How to Combine Videos on iPhone Easily | A Quick Guide

how to combine videos on iPhone

Before we start

For a video maker, it is useful to know how to combine videos on iPhone. With the help of a decent video editing tool, you can easily merge videos together on your iPhone. Suppose you have recorded many videos and want to know how to put two videos together on your iPhone. Like the funny videos that are nowadays popular on YouTube or Facebook where multiple video clips are merged into one.


Fortunately for you, we’ve come with amazing apps to put videos together. So, follow this article to find out how to combine two videos on your iPhone.

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How to combine videos on iPhone?

There are several video editing apps that combine videos. Even iPhone provides a built-in video merger in their iMovie app. Though iPhone’s iMovie app lets you combine two videos on iPhone, try the Video Editor app for professional results. In this article, we focused on both native and third-party video editing apps.


Follow this guide on how to merge videos on iPhone.

  • Use the Video Editor app to combine videos
  • Combine iPhone videos using the iMovie app

How to combine videos on iPhone using the Video Editor app?

With the rapid evolution of the iPhone’s camera, you can quickly shoot high-quality videos. However, for any video creator, it is essential to have a good video editing tool.

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An ideal video editing app should include a feature to merge two videos together on your iPhone. You can do that easily with the Video Editor app. This app has it all, from video cutting and cropping to adding music, recording one’s voice, and resizing the video frame, among other things.


If you want to produce a sentimental movie or just want to showcase some hilarious clips to your friends, use the Video Editor app to stitch a series of videos together into one.


So, before we proceed, download the free Video Editor app on your iPhone.

Steps on how to merge two videos together using the Video Editor on iPhone.

combine multiple videos into one
  • Launch the Video Editor app on your iPhone
  • Then select the video you want to merge with another clip
  • Choose your video either from your iPhone Gallery or from an existing saved project in the app
  • You can also shoot a video with your iPhone camera
  • Choose a video to create your project,
  • Here you can either trim, add music, or combine video clips
  • Then select the option to join videos together
  • Afterward, select the second video to merge them
  • Once it is completed, save or share your project

Can you combine two videos using the iMovie app on iPhone?

If you want to make simple video edits and already have Apple’s iMovie app installed, then you can use it to add videos together. The main advantage offered by iMovie is that it is available on key iOS platforms such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


If you’re new to video editing, the iMovie app is a good place to start. It has a host of features that allows you to crop, resize, and rotate your edits. You can also add audio and combine video clips on your iPhone.

Follow these instructions on how to put two videos together using the iMovie app on an iPhone.

  • Launch the iMovie app from its installed location on your iPhone
  • On the homepage of the iMovie app, press on “+” to create a New Project
  • iMovie then prompts you with a message. Select “Movie” to combine multiple video clips
  • Then tap on “Create Movie” at the bottom of the app screen
  • To import your videos, click on “Tap + to add video, photos or audio.”
  • Under the VIDEOS & PHOTOS category, click on “Video”
merge clips in iMovie
  • Then tap on the location of the video you want to import, select your video, and press on a button with the “+” icon
  • Now add another video you want to merge together into one clip and again tap on “+”
  • If you wish, you could add beautiful transition styles to your videos
  • Once your video merging is finished, then tap on “Done”
  • Finally, click on the share icon to save or share the video

In short

If you’re looking to upload videos on social media, then you could download the Video Editor app for your iPhone. It is the best free iPhone video editor app to combine multiple videos. For simpler video making, you could begin with Apple’s iMovie app.


Are you looking to take your editing skills even further? Do you want to edit photos as well as videos on your iPhone? Then you can check out our Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad.

Note: Please check the local laws and other related laws before starting the process. Moreover, Please check whether it is possible to combine videos on iPhone with the recommended steps or not. If it works that’s great, if it does not, we are not responsible for that.
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