How to Free up Space on iPhone | 4 Best Ways

Article By: Minhaz H - July 5, 2021
How to free up space on iPhone

In the beginning

Are you wondering how to free up space on iPhone? Can’t snap a picture or download an app that you like because your iPhone storage is full? Then try our iPhone memory cleaner app called Cleaner for iPhone.


You could clear cookies or offload apps from your iPhone settings. But what about the countless pictures you have taken, invalid contacts, or the many videos you have shot? They, too, consume a lot of storage on your iPhone. With the Cleaner app, you can easily make space on your iPhone.


Follow this article on how to clear up storage space on your iPhone.

Some tricks on how to free up space on iPhone

You collect a lot of stuff on your iPhone that you no longer need. This severely affects the performance of your iPhone by making it slower. So, in order to boost the speed of your smartphone, you have to clean your iPhone storage. Here are some tricks on how to clear up iPhone storage space.

How to free up space on iPhone by deleting non-essential apps?

To manage your iPhone’s storage space, knowing the total usage is important. Go to Settings, scroll down to General, and then select iPhone Storage. You’ll then be able to view how much space is left and who is consuming the large chunks of your iPhone memory.

how to free up space on iPhone | free up storage on iPhone

If you look closely under the iPhone Storage section, you’ll find all your apps listed below. Scroll down and find all your unwanted and unused apps and either delete or offload them.


Offloading an app means deleting the app but storing its data for later use. Offload apps by scrolling down the iPhone Storage section and selecting the app you want to offload. Then tap on Offload App to remove the app but still keeping its data. It is perfect for a big app with data that takes up little space, like Google Maps.


Deleting an app means you’re deleting both the app and all of its data from your iPhone. So, to delete the app, choose the app from under the iPhone Storage and tap on Delete App.

How to free up space on iPhone | manage iPhone storage

Install the Cleaner for iPhone app for free from the App Store to delete similar photos and large videos. Also, you can remove contacts that are incomplete or merge those that are duplicates.

How to free up space on your iPhone by deleting duplicate photos and videos?

Taking multiple photos with your iPhone camera before settling on the right one, or taking images in the burst mode, will saddle you with many pictures. Sometimes you don’t delete your photos from your iPhone after you backed them up in cloud storage.

Similarly, you forgot to delete large videos you shot many years back, or you already backed up those videos. These similar videos and photos will eat up your iPhone storage space.


Here, we will discuss how we can easily delete duplicate photos and videos from your iPhone using the Cleaner app.

Delete duplicate photos and videos using the Cleaner app

How to free up space on iPhone | delete duplicate photos
  • First, install the Cleaner app for iPhone if you haven’t done it yet
  • Launch the Cleaner app on your iPhone; a screen with iPhone’s storage usage status appears
  • Tap on Photos, and a quick scan will compile a list of similar pictures
  • Select all or only those images that you want to clean and then delete them

You can also delete videos from your iPhone easily with this phone cleaner app. The steps are almost similar to the previous one.

  • Open the Cleaner app, and tap on Videos on the page that appears
  • A fast scan will display all the large and duplicate video files on your iPhone
  • Select and delete those videos that you don’t want to keep on your iPhone any longer

How to free up space on iPhone by deleting or merging duplicate contacts on iPhone?

Identical contacts on iPhone are frequently caused by apps such as Gmail and Outlook, repeatedly syncing or importing the same contacts. Deleting contacts isn’t difficult when there are only one or two of them. However, when you’re talking about hundreds of contacts, then removing them one by one is a futile undertaking.


Fortunately for you, the Cleaner app can not only delete identical contacts but also merge them if necessary. So, follow the simple instructions below on how to free up space on iPhone by deleting duplicate contacts.

  • Start the Cleaner app on your iPhone
  • Tap on Contacts, a screen with similar contacts will appear
  • Select the duplicate contacts to either delete them or merge them into one.
How to free up space on iPhone | delete duplicate contacts iphone

How to free up space on iPhone by clearing your browser cache data?

You can clear safari or chrome browser cache data from your iPhone. If you’re using Safari browser frequently, your iPhone keeps web browser history and cache data that you no longer require. To delete the Safari browser cache:

  • Go to Settings and tap on Safari.
  • Afterward, scroll down and click on Clear History and Web Data.

However, if you’re a chrome user instead of Safari, then launch the Chrome app. In the top-right part of the screen, tap on the triple-dot button and click on History. Then scroll down and tap on Clear Browsing Data.


You could try to clean your iPhone’s storage capacity without using an app. But it is a futile undertaking if you’re dealing with a massive amount of data. Using a third-party app like Cleaner for iPhone is the best way to free up space on your iPhone.


This superb storage cleaner app for iPhone specializes in cleaning duplicate photos, videos, or contacts you have accumulated over the years. This, in turn, will boost the speed of your iPhone and thus its overall performance.

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