How to Clear Cache on iPhone

how to clear cache on iPhone

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If you are a regular user, it isn’t uncommon for your iPhone to accumulate several megabytes or even gigabytes of trash files. You could remove these junk files manually to free up space, or you could use a storage cleaner app like the free Cleaner app for iPhone. Either way, you should know how to clear cache on iPhone.

Our parents used to make us take out the garbage or clean the home when we were youngsters. We would, however, do all we could to avoid completing those chores. This would always lead our home to be disorganized and messy. Similarly, suppose you don’t clean your iPhone’s storage of unnecessary files regularly. In that case, your iPhone will be clogged with junk files, and it will become slower.


Follow this blog to see how to clear cache on iPhone with the Cleaner app.

Why should you clean junk files on iPhones?

It isn’t uncommon for your iPhone to slow down due to its shrinking storage space. This fact could be attributed to the ample space consumed by cookies, caches, temporary, or duplicate files on your iPhone. They are collectively called Junk files.


A temporary file is used to briefly store data while a file is being created or updated. Cookies are files that sites produce when you visit them. By preserving browsing data, they make your online experience more convenient. The cache saves parts of websites, such as pics, to make them open faster the next time you visit.


Cookies and caches are used for improving user experience and make your site or app load faster. However, with time these files accumulate, which increases the storage space of your iPhone. So, clearing cache or cookies on iPhone regularly becomes essential.

How to clear cache on iPhone with the Cleaner app?

Manually removing cookies or caches from your iPhone apps can be a huge undertaking. You could manually remove the cache or cookies of your iPhone apps by going to their respective settings option. However, with a third-party cell phone storage cleaner app, you could easily delete all trash files instantly from your iPhone.


Follow our step-by-step instructions below to remove cache, cookies, or temp files from your iPhone.

delete cache on iPhone

How to Clear Cache on iPhone? 3 Steps

Here are the 3 steps to clear the cache on iPhone.

Step 1: Download the Cleaner app

There are many apps that can clean your iPhone, but not all of them are good. Some apps have better and additional features than others. We’ve come up with the best iPhone memory cleaner app – the Cleaner app for iPhone. The app is available for free download on the App Store. Install the Cleaner app if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Quick check your iPhone memory for caches and junk files

The user interface of the Cleaner app is straightforward. When you launch the app, it runs a quick scan of your iPhone and displays the memory usage data. After that, the Cleaner app runs a thorough diagnostic and displays all the cookies, caches, and temp files for every application on your iPhone.

Step 3: Delete all caches and junk files on iPhone

After the scan is performed in the second step, the Cleaner app displays the memory usage data of every application and the overall data. You can then remove all the junk files at once by tapping on “Fast Clean.” It is a one-tap button to quickly clean all the junk from your iPhone, thus boosting its speed.

How to delete duplicate photos and contacts on your iPhone?

Duplicate files are also a type of junk file. It eats up your iPhone storage space and thus making your phone slow. Fortunately for you, the Cleaner app has an additional feature that lets you delete all duplicate files, such as duplicate contacts or photos.


You could manually remove identical images or contacts on your iPhone. However, when you are dealing with many similar files, this method is a lost cause. With the Cleaner app, you can quickly delete all your duplicate files. Also, you can merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone.


Just follow the instructions below to remove identical photos and contacts from your iPhone.

Remove duplicate photos on your iPhone

  • Launch the Cleaner app
  • Then press on “CLEAN PHOTOS”
  • After a quick scan on iPhone, the Cleaner app identifies all similar photos or screenshots
  • Then tap on “Show All” on the top-right of your iPhone screen
  • Select the images or screenshots that you want to delete
  • Finally, press on “Delete Selected” and then “Delete” on the confirmation dialog box

Remove or merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone

duplicate contacts iPhone
  • Open the Cleaner app
  • The Cleaner app runs a brief scan to detect all similar contacts on iPhone
  • Then select on the identical contacts to either delete or merge them

In short

The Cleaner app is the best free iPhone cache cleaner app. It is a fantastic utility tool that optimizes and improves the performance of your iPhone devices. The app removes garbage files and duplicate data that accumulate over time on the device. So, the Cleaner app boosts the speed of your iPhone and optimizes its memory.


Feel free to try the app if you enjoy reading this blog. You may also go through some of our other helpful iPhone utility apps, such as the Screen Recorder or Call Blocker.

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