How Deep Sleep Music can Help You Fall Asleep Fast

Sleep deep, cure insomnia with Sleep sounds & White noise

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Do you suffer from mild to chronic insomnia? Or maybe you do sleep but, it’s not quality sleep? Let’s be honest, counting sheep is a total myth, and you can’t blame the dog anymore. If you find yourself waking up every morning feeling drowsy or lacking in cognitive abilities, then it might be the time you look into a bedtime app focused on deep sleep music called Sleep Sounds – White Noise.

How to Overcome Insomnia with Deep Sleep Music

It’s no secret that insomnia and sleep deprivation are far too common today. The people over at NCBI states that anywhere from 10%-30% of adults struggle with chronic insomnia. As stated by Harvard Health Publishing , more than 60% of older adults suffer from some sort of insomnia & anxiety disorder. It may be mild or periodical. They also mention women having a lifetime risk of insomnia that is up to 40% higher than men. The good news is, Sleep Sounds & White Noise app for iPhone is your new best friend. Rated #1 in sleep apps, you can find it for free in the App store, available now for both iPhone and iPad.

Enjoy deep sleep music with ambient noise and bedtime stories

Enjoy sounds of nature with a good bedtime story

Once you download the sleep sounds & white noise app, you begin to see the super user-friendly interface. The app includes various prerecorded sound effects like nature sounds, crickets chirping, and ASMR therapy clips in its built-in library. This app also lets its users listen to beautiful stories with romantic, suspense, and motivational stories, just to name a few.

Popular novels and stories remain options in the sound mixer that are a joy to listen to. Also, kids and the youth can hear stories reserved for them. Popular Disney and other fairy tale stories like Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Myths of The Baby Dragon are included which can help to lure your baby into sleep. With explicit contents being filtered in the app, everyone in the family can benefit from sleep sounds & white noise.

Meditate your way to sleep with relaxing sounds

Enjoy meditation in bed

This app provides its users with a vast number of guides focused on meditation by world-class instructors. The app makes it super easy to navigate through these guides. Each meditation session will surely calm every single nerve on your mind and body. It’s almost as if you have your very own personal yoga instructor at your bedside. Meditation of any sort relieves stress and anxiety amongst us humans, though many overlook this simple method. Enlighten your soul and connect your inner spirit. Truly a game-changer to make you fall asleep fast.

Make a ready mix of peaceful deep sleep music

Your tailor-made playlist of peace

While taking a tour of this sleep cure app, you will notice the personalized music composing feature. This feature lets its users compose and categorize music by selecting and mixing numerous prerecorded instruments like piano samples and various melodies. Based on the user’s taste in soothing music therapy, this intelligent app also picks and suggests frequently used tracks and melodies from previous visits.

Listen to the sounds of the most sought-after beach cities and towns, like a horse carriage traveling down the road in Switzerland to 5 pm rush hour traffic in Rio de Janeiro. The possibilities are truly endless. While all this is happening, eye-pleasing animations of waterfalls, campfires, ocean waves, and stormy rain play in the background as themes. In short, it is a must-have app for nature lovers.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Tune in to your favorite forest birds like Robins, Hummingbirds, and Sparrows, which will sing for you as you fall into a deep sleep. The use of ASMR microphones is popular today and may help with tinnitus. From a girl and her cute rabbit chewing on carrots to your favorite YouTube stars, all are ready to whisper stories into your ears.

Bedtime reminder for healthy sleep routine

Be reminded of the bedtime feature

Why need a reminder? You may ask. We humans should follow a suitable sleep cycle. Though not everyone sleeps at the same time every night, doing so boosts health and lifestyle benefits studies show. Now, setting a specific time to do so is easy with sleep sounds & white noises. All you have to do is set a simple reminder, for example, 10 pm. The app will notify the user every night with a calming chime that it is time for bed! Almost like a customizable alarm clock.

Final Thoughts

Leave insomnia in the past

After an in-depth use of the sleep sounds & white noise app, it’s no surprise that it is the top-rated sleep app on the app store. With a beautiful user interface and vital key features, it’s sure to help people fall back asleep. In a society of overworked and over-stressed inhabitants, deep sleep for many is a rarity.

Regain your rem (rapid eye movement) sleep, which experts at Medical News Today claim occurs when people are in their deepest stage of sleep. For children with hyperactivity and anxiety, this app will surely help them fall asleep with ease, thus helping the parents take some rest too. A win for the whole sleep-deprived families around the globe. Finally, it’s time to sleep again.

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