Incredible collection of 3D wallpapers and live wallpapers for your iPhone screen

Article By: admin - April 19, 2021, Last Modified: November 21, 2021
Stunning wallpapers for your iPhone screen

Bringing in life to your typical dull iPhone home screen is what the Live wallpaper 3D app aims for. Live wallpaper has a rich volume of static wallpapers, animated or live wallpapers, trendy and the latest ones, as well as a complete archive of iPhone themes. This iPhone app is an absolute charm and is ready to roll on your fabulous iPhone. All you need to do is browse the Apple App Store and download Live Wallpaper 3D now.

Spanking new Live wallpapers for your iPhone

Library of Live wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Why still living in a flat era, especially when you have undoubtedly one of the best mobile phones in hand? All your iPhone deserves a good screen attire. How about a live wallpaper for a change? Live wallpaper 3D brings forth a rich library of live wallpaper to redecorate your iPhone home screen.


The Live Wallpaper 3D app has extensive options for wallpapers. When choosing the live wallpapers, you can get one from a dedicated category in the app. The preview play option will give you an initial idea of how it will look on your iPhone homepage once installed.

Make your phone screen trendier than ever

Collection of most trendy iPhone wallpapers

Install the Live Wallpaper 3D app for free on your iPhone. You’ll get an amazing collection of 3D and live wallpapers from across multiple categories. 

Being stuck with your old wallpapers for months or years is not happening anymore. A massive collection of trendy wallpapers is already onboard for you. All you need to do is go to the wallpaper library under the Trending banner of the Live wallpaper 3D app.


Here you will find a mind-boggling quality of wallpapers that go parallel with the latest vogue of the industry. Your phone screen doesn’t have to suffer the stagnancy of the same old wallpapers anymore. The trendy attire of your iPhone display will surely keep you one scale-up amid your social circles.

Fresh wallpapers every day

Fresh new wallpapers every day

Suppose your device has access to the internet. In that case, the Live Wallpaper 3D can readily offer you fresh and exquisite wallpapers every day. So, when you are a premium user of the Live wallpaper 3D app, you can enjoy a fresh look on your iPhone’s display every day. At this point, the daily updated wallpaper gallery is a perfect choice for you.


Rest assured that the wallpapers on your iPhone’s super retina OLED display are similar to none and are built exclusively for you. The unparalleled quality and uniqueness of the wallpapers you will be offered are truly mesmerizing and sufficient to regularly give new looks to your phone screen.

Choosing live screen décor is now more fun

Choosing Live wallpaper is now more convenient on iPhone

Don’t simply browse and install the live wallpapers for your iPhone display; select your fabulous wallpaper with style. The intuitive iOS wallpaper app redirects you to a dedicated Play preview page once you have chosen a wallpaper from the app gallery.


The Live wallpaper preview page has a dedicated play button to get a glimpse of the animated wallpaper. Next, you got the download option so that, once your mind is set, you can download it straight to your device. Finally, you have slides of more suggested live wallpapers below, in case you change the mind and try something else instantly.

Your own list of favorites among many

Favorites for a custom collection of wallpapers for iPhone

You might be too choosy, or your preference may widely vary when it comes to selecting a wallpaper for your iPhone. So, it is possible that you like to use the same set of wallpapers repetitively. But in most wallpaper apps, you don’t have a dedicated space to save a list of favorites.


Live Wallpaper 3D has it. A strong thought has been given during the app development phase. Features here are designed exclusively with users’ preferences in mind. As a result, a dedicated Favorites section has been included. Now you can save your favorite wallpapers here without any fear of losing those, among the rest.

Wallpapers are just the beginning

Rich archive of iPhone themes

If you think that Live wallpaper 3D is just about various wallpapers for iPhone, you are wrong. The iOS app stashes another goodie in it. An extensive collection of attractive mobile themes is ready to change your phone’s user interface.


With a handsome collection of themes in the frontline, it’s time for you to experience an elevated level of UI transitions on your latest iPhone. Each theme’s aesthetic touch reflects pixel perfection with butter-smooth transitions and, of course, a premium feel.

Cool wallpapers packed with resolutions

Happy users showing aesthetic wallpaper on his iPhone

Such a shame that your typical wallpaper shows visible pixels when decked on your iPhone’s home screen. We don’t want your aesthetic wallpaper to show blocks of pixels and break down when stretched to full screen. Therefore, 4K wallpapers or at least HD wallpapers are what we offer to you.

The Closure

Each wallpaper and theme this wallpapers app showcases compliments Apple’s years of goodwill and integrity in the industry. When you download Live Wallpaper 3D, don’t keep any doubt on its functional integrity. Just rest assured that your iPhone, arguably one of the best mobile devices in the industry, gets arguably one of the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone in the market.

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