolong usages and the constant accumulation of duplicate files in the device. It is an inevitable fact, and you have to accept it. So, does that mean your iPhone will go slow with time, and there’s no way out? The answer is that there’s always a way.


Cleaner for iPhone is the ultimate answer. This specialized iPhone app is designed explicitly for deleting similar photos, large videos, and duplicate contacts from your phone. The intuitive app has an easy-to-use interface. This makes this app one of the best photo cleaner apps for iPhone.

Want the best duplicate photo and contacts cleaner app for your iPhone? Then install the Cleaner for iPhone app for free from the App Store.

So, what does it do?

Now many of you must be scratching your head and wondering whether it is a mobile virus or vulnerability removal app or not. No, it isn’t. it is not an antivirus or spam removal tool, nor does it have any spamming call blocker functionalities. What this app solely offers to you is similar photos, large videos, and duplicate contact cleaning functionalities to your iPhone.


When you frequently use your phone, it needs scheduled storage cleanup too.  You might like to take photos now and then, record videos of every possible occasion and instance of your life, or store tons of contacts, etc.


Junk files like duplicate media contents and phonebook contacts constantly get accumulated in your iPhone memory. All those junks eventually narrow down the precious storage space and, at the same time, lower down your device’s overall performance.

Various junk files stored in iPhone on regular usage

The Cleaner for iPhone tracks down and cleans up all those duplicate files and contents occupying iPhone’s storage spaces. The smart automatic cleaning scheduler effectively scans, identifies, and rinse away unwanted contents from your device, keeping the phone optimized and fresh from inside.


Moreover, it saves your precious time. How? Without Cleaner for iPhone app, you rather have to manually select and then delete duplicate media files or phone contacts once you finally realized that your phone’s performance is going down.

Highlighting all features of the Cleaner for iPhone app

Let’s talk about features that made this app an absolute necessity for iPhone users.


The Cleaner for iPhone comes with intuitive and yet practical functionalities. Expect no irrelevant functionalities or ads, considering it is a premium app for your phone.

The fast cleaning option

When you start the app, you will get a fast cleaning button. Things are way easier and convenient when you click on this virtual button. It automatically scans all duplicate photos and contacts. After that, the app cleans them out from your phone’s storage space. It is for this reason this app is considered one of the best iPhone memory cleaner apps.

What to keep and what to clean?

Next, come the manual cleaning functionalities. You may not want the smart, fast cleaner to manage and clear up every bit of files that the app feels is an unnecessary one. In this case, you can select the option from where you want to dust out these unwanted files from your iPhone memory.

Delete duplicate photos and media files

Cleaning up duplicate media files

As for the custom cleaning option to delete duplicate contacts and photos on iPhone, you will get two choices. You can clean up unnecessary images. It includes similar photos, live photos, screenshots, or even defocused photos you don’t want to keep. This also includes video files that are unnecessary to keep.

Managing duplicate contacts

Cleaning up duplicate contacts and merging contact files

The other option Cleaner for iPhone offers to you is the wiping up of duplicate or unnecessary contacts in your iPhone. This includes cleaning up an entry in your phonebook, which is unnamed, with no phone number, no email credentials, etc.


In addition to that, this app has a smart algorithm to detect duplicate caller information on your phone and merge it into one single contact info.

An all-in-one iPhone ROM cleaning solution

Conclusion banner showing various functionalities of Cleaner for iPhone as slides

When the iPhone you are carrying is a part of your daily accessories, you should keep in mind its regular maintenance. Stacking up duplicate phone contacts and images eventually dwindles your device’s overall performance.


Seeing your favorite iPhone slowing down bit by bit cannot be an option. Our developers gave an in-depth thought on this matter and came up with this Cleaner for iPhone app that can actually delete duplicate contacts and photos on iPhone.

Drawing Conclusion

This iPhone app is indeed one of the most optimal and smart solutions to brush up duplicate contacts and photos from your phone’s memory. Therefore, from now on, say goodbye to a laggy iPhone and keep your favorite mobile device clean with enough space all the time.


If you like reading this blog, please feel free to try the app. You can also surf through some of our other useful utility apps like Screen Recorder for iPhone, Fontix, etc. Just like Cleaner for iPhone, each of our products in the Apple app store is premium in its own niche.

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