How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone | Best 4 Ways

Article By: Minhaz H - June 21, 2021, Last Modified: September 28, 2022
how to convert picture to pdf on iphone

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You could use iPhone’s native apps to convert pictures into PDF files. However, these apps don’t allow you to make any edits to the PDF files. Fortunately for you, we’ve come with an app that not only acts as a PDF converter but also as an editor. The Scanner App – PDF Editor, one of the best PDF scanner apps for your iPhone.

You can download the Scan To PDF – PDF Scanner App on your iPhone for free. Using this app, you can easily convert Pictures to PDFs on your iPhone.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a commonly used file format for presenting documents independent of applications, hardware, and operating systems.


As a result, PDF is ideal for sending any document with the confidence that it will be shown exactly as intended to the receiver. In this step-by-step guide, you will discover the best ways to convert your images to PDF documents on your iPhone.


Now no need to download any third-party app on your iPhone to convert pictures to PDF format as an online JPG to PDF converter does all in a couple of seconds. Just launch the Safari browser from your iPhone and navigate to to get a free JPG to PDF converter, which lets you convert multiple photos into a single PDF or even convert each picture as a separate PDF file.

Install the Scanner App – PDF Editor for free from App Store to convert pictures to PDF on your iPhone.

How to convert picture to PDF on iPhone?

There are many reasons where you might want to save photos as PDF on your iPhone. For instance, if you have taken pictures of a document or a book, which you might want to turn them into PDF format to access them later. Also, save photos or screenshots into PDF format so that you can print them.


Follow the guide to learn the four best ways to convert photos to PDF on your iPhone.

  • Use the Print option from the iPhone Photos app to save image as PDF
  • Use iPhone’s Books app to save photo as PDF
  • Convert a photo to PDF with iPhone’s Files app
  • Create PDF from a photo on iPhone using the PDF Scanner app

How to convert picture to PDF on iPhone using the print option?

There are two ways where you can save a picture as a PDF with the Photos app. In this section, we will explain one of the methods, which includes the use of the printing option. This technique requires you to print the images in your Photos app and by using the zooming-in gesture.

how to make a pdf
  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone
  • Choose the image that you want to convert. Then long-press on picture and tap “Share”
  • For converting multiple photos or screenshots to PDF, click on the “Select” option on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Then choose the items that you want to convert and click on “Share”
pdf maker
  • Tap on “Print” from the share menu options
  • On the Printer Options, perform a zooming-in gesture. Your selected picture(s) will be quickly converted to PDF
  • Then click on the “Share” icon. You can either print, share or save on the Files app

How to convert picture to PDF on iPhone with the Books app?

Sharing images from your iPhone’s Photos app to the Books app is another method to convert JPG files to PDF. The steps are almost similar to the previous process.

how to save a picture as a pdf
  • Launch the Photos app on your iPhone
  • Choose the image you’d want to convert. Then long-press the image and click on “Share”
  • Click the “Select” option in the top-right corner of the screen to convert multiple photos or screenshots to PDF.
  • Then choose the pics you’d want to convert and click the “Share” icon.
  • On the share menu options, choose the Books app
  • This will automatically convert the selected PNG or JPG image(s) to PDF

How to convert picture to PDF on iPhone using Files app?

You can convert pictures to PDF using the Files app. Even the image saved in other apps can be shared with the Files app and turned into PDF. If your file is already saved in the Files app, then long-press on the photo. Then, on the popup menu, press “Create PDF”.


If your picture is saved in another app like the Photos app, then follow the instructions below to turn them into a PDF.

how to create a pdf file
  • Launch the Photos app and choose the image(s)
  • Tap on “Share”
  • Click on “Save to Files” and pick the folder you want to save your file(s)
  • Then launch the Files app, long-press on the picture, and tap “Create PDF”
  • For multiple images, click on the three-dot icon on the bottom-right of the screen and press “Create PDF”
  • On the Files app, your new PDF file will be saved in the same location

How to convert picture to PDF on iPhone with the PDF Scanner app?

From the previous methods, you can determine that Apple doesn’t have a straightforward process to convert photos to PDF. The process is either complicated or too long. Also, other than copy, rename, or share, you can do little else with your PDF file.


If you want to convert your files into editable PDF, you need third-party PDF editor apps like the PDF Scanner app. It is not only a great PDF editor but also one of the best apps to convert JPG to PDF on iPhone.


You can convert your iPhone photo to PDF in two ways with the Scanner app, as shown below. First, if you haven’t done it already, download the PDF Scanner app.

Method 1: Convert Scanned Document to PDF

Photo scanner
  • Launch the PDF Scanner app,
  • Tap on the “+” icon and click on “Scan with Camera”
  • Then take a photo using your iPhone’s camera
  • Or select a picture from the Camera Roll
  • After that, click “Save,” and your image will be saved in PDF format

Method 2: Import photo to save as PDF with the Scanner app

scan to pdf
  • Open the PDF Scanner app,
  • Click on the “+” icon and press on “Import from Cloud”
  • From Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or WiFi Sync, you can save images to your app,
  • Then tap on the “Share” icon, and a slider tool allows you to choose between JPEG & PDF
  • Move the Slider towards PDF

If you want to learn more about this app, read this blog on how to scan books into PDF with the Scanner app.


As an iPhone user, you will have four different options to save photos as PDF. You can choose whichever method seems straightforward to you. However, we recommend that you try the fourth option or the PDF Scanner app to turn your images into PDF.


The Scanner app is a powerful PDF converter tool that allows you to turn any image file like JPG, JPEG, or PNG file to PDF or vice versa. Additionally, it is also a PDF editor tool that lets you modify, create, filter, and merge your PDF files.


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