13 Best Free Sticker Apps for iPhone

Sticker Apps for iPhone

It’s safe to say that stickers make simple text messages come to life. And with every day passing, the use of stickers in iPhone, iMessage, WhatsApp, and other platforms is increasing. So is the popularity of sticker apps for iPhone.


Sticker apps pack a variety of emojis and graphical presentations of language, expression, slogan, etc. Because of the apparent variation in nature, there are tons of free sticker apps for iPhone in the App Store. In the following, we’ve tried to come up with the best of the bunch. Let’s find out some emoji stickers app for your iPhone.

Best Free Sticker Apps for iPhone | Top 13 Picks

Sticker apps for iPhone often feature more than one tool, and sticker maker is one of them. Yes, you can create free custom stickers for your iPhone using the design tools. So our following list contains both sticker making apps and sticker collection apps.

Here are the best free sticker apps for iPhone

  • Mochj Cat
  • Aminal Stickers
  • Litstick – Best Stickers App
  • Love Stickers ⋆
  • Sticker.ly – Sticker Maker
  • LittleBigPlanet™ Stickers
  • Sticker Maker Stickers Creator
  • Opak – Photo Editor & Stickers
  • Super Mario Run Stickers
  • PhotoSticker
  • Big Emoji Keyboard
TINKYS sticker app for iPhone

When it’s about the best sticker app for iPhone, Tinkys deserves a top spot. It has a collection of 1000+ stickers that are illustrated uniquely by hand. Moreover, you get filters, frames, and color collections with cool stickers on your iPhone. Make use of the stunning color picker tool and redesign your images with beautiful stickers; Tinkys has it all.


Key features

  • More than 1000+ stickers
  • High-quality filters and frames collection
  • Inbuilt color picker
  • Collage maker
Mochj Cat sticker pack

Mochj Cat is one of the most popular sticker apps for iPhone. Adored by the users, it features a cute cat couple with numerous expressions and moods. Around 168 variations in this sticker pack can be ideal for conversing with your loved ones.


Key features

  • 168 stickers and counting
  • Trending sticker updates
  • Integrates with iMessage
Aminal Stickers

As the name suggests, this best free sticker app for iPhone features all the aminals in design. Yes, you read that wrong. They claim their stickers as aminals, not animals, consisting of the life of Zoo and their inhabitants. Add a different vibe with an animal sticker in your messages and explore tons of options with this app.


Key features

  • Over 400 stickers
  • Cute animal pictures
  • Support for WhatsApp stickers
Litstick - Best Stickers App

Litstick is undoubtedly a deserving sticker text app in this list. Loved by the users, it gives you the option to send GIF stickers and funny stickers. For instance, send a moving insect sticker to your friends and prank them. In addition, this app lets you simply drag and drop any sticker in your messaging app and send instantly.


Key features

  • Funny stickers for iPhone
  • GIF sticker collection
  • Simple drag and drop tool
Love Stickers

If you are in it for romance, then this sticker app is for you. You can sweeten the time spent on your iPhone with your beloved person using this app’s romantic sticker collection. From couple stickers to simple cute ones, you get all the features to use in iMessage and similar platforms.


Key features

  • 5 categories for sticker packs
  • Romantic, couple, and love stickers
  • Place and adjust stickers manually
Sticker.ly - Sticker Maker

Sticker.ly is a widely popular sticker creator app with tons of animated stickers inbuilt. For instance, you can create free custom stickers using the sticker design tool of this app. Sticker.ly also comes with stickers for WhatsApp to download free and use in messaging. Furthermore, you can use Auto Cut technology to make your own stickers and use them on various messaging platforms.


Key features

  • Free stickers for WhatsApp
  • Extensive Collection of stickers
  • In-app sticker maker tool
LittleBigPlanet Stickers

LittleBigPlanet is your pack of Sackboy iMessage stickers for iPhone. Funny, sleepy, or grumpy, this guy has it all when it comes to sticker emoticons. With 22 emotes to choose from, this little guy portrays your expressions and shares them with friends.


Key features

  • Sackboy stickers collection
  • 22 emotes and more
  • Funny, grumpy, and more cute expression stickers
Sticker Maker Stickers Creator

This is another one of the best sticker maker apps for iPhone with customizing tools. Meaning you can create animated stickers right on your iPhone and personalize them as you like. You can also use this app with the iPhone keyboard to send stickers directly. Use the built-in sticker packs for WhatsApp, Telegram, or iMessage or design your own to connect with your friends.


Key features

  • Sticker and GIF keyboard
  • Make animated stickers
  • Draw, edit, and cutout designs
  • Best sticker text app
Opak - Photo Editor & Stickers

Opak takes the spot in this sticker apps for iPhone list featuring versatile tools. For instance, it comes with stickers and a photo editor inside, making it one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone. In addition, use tons of stickers, frames, text outlines and share your messages with friends on social media.


Key features

  • 400+ stickers, emoticons, and cartoons
  • Collection of texts and frames
  • In-app photo editor
Super Mario Run Stickers

You most likely know this guy already. The famous game Super Mario Run has produced some of the best memories of our childhood. So to use the stickers of Mario himself is as appealing and fun as it sounds. Show off your feelings in messages with Mario’s expressions. You can even add his cap or mustache to a photo and create your own Mario using this iPhone sticker app.


Key features

  • Collection of Super Mario stickers
  • Use scenes from Mario’s world
  • Insert the signature mustache or cap into any photo
PhotoSticker - free sticker app for iPhone

PhotoSticker is a unique app that allows you to insert stickers to iPhone captures. For example, take a picture with your iPhone camera by launching the app. Then you can add stickers to the photos directly and share them with friends.


Key features

  • Add stickers to pictures on iPhone
  • New sticker updates regularly
Big Emoji Keyboard - sticker app for iPhone

As the best sticker app for iPhone should feature a variety of tools, Big Emoji Keyboard is one to consider. It contains emojis, stickers, and fonts for any messaging app on your iPhone. What’s more, you can use the stickers and emoticons directly from the keyboard, making fun easier when conversing!


Key features

  • Stickers for iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp
  • Lots of emojis, backgrounds, and fonts
  • Free sticker maker

Wrapping up

Sticker apps for iPhone make it easy to communicate with contacts on social media and messaging platforms. Express yourself with the best stickers, change keyboard color on iPhone, or change fonts to personalize smartphone using experience.

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