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Article By: Nasim Usman - April 18, 2021
Try new widgets on iPhone

Before the fun begins

Widgets, a feature that, for a long time, was not available on an iPhone home screen, has recently arrived. With the latest iOS 14 update, Apple has finally broken free from its lack of customization to its iPhone home screen. However, a question may arise, is it as efficient and useful as third-party widget apps for the iOS home screen?

Well, today, we will talk about the free widget app called Color Widgets for iPhone. We will give you the rundown on this best widget app and how its useful and convenient functionalities work to provide you with the coolest widgets.

So what is a widget exactly? A widget functionality, in simple words, is a small widget icon that launches a specific application designed to open one or multiple app utilities on your device.

How to add cool widgets on your iPhone

Before you start becoming creative and changing your iPhone main screen’s look, you must first learn how to use a widget. The Color Widget for iPhone app allows you to create your own iOS widgets straight from the app.

First, set them on your home screen. This can be done by adding the selected custom widget to your home screen. Next, hold your finger on an empty portion of your phone until your apps are jiggling with a minus sign. Also, you can tap on the “Edit” option to get the same result.

Click on the plus sign in the upper-left corner to pull up a list of pre-existing widgets to select the widget you want to display on your home screen. Tap “Add Widget.” Once you’ve finished adding the widget, press anywhere on the home screen or tap “Done” to exit the editing mode.

To shift the widget across the screen or to another screen, long-press it until it begins to shake. Drag it to the desired location. Long-press to pull up a minus sign to remove the widget if you like to erase it. These are your basics on how to personalize your widgets on your device.

Add some motivation to your home screen

Brighten up your day with quotes

We all need some motivation widgets on a day-to-day basis. Why not add a quote widget to your iPhone home screen? In reality, you can now unlock your iPhone and can read inspirational text instantly, which is very rewarding. It can make your day go smoother. Simply pick from one of the many beautiful quote widgets included on this app and drag it right to your home screen.

Apply custom clock widgets

See the time globally

iPhone already has its clock widgets, but let’s be real, they are very boring and bland. With the color widgets for the iPhone app, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you’re an analog or digital clock screensaver lover, this time widget can help. It allows you to add any clock of your choice with many color options to make your clock aesthetic.

The best feature of this clock widget is its ability to show a clock display on various time zones around the globe. For those that are constantly checking the time in different parts of the world, this will become one of the handiest widgets you can put on your iPhone home screen.

Create custom calendar widgets

Stay up to date

Much like the clock widget, various calendar widgets are also available on this app. Apply a fancy daily calendar widget to your iPhone home screen. Depending on your mood, choose from vibrant calendars with many different theme packs.

The calendar widgets also will synchronize with the clock widget and display the date on different time zones, so you’re always up to date. This is very important for those who do business and often communicate with family members abroad.


You no longer have to open the clock app or Google the time and date in a different country, saving you time and energy.

Choose fancy art with wallpaper widget

Apply fancy wallpapers

Are you a wallpaper lover? Do you change wallpapers every week or depending on your mood? With the color widget app for iPhone, you no longer need to access your gallery or the iPhone home screen wallpaper menu.

Instantly change your background with a couple of taps straight from your home screen. Simply open the app to add a wallpaper widget to your home screen. Choose from various wallpapers with themes like your favorite music band, vacation spots, and more.

Closing thoughts

Though iPhone has finally added widgets to iOS, people still are not fully satisfied with their default customization options. Color Widgets create a considerable exception by filling up this deficiency. Not everyone has the same tastes and moods; people like to personalize their iPhone screen frequently.

Do you know that now you can change up the look of your iPhone home screen with quality wallpapers. Try Live Wallpaper 3D and change your iPhone’s attire effortlessly. Therefore, it is time to turn the dull and characterless home screen of your iPhone into a vibrant and unique one. Let all your friends see that you have the most awesome-looking iPhone around.

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