Cache on Your Mac: What it is and how to Clear it

Article By: Minhaz H - August 29, 2022
Clear cache on mac

You may or may not know about cache. Every time you switch on your Mac, open an app or browse a website, cache is generated. When it works well it is great as everything happens that little bit faster, and everything runs a little bit smoother.


All good things, alas, must come to an end, and in the case of cache, when it ages and accumulates on your system, your Mac becomes sluggish and slow. It is a real problem as it can leave your Mac underperforming.


So how do you get rid of cache files and reclaim our Mac once more? Read on to get the details and get your Mac running nice and smooth.


Cache Cleaning Tool


By the far best way to get rid of cache files is to use a dedicated tool to get the job done. The better ones are reasonably priced and work by pushing a button. So if your Mac gets laggy you can run the tool and get it back up to speed once more.


You can remove cache manually if you don’t have a tool.


Manual Cache Removal


Cache takes three forms they are:

  • System cache – Cache files are generated by the OS as and when it thinks it needs them.
  • App or user cache – Every time you use an app cache files are generated.
  • Browser cache – Browsing websites generate cache eventually harming your internet experience.

Removing System Cache


Of the three cache files build up, by far the least damaging one is system cache. That said, removing it requires a little thought as you don’t want to remove the wrong files which will make your Mac malfunction. As such, before removing system cache. create a backup in case everything goes south.

delete system cache on Mac
  • Finder > Go > Go to Folder.
  • Type /Library/Caches, press Enter.
  • In the sea of folders, go into each one and delete the files. Keep any you think are important airing on the side of caution.
  • Empty Trash.

User/App Cache Removal


The procedure to remove app cache files is exactly the same as system cache with one difference.


You type ~/Library/Caches instead of /Library/Caches.


Browser Cache Removal


To remove browser cache is browser specific. Here is a guide for the big three:

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox


  • Open Safari > Preferences > Advanced tab
  • Go to the Develop section, click Empty Caches
  • Enable Show Develop menu


  • Open Google Chrome > Settings (Top right)
  • Click the “Clear browsing data” button
  • Choose the Beginning of Time
  • Check Cached images and files
  • Select History > Clear browsing data


  • Open Firefox > History > Clear Recent History
  • Click Clear Now
  • Click the arrow next to Details ensuring only Cache is checked
  • From the time range window select Everything

Keeping cache under control is advisable for a host of reasons. Clearing cache is significant it keeping it working at an optimal level. It is worthwhile to spend time researching other topics you need to keep an eye on. Your Mac deserves no less.


For more information, visit Apple Support.

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