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Article By: Nasim Usman - April 18, 2021, Last Modified: November 18, 2021
One-stop app solution for sending fax

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To be honest, the fax machine is almost obsolete today. But if you’re like me, old-fashioned and like to keep things simple but don’t want to bother with messy fax machines anymore, then I would like to recommend an amazing fax app which sends electronic fax called Fax for iPhone.

Fax transforms your iPhone into your very own online fax machine. You no longer need a bulky out of style fax machine taking up space to send an official document to businesses and colleagues. Recently, I found myself needing to send a fax urgently, but with no fax services near me to send my fax, I was in trouble.

Then I have come across this superb app called Fax for iPhone. With just a couple of taps, I finally had the privilege to send the fax online free via the internet from my cell phone. With the technological boom moving at rapids speeds, it has never been a better time for you to fax from iPhone all your essential work and other related documents.

How to send a fax online for free?

Sending online fax easily

After you download the Fax app, you are greeted with a super straightforward user interface. First, you want to set the phone number of choice, then tap the “add document” button. The app will then automatically give you a few available options from camera scanning, library, or cloud import. Simply select your preferred source, find the document, and hit the “send” button to fax over internet right away!

The best feature of this app, in my opinion, is having the ability to send unlimited fax plus it’s free, anywhere and at any time. I have sent virtual fax to my boss at 1 am for the next day with Fax, something I couldn’t do with a traditional fax machine due to lack of resources. Another important feature of this app is its ability to send large fax. Whether it be a single page or to fax a pdf, Fax can send it all instantly.

Send a Fax to over 100 countries

Send eFax around the globe

Wondering where can I send a fax? Do you work in the USA but often fax documents to your business in Dubai? If so, this smart fax app sends all fax online; you have the freedom to send your fax to another time zone instantly. I tried this out by sending a test fax to my cousin in Canada. He was immediately notified of my incoming fax. I found this feature very useful and intuitive. With over 100 destinations to choose from, Fax won’t let you globally involved folks down.

Edit and filter virtual fax

Make your virtual fax custom made

Compose and edit your documents with the Fax app to your liking. The Fax app allows its users to control all sheets and paperwork with classic filters to fully customize your work and fax online for free. While most online fax apps limit customizable options, Fax app allows its users to compose, add, crop, and merge documents to create custom messages.

Though not exactly like a traditional cover page, this feature allows you to dig even deeper with personal texts and emojis. Once you upload a document, you can add a filter on files just like a quality photo editor.

Make boring papers come to life with vibrant beach themes and seasonal greetings. Another convenient feature of Fax is adding your signature. We all know that most documents without a signature are invalid. You can now add a signature to every document and make it official, so your work is recognized.

Import crucial documents straight from the cloud

Import from the cloud to organize fax

Do you often keep a lot of office files on iCloud and Dropbox? I do. This app makes it easy to directly import files from any cloud-based service with an Fax login. Import docs and send fax from email and Google Drive with ease. All files are kept safe and encrypted, so security is never compromised.

Set a passcode to keep your data protected

Stay secure with personal pin

Speaking of security, data breaches are common today. The good news is the Fax app has an advanced security lock feature to keep all of your data and files protected. Simply add a four-digit PIN and never worry about anyone being able to access your data.

Closing statements

After some time with the Fax app, I can honestly say that this is the best fax app available for iPhone today. According to business2society we humans still send about 17 billion faxes each year. Though probably not much as it was in the 1990s, fax is still a part of our corporate lives. There are competitors in the electronic fax market. Still, I have noticed that most of the popular ones are online-based websites.

Faxing from one of those websites often requires the need to get on a MacBook. With Fax for iPhone, mobility is a winning factor that outshines other online fax services. Whether you’re sending fax daily or for specific purposes, having a powerful virtual fax machine in your pocket is very convenient.


If you want to create PDF files from images, so that you can fax them, then you’d need another app for that. You can try the Scanner App – PDF Editor, which can be installed for free from the App Store for your iPhone.

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