Color Widgets: Personalize Your Widgets on the iPhone Home Screen

Article By: Nasim Usman - April 18, 2021, Last Modified: April 4, 2022
Color Widgets for iPhone home screen

Traditionally, the iPhone home screen has been regarded as non-customizable. Widgets can be added to the iPhone home screen in iOS 14 and higher. Thanks to third-party apps, you can also make your own widgets.

Color Widgets for iPhone, on the other hand, allow you to personalize your home screen. You can not only add new features to your home screen, but you can also customize it to your liking.

With the introduction of iOS 14, one of the iPhone’s best features has been incorporating custom widgets. Here, we will discuss how to use custom widgets to personalize your iPhone.

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Customize widgets using Color Widgets App

The iPhone home screen is no longer confined to a simple grid of square applications and app folders. You can change the monotonous widgets of your past and bring some color to your home screen.

First, you start with installing the Color Widgets for iPhone for free from the App Store. The iOS 14 introduced a whole new look and feel to the user interface, with home screen widgets that can be modified in size or shape to have some excellent features.

With the Color Widgets app, you can create widgets for wallpaper, calendar, display time, and quotes. Each widget can be personalized in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Wallpaper Widgets


Color Widgets for iPhone offers hundreds of cool wallpaper widgets to add to your main display. Try experimenting with an extensive collection of widgets and select your favorite widget type’s most aesthetically pleasing designs. You can form a large number of high-resolution images in categories such as nature, portrait, abstract, aesthetic, and much more.

Wallpaper widgets from Color widgets app.

Custom Calendar Widgets


Keeping track of everything on your calendar can seem almost impossible sometimes. We all have a packed, hectic life full of social activities, meetings, and job deadlines. However, suppose you have a daily calendar widget on your iPhone home screen. In that case, you will never miss any appointments or overbook yourself.

Choose from a wide range of different calendar backgrounds. Brighten your day by selecting the beautiful monthly widgets and make your daily planning much more manageable.

Calendar widgets from Color Widgets app.

Clock Backgrounds


Color Widgets for iPhone app has one of the best times and date widgets for your home screen. You can choose your fancy digital clock from multiple design settings and improve the beauty of your iPhone display.

Time widgets from Color Widgets app.

Quote of the Day


The Color Widget app has a regular quote widget, which is a fun thing to have on your iPhone. It’s basically a motivational widget that helps you choose between playing a random inspirational, relevant quote on your home screen or viewing widgets on your lock screen. The widgets contain extracts, which include lines, quotations, and examples by famous and notable people.

Quote widgets from Color Widgets app.

Use Color Widgets to create your own widgets inside the app, then set them at your home screen and drag them to the desired location. Scroll down to find out more about how to add widgets on your iPhone home screen.

Use Color Widgets to add widgets to iPhone home screen

Want to know how to add widgets on iPhone? The final step is to place the widget on your iPhone’s home screen. After the introduction of iOS 14, iPhone now has an improved home screen experience. The users are now showing off their best-personalized displays on social media.

So once you have selected your custom widget from the Color Widgets app, the subsequent step is to set the widget on the front. It is required to know how to set up your custom widgets to personalize your iPhone the way you want.

How to Add Widgets to iPhone


Follow these steps to add the selected custom widget to your home screen:

  • Hold your finger on an empty section of your phone until your apps start jiggling and showing minus signs, or you can also tap on the “Edit” option.
  • Click on the plus sign in the upper-left corner to pull up a list of pre-existing widgets.
Edit iPhone home screen widgets.
  • Select the widget you want to display on your home screen.
  • Tap “Add Widget”
Add widget on home screen
  • Once you’ve finished adding the widget, press anywhere on the home screen or tap “Done” to exit edit mode.
  • To shift the widget across the screen or to another screen, long-press it until it begins to shake, then drag it to the desired location.
  • Long-press to pull up a minus sign to remove the widget if you want to get rid of it.
Remove Widget from home screen

Want some more apps to customize your iPhone? Try the Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard & Live Wallpaper 3D app for free from the App Store. 

In a Nutshell


A widget is an element of an app that shows specific information on the Home Screen without requiring the user to access the corresponding app. With the introduction of iOS 14, you’ve been able to add custom widgets on your iPhone home screen.

There are also apps that provide various widget options depending on the information a user wants to see. For instance, Color Widgets for iPhone app has an extensive collection of widget options from wallpaper, time, calendar, and quote categories.

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