10 Best Free iPhone Password Manager Apps in 2021

iPhone password manager apps

Between countless websites and accounts, it’s nearly impossible to remember the credentials for all of them. You can’t even write down those passwords for safety reasons, can you? An iPhone password manager app can be a real lifesaver in this dilemma. Password managers help you save passwords and accounts on iPhone and keep them secured at all times.


But since it’s a question of security and convenience at the same time, you can’t just pick any app. So we went through some of the top iOS password managers to find the best among them. If you are looking for a secure, intuitive, and functional password manager app for iPhone, you’re in the perfect place.

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Best Free iPhone Password Manager Apps | Top 10 to Explore

iPhone password manager apps come with top-of-the-line encryption systems, inbuilt password generators, and many more security components. So let’s check out some of the reviews in hand.

List of 10 Best iPhone Password Manager Apps for Free

  • Password Manager – PassKit
  • Bitwarden Password Manager
  • Password Manager – Lock Apps
  • Avira Password Manager
  • Keeper Password Manager
  • LastPass Password Manager
  • RoboForm Password Manager
  • 1Password – Password Manager
  • Enpass Password Manager
  • Sticky Password Manager & Safe
Password Manager PassKit for iPhone

Password Manager – Passkit is the most secure password manager on this list with state-of-the-art protection. Change passcode on iPhone apps, websites, accounts, and save them right at your fingertips. Forgot iPhone passcode for an account? You can view passwords on iPhone anytime with this offline password manager. Experience the best of password storage apps and easily keep your account credentials organized.


On the other hand, this iPhone password manager is also one of the best password generator apps. It lets you generate random passwords at will and even saves you the hassle of remembering them. The inbuilt password locker securely stores the passwords on iPhone with the added benefit of autofill settings. Yes, you can also autofill passwords of any accounts once you try to log in. Data vault with strong encryption, random password creator, and numerous other tools easily makes this the top free password manager.

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Key features of the Password Manager – PassKit

  • Best free password manager with advanced RSA encryption
  • Handy password organizer tools
  • Create custom login information, credit card info, and secret notes
  • Never lose any data with iCloud backup for passwords
  • Register complete identity in a hidden password vault
  • Smart password autofill for apps and browsers
  • Secure password generator
  • Face ID support
  • Custom auto logout settings
Bitwarden Password Manager

Next as one of the best password manager apps for iPhone is Bitwarden. With robust encryption security, manage and store passwords on iPhone to keep them at the tip of your finger. In addition, it has an in-app random password generator where you can generate strong and unique passwords. You can also access all your accounts and websites using the Bitwarden password manager for iPhone. Leave your worries behind with the useful device-sync feature.


Key features

  • Advanced end-to-end encryption
  • Generate secure passwords
  • Translate into 40+ languages
  • Use saved passwords on iPhone with any platforms
Password Manager Lock Apps

This is another iPhone app to save passwords and autofill on browsers and accounts effortlessly. Wondering how to find saved passwords on iPhone all the time? The autofill feature automatically finds and inputs credentials once you log in to a website. Moreover, this password manager for iPhone also lets you create strong passwords and credentials.


Key features

  • Save passwords on iPhone with solid encryption
  • Autofill browser logins and addresses
  • Create secure passwords
  • Unlock with Touch ID
Avira Password Manager

Avira is a well-known iPhone password manager that features password saving, autofill forms, generating passwords, and whatnot. In addition, it has a unique feature where you use only one master password to store all your credentials. As a result, you have a two-step verification system to improve your security.


Key features

  • Save all passwords and autofill login
  • Master password to secure data
  • Instant password generator
Keeper Password Manager

Keeper is one of the most popular password manager apps for iPhone with password saver and generator tools. For instance, you can store passwords on your iPhone and sync them safely with cloud storage. Similarly, manage and secure unlimited passwords on the go, access anywhere instantly, and save time-effort altogether.


Key features

  • Sync and manage passwords across devices
  • Secure credentials with strong encryptions
  • Generate unique passwords
LastPass Password Manager

Similar to the other apps, LastPass takes place on the list of best password managers for iPhone with its reliable security systems. It offers the best way to save passwords on iPhone and autofill them wherever and whenever necessary. You can also sync your devices to access all your accounts from one single app.


Key features

  • Master password to save all passwords
  • Automatic device sync
  • Fingerprint authentication
RoboForm Password Manager for iOS

When it’s about the best password managers for iOS, RoboForm is surely to make the cut. Its embedded autofill feature logs into browsers, accounts, and sites with lightning-fast speed. How to see passwords on iPhone every time you log in? The answer is, you don’t need to. RoboForm saves your username and passwords to automatically input them on demand.


Key features

  • Keep passwords in one secure location
  • Autofill passwords for browser login
  • Convenient password generator
1Password iPhone Password Manager

The best free password manager for iPhone should feature impregnable security for passwords. The 1Password app is no different. So no more remembering tons of passwords to access your profiles. Just enter credentials once and the app will do the rest, from keeping them secured to autofill anywhere.


Key features

  • Remember and secure all passwords on iPhone
  • Sign in with password autofill on iPhone
  • Pass-phrases to create strong passwords
Enpass Password Manager

Enpass is a free password manager for iPhone designed to organize and manage all your credentials in one place. So avoid online password managers that are vulnerable to hackers and secure your user data in a specialized app. On the other hand, data synchronization with unbeatable security makes this app a true choice.


Key features

  • Offline password saving on iPhone
  • Powerful security encryption
  • Strong password generation
Sticky Password Manager & Safe | save passwords on iPhone

Sticky Password Manager saves all your passwords, logins, and user accounts securely for anytime use. It also works as a password creator and password finder app to autofill whenever you try to access your profiles. Moreover, use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock passwords for your usernames with this app.


Key features

  • Remembers all passwords and types them automatically upon login
  • Generates passwords for various use
  • Sync passwords across all devices

Wrapping Up

iPhone password manager apps can be a crucial method for anyone who has to keep track of so many accounts, and that’s basically all of us. We have profiles and access to hundreds of websites, and it’s impossible to remember them all. Choose your preferred app and secure your credentials with maximum encryption to use them. If you found this helpful, try our best apps to hide photos and videos on your iPhone.

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